Melee weapons are a different type of weapon that swing at close range to deal damage and are mainly for killing zombies. The weapons take up space in the 7 slot utility bar at the right of the inventory window and appear, as normally, on the hotbar.

Kitchen Knife

The Kitchen Knife was a melee weapon that was introduced early in the game, but then was removed. The damage is unknown, and a picture of the weapon has not been found yet.

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The crowbar takes 2 hits to kill a civilian zombies, and it is gray in color.

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Combat Knife

The Combat Knife is the second rarest melee weapon in the game. It swings faster than even the Sabre and hatchet, though deals damage equal to the crowbar.

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The Hatchet is the 2nd most common melee weapon in the game, the first being the Crowbar. The Hatchet looks like a normal sized Axe though it's called a Hatchet. It has a red body, greyish sharp edge, and a wooden shaft/handle that is slightly bent towards the bottom. The damage is better than a Combat Knife and crowbar, but equal to Sabre, and the speed is faster than Crowbar but less than Combat Knife or Sabre.

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Officer's Sabre

The Officer's Sabre is the rarest melee weapon in the game. It is very effective against players, but it is very rare. It kills standard zombies in one hit, military zombies in 1-3, and 2-3 hits at a player. It swings faster than the crowbar and hatchet, yet slower than a combat knife. It's damage is equal to that of a hatchet.


the katana is a melee weapon that is extremely rare. It swings faster than a hatchet but slower than a combat knife


  • Sometimes when you take out a melee weapon it is down near your crotch.