Yale is a town that was introduced in Apocalypse Rising v.1.0.0. It had a whole new look in the Kin Reimagined Map. Yale is really close to Trinity Corp. HQ . The area code around Yale is A6 and B6. It has a General Store, Two Military Tents, some Houses, some sheds , some Warehouses, and a Gas Station . It is a hotspot for fresh spawns, and Bandits. All sorts of Civilian and Military gear can spawn here. 


  • Yale is one of the towns that was introduced in Apocalypse Rising v1.0.0 that is still here today in the Kin Reimagined map.
  • Yale is in one of the 4 corners of the map, along with Hark, Factory, and Refugee Camp.
  • It has 2 Military Tents in the back of town. A car, and often times a ural will spawn here..



A player in front of Yale in Kin V5.0.0