Kin Hospital is the largest hospital in Apocalypse Rising. It is located in Kin, near the church. Like all the hospitals in the game, items like bloodbags, painkillers and the rare Dr. Pepper soda can spawn inside the building. Normal food and drinks can spawn inside, too.


Kin Hospital was, before the apocalypse, was used as a normal hospital like other hospitals. The doors inside are locked, so going to the second floor is not possible. During the apocalypse, it was presumably used as a holding area or a temporary evacuation area. It's glass windows are unique, as they have crosses on them, like the other hospital. They are still breakable.

Relations to Patient Zero

After an encounter with Patient-0, you will be teleported to this hospital, if you survive the said encounter. Your health should be at, at least around, 1% and luckily, this hospital can spawn tons of bloodbags. The are also many messages on the walls of the hospital, written in blood. The presumed writer is possibly someone close with Patient Zero or the person that experimented on him, or even the unknown Journal Writer.

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