Exploiting or hacking is the act of using an outside program or source to modify the game to give a player or players an unfair advantage. Players exploit for different reasons. Some may use hacking to troll others and some may hack to get overpowered equipment. 

Note: If signs of a hacker are present on your server, you are strongly advised to leave IMMEDIATELY as you are at risk of losing your progress.

Below are some examples of common hack methods on Apocalypse Rising:

Clipper Hack

Encountered by many players, the clip hack was one of the most annoying hacks of all time and will eventually cause instant death. Finding a person who clip hack is simple, if you see a heavily armed player clipping through buildings or any solid obstacles, they're possibly clippers. They have the advantage of taking huge groups of players using solid buildings as cover, and can shoot whenever they want (as the bullets can go through the solid object) and to all avoid it is to run for cover, or leave the server...

However... clippers cannot clip through the main base plate making them more immune, and trying to confront them is a death sentence...

Vester Hack

The Vesting Hack is a hack that allows you to keep your items and stats, even when you die. You can tell someone has been vesting by:

  • Their bodies disappear upon death;
  • When it shows on the title that person has died, and you check their stats, they are still the same as before they died;
  • They are wearing no vest.

Scripted Seat hack

Almost undetectable, this hack is very annoying and a good way to troll. This hack is a type of hack where a kill script is injected into the seat of a vehicle. The player immediately dies upon entering the car, and the hacker is probably hiding near the vehicle, waiting to get your loot. Usually the player does not inject the script into the passenger seats, as they most likely expect the player to enter the driver's seat.

Spawn Hack

Spawn hack

A player has spawned himself 3 black military backpacks

The spawn hack is a hack that puts unnaturally spawned gear on the map. Anything can be spawned except for cars, trinity crates, entities, or items that are not associated with Apocalypse Rising. Even today, this hack is very popular. There is no possible way to tell if one is a spawner unless they spawn in front of you, as other players tend to kill spawners and take their loot.

Teleport Hacking

This type of hack has not been effectively patched. Players can teleport the whole server where ever they want. Doing this could put every player on a C4 or Mine, killing all of them at once. Doing this would crash the server shortly after and make it unplayable.

Script Kill hack

One of the rarities of hacking, script kill hacking is when a hacker injects a kill script into the game to kill a selected number of players or everyone. This is probably the most annoying hack as you can lose your survival instantly. This could also be used with the Teleport Hack, as a way to obtain loot from the whole server. This hack can affect the whole server, and there is nothing you can do to predict it in advance, unless the hacker says that they can do that.

Likely evidence of a script hacker



The Inviser-Hack is probably one of the most well known hacks, and is extremely popular in Reimagined. The hack makes a player completely invisible except for the vest, and is toggled. If the player combines this hack with the vester hack, they can become virturally unstoppable.

Lag Switch

Lag Switching really isn't an exploit, but exploits are used to enhance it. To do this, the player must manually disconnect from their Wi-Fi, at which point all objects (players, cars, zombies, etc) will be frozen, and he/she can walk around and shoot anything. After several seconds, the player must reconnect or he/she would lose connection. Another way to LS is to use an exploit to quickly reconnect to the Internet.

Bullet Pierce

Bullet piercing is a faily uncommon way of hacking as it is lesser known compared to the other types of hacks, usually paired with the clipper hack. This hack esentially allows projectiles to go through solid objects, not useful on it's own. Sniping with this hack is common.


A passive hack that serves no function other than alerting everyone that a hacker is present. A message may appear on your screen in variable colors displaying a piece of text that a hacker has typed in, similar to that of the "_______ has been killed" message. A script kill hack usually follows shortly after. A hacker may also claim that he or she is "friendly", you are advised to never heed their claims and leave the server immediately.


The hacker removes all obstructions other than the naturally generated landscape, not including trees or rocks. This leaves the map barren and items can be seen floating around where a building once was, considered a "friendly" hack as loot can be easily located. Though this leaves everyone vunerable to other players as there is nothing obstructing their line of fire.

Anti-Zombie Hack

Self-explanatory. The hacker basically removes all zombies from the server and prevents any more from spawning, this leaves players free to roam without any worry of zombie hordes, especially at Kin. This can be an advantage, or a disadvantage to some.

Lag Hack

Self-explanatory and can be done in various ways. The hacker can fill the map with items, vehicles, explosives, or anything really this then causes immense lag for all players, causing their games to freeze and they will be unable to quit or even Alt - F4 the game.

Steal Hack

The hacker steals your items out of your inventory and whenever you try to use or move them you get kicked as the system thinks you're the one hacking. Another version of this is when the hacker "Steals" your gun but it only dissapears when you're in combat.

Mirror Hack

The hacker reflects all damage back at you making them virtually invincible, this only works on guns (i think). explosives and melee weapons still do damage to the hacker.

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