Model 459

"the sidearm that is good with all players"

Some attributes
First Damage: Low
Second Rarity: Common
Third Noise: Moderate
Other attributes
Fourth Under-barrel: Yes (laser, flashlight)
Fifth Supressor: Yes (9MM suppressor)
Model 459

A Model 459

Model 459 Info

The Model 459 is a civilian grade sidearm that is found in Apocalypse Rising.


The Model 459 was designed by Smith & Wesson around 1965. It was designed specifically for the US Navy as a large capacity version of the S&W Model 39, the basis of their Mark 22 "Hush Puppy" silenced pistol. The Model 59 went on the market in 1971, went out of production a decade later in 1980 when the improved second generation series was introduced (Model 459).


The Model 459 fires 9mm Parabellum rounds held in 14 round magazines. It operates on a DA/SA mechanism, giving it simplicity. The weapon is uncommon within the game, along with its ammunition, and players who tend to use this sidearm frequently tend to rely on its satisfying rate of fire, making it a lethal sidearm when it comes to CQC situations, such as in urban areas. Recoil levels and muzzle climb measurements are relatively low and noise levels are quiet which makes the sidearm an effective stealth weapon when it comes to taking out targets without alerting others of your presence. Barrel length reaches 4 inches and attachments on the weapon are completely available, giving the user the opportunity to modify the sidearm to increase performance with optical sights, suppressors, and under barrel modifications, such as flash lights. Overall this, the Model 459 will surely satisfy most intermediate players out there!