The Bunker is a landmark in Kin Reimagined. It is buried and hidden in a hill near Kin.


The Entrance


The opening

The Bunker can be entered by an open hatch sticking out of the ground. The door is dark grey and fully opened. This can be found on a flat section of a hill to the North of Kin, in between two large rocks. These rocks, combined with its height, make it very hard to spot. Inside of the hatch, there is a truss ladder stretching down to the inside.

Amusingly, a bicycle can fit through the hatch, but there is no way to get it back out.

The Bunker

Although it looks small from the outside, it is very large on the inside. The walls are coloured light stone grey with a dark grey floor. It is devoid of any other objects besides yellow crates in several rooms that can't be moved or looted from. When the Military Outpost was added to the game, several rooms were added. The biggest addition was a room comparable to the main room of the Mine which spawns both civilian and military loot, with several corridors branching off of it. The additions make it easy to get lost.

Tips and Tricks

  • Useful loot spawns in the Bunker. Blood bags and painkillers are common, as are higher-grade food items like MREs. Military guns will occasionally spawn.
  • Its placement near Kin makes it a very good place to set up fortifications. It is also more secluded than most locations, so zombies will not spawn inside or outside.
  • When inside the narrow hallways, it is very hard to dodge gunfire. Any player trapped inside would be at a severe disadvantage.


  • This is the second version of The Bunker; the first version was part of the original Amend map. It was found inside one of the buildings in The Forest, with fewer rooms and (usually) much less room.
  • It is the only landmark directly expanded upon from the Amend map.


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