The Old Mine, or Abandoned Mine, is a man-made structure in Apocalypse Rising. It is an underground tunnel which contains much useful loot.


The Old Mine, before the apocalypse, was presumably used as a mining spot for mineral, but was then either abandoned or the mining operation stopped for a while. The entrance can be found near the Cemetery and around Hark. Look on a map for the exact location. The mine is incredibly dark, especially at night, forcing you to bring a light source with you. The mine however is pretty small so it's not exactly a maze to get you lost. Like other structures, it contains loot like fooddrinks, ammunition and weapons, because it's a civilian/military spawn location.


  • It is unknown why the mine isn't really deep. It was possibly because of the lack of minerals inside hills and the miners had given up. It could also be a place where survivors barricaded themselves, since some tunnels end with planks placed erratically.
  • Light sources spawn very often in the Old Mine.
  • It is believed that the survivors boarded up in the mine are Gusmanak and ZolarKeth.
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