1 headshots,1 body shot if u have 1 shot, so get 1 shot fool

Magazine Size

8 rounds


9x18mm Makarov

Effective Range


Rate of Fire




Firing Modes


Reload Time

3 seconds




Very common

Ammo Rarity

Very common

Spawn Locations



Barrel: Yes

Underbarrel: No

Sights: No


The Makarov (pronounced mah-KAH-rohv, not MAK-uh-rawv) is the starter weapon in Apocalypse Rising. All players spawn with this gun and two 8-round magazines for it.


The Makarov pistol (PM) was designed by Nikolay Fyodorovich Makarov in 1951 to replace the obsolete TT-33. The sidearm saw combat service with both military personnel and law enforcement officers. The firearm is still used today within other countries and former Soviet republics. The sidearm was eventually replaced in 2003 by the newer MP-443 Grach in Russian service.


The Makarov pistol offers the player with decent protection from both zombies and players who threaten him/her. The pistol fires 9x18mm Makarov rounds in 8 round magazines. The sidearm operates on a blowback mechanism and gives little recoil when fired. Attachments on the Makarov are very limited, only allowing the user to modify the barrel by adding a suppressor. No other weapon attachments can be used on the Makarov. Overall, the Makarov is useful for starters, but is outclassed by every other secondary in the game.

The Makarov's Combat Applications


A FreshSpawn with a Makarov.

The Makarov is not recommended to be used to engage targets at medium to long distances, as the firearm is only meant as a PDW (Personal Defense Weapon). It is only effective at extremely close ranges. The weapon is very common among the game and can be found nearly anywhere, so can the ammunition. This sidearm's low noise level gives it an application for stealthy attacks upon opponents or zombies, and it's quite unlikely that a user will be even low on ammo for long. However, this weapon requires a large amount of surprise and luck to be successful in killing players, and missing more a shot or two may mean all the elements of surprise and stealthiness will have proven useless, and the other player will likely just fill the user with lead. Also, frontal assaults on a better-armed enemy with this weapon is certain suicide unless in certain circumstances. Eg: Their guns have no ammo and they have no Melee. If you are new to the game and are armed with this weapon, and you spot another player who has even a Revolver, it is advised to hide and prepare yourself for a fight.


  • It is advised to hide and when someone is close, open fire with the Makarov.
  • Because it is silent, you can kill zombies and players without others finding you.



Natural Spawned Makarov