This is a page containing guides for Apocalypse RIsing.

Playing the game

Setting up Apocalypse Rising is very easy to do. Just follow this short guide.

1. Go to

2. Click play (if you haven't logged in, it shows a screen allowing you to choose your guest's look).

You can just click on the link to Apocalypse Rising on the home page to skip having to manually search for it, but you'll still have to log in.


W or Up Arrow key: Walk forward.

A or Left Arrow key: Walk left.

S or Down Arrow key: Walk backwards.

D or Right Arrow key: Walk right.

Left Shift: Sprint (Must be held down).

Space: Jump.

Numbers 1-0: Select item in hotkeys.

Left click: Shoot (if holding gun)

Right click: Aim Down Sights.

G: Inventory shortcut key.

Scroll wheel: Scroll in / out.

X: Crouch / Stand up.

I: Scroll in

O (letter) : Scroll out

*READ THIS* You can change the button controls to whatever you like. You can do this by going to your inventory and clicking settings in the bottom left. Go to controls and click on the box. After you've clicked on the box just press the key you would like to correspond with the action.


An in-depth guide of how to start playing Apocalypse Rising. This is recommend for beginners.

First S​tep (SKIP IF YOU HAVE A POWERFUL COMPUTER)  When you first start the game, hit the Escape key, or press menu in the bottom left of your screen. Go to settings, then uncheck the auto button if it isn't yet and adjust the slider all the way to the left. Click OK then go back to settings. Adjust the slider until it goes to a small number. This will reduce lag as it lowers things such as the view distance and removes shadows. However having it on a very low number also hinders the user making him unable to see potential targets from farther away. You should adjust the slider as much to the right as you can without having lag.

(PLEASE NOTE: Your overall quality setting affects your view distance. The optimal setting for loading in blocks as far as the fog can see is 3.)

The Gameplay in Apocalypse Rising is quite  simple once you get the hang of it, and you might be able to become a  professional survivor when you're good enough.


Apocalypse Rising can be played in many ways, even from different in-game perspectives. We're not talking about characters but real perspectives - you  can play the game in either third person or first person mode. To switch  perspectives, simply zoom in or zoom out of your character using the scroll wheel. Though, there are good things and badthings about those two perspectives. First person mode, obviously, would not help you see whatever is behind your back unless you've got good reflexes. Though, aiming is much more simple in this perspective. Third person mode however, would simply let you look around or behind yourself without alarming a bandit thats spotted you, and allows for easy surprise attacks, but you may stagger your aim, making it hard to shoot at times. Not all guns are accurate. Crouching and sprinting are also featured in the game. Crouching can reduce detection from zombies, especially at night. Sprinting can help you move much faster than simply jogging. However, you have a stamina bar at the bottom of the screen that will not allow you jump or sprint once the bar is depleted. The fastest way to regenerate your stamina is by crouching and unequiping whatever you have, or eating food. There are also three stats that are visible to the player. These are located in the bottom of the screen.

  • Health

This stat indicates what condition your health is in. The more full this bar is, the better. It will not be depleted over time, unless you are starving or dehydrated, but it will begin to drop if you take any kind of damage. This includes damage from bullets, melee weapons, zombies, falling, explosions from vehicles or C4/Landmines, painkiller overdose, resetting your character, dehydration, starvation, or unable to survive Patient Zero. If your health reaches 0%, your character will die. To refill your health bar, you can either consume a bloodbag, which heals you fully, or eat some food (not all foods heal the same amount of health. MREs and cooked meat are best for this task, healing 30% of your health). All healing is done over time, so you may have to watch yourself for a few seconds. Also, if you choose the Vitality perk when spawning, your health will automatically regenerate.

  • Hunger

The hunger stat indicates how full you are. The more full this bar is, the better. It will slowly drain over time, and sprinting doesn't affect the speed of this. Once it reaches 0, your health will slowly begin to drop. Apart from this, it has no negative effects on your character. It can be refilled by eating. MREs and cooked meat will refill this completely, general foods such as Can of Beans will restore 60%, and snacks such as Chocolate Bars will restore 30%. In addition, eating restores a small amount of health, so if you have an excess of food, but low health, you can eat all of it at once to quickly restore your health. Food is found from looting buildings.

  • Thirst
Thirst works much the same way as hunger. Instead of indicating how full you are, it indicates how hydrated you are. The more full this bar is, the better. Once this stat reaches 0, your health will begin to drain. Thirst will drop much faster than hunger. This means that one has to drink more often than eating. Not all drinks restore the same amount of thirst. Sodas generally restore 60%, bottled water restores 80%. Drinking also doesn't restore any health, so one might not want to carry more than one or two drinks. Drinks are found from looting buildings. Note: Your thirst will drain faster when you sprint.



When you first start out in the game, you spawn with a Makarov pistol, 2 makarov mags, a can of pepsi, a can of beans, and an old flashlight (unless you have the enhanced spawn pack). Your first priority is to find a settlement and search the houses for food, weapons, ammo and other supplies. To collect items, press 1 (On your keyboard) and click the item you want to pick up. Press G or the open inventory button on the top right (Beside the player scoreboard). To open up commands for items, Left or Right click the item to open up a small tab of actions.

  • If your inventory is full and you find a food or drink item, eat 1 food item or 1 drink depending on what it is then pick up the food/drink item on the floor, this helps save food/drink from inventory.

List of items crucial to survi​val This list will show you what items you are encouraged to be carrying and look out for.

  • 2 food items
  • 3 drink items
  • 1 primary weapon
  • 1 secondary weapon
  • 1melee weapon (Hatchet or Sabre is recommended)
  • 3 mags for each weapon
  • Map, Compass, Watch, GPS (GPS is recommended if you're not sure where you are)
  • Backpack


  • Zombies are the main enemy in the game. They spawn everywhere (Larger groups in cities and settlements).  When you get close, they will charge at you. Make sure you search areas for any zombies so they don't sneak up on you. Use melee weapons such as hatchets or crowbars for silent kills so other players/bandits will not hear you unless they're within a very close range. Suppressors can be used to silently kill the zombies but also is a waste of ammunition for your primary or secondary weapons. It is advised that you crouch with a melee weapon at night if you are in a large settlement/city and stay alert.


  • Enemy survivors, also know as "Bandits", can be as dangerous as the zombies. Monitor the chat box (Upper left) to find out about where people are and if they were killed by bandits. If you see a survivor, use / and type in a message (find out if they are friendly), Anyone can kill you and steal your stuff. Be very careful who you trust. If you see a player with a bandana around their mouth, shoot them on sight because they are bandits who murdered people in the past and will do it again. If you want to preserve your ammo or don't shoot for any other reason, run and hide.
  • Headshots do more damage than arm and chest shots.
  • If you are in a group with an unknown player(s) that offered for you to join, then keep an eye out. The group system may help you find other people. It can also be used to kill you especially with bandits. Keep the group window open to see if you are kicked or other members get kicked as it could be a trick to kill either you or the other members.
  • Some survivors, this is very rare, are "Heroes", meaning they help players in need such as giving them food, drinks, blood bags, etc. But, they will still kill you if you aggravate them, which is usually done by stealing their items, or attempting to kill them.
  • NOTE: It is not advised to kill players on sight. Attempting to kill them might end up in your death or very low health. You should walk away or if you want to suggest to make a team with the other player. If a player tries to kill you with a weapon, it's your choice to run and hide or fight back. 

Advanced Surviv​al

  • Once you've gained a good set of weapons, supplies and other items, it might be a good idea to head to more dangerous areas like the prison or Kin. Keep in mind that Kin is overwhelmed with zombies and has many hotspots for bandits, but if you want better loot, then you should head there. You can find items such as: Strong Assault Rifles, LMGs, SMG and even sometimes Battle Rifles. You can also find rare camouflage clothing (Shirt and pants) and rare weapon attachment(sight, suppressors and under barreled), also Military Packs that give access to all your inventory spaces. Don't just stick with the Makarov and can of beans! There is tons of loot out there just waiting for you to find! But remember when you head into KIN there is a slightly higher chance of running into Patient Zero, you may want to read:, before you venture into KIN.


  • When you find an entrencher and have some friends, it may be a good idea to start building a fort. You can find building materials and use the entrencher to build. Places like KIN, but also be cautious of newly joined bandits. Usually bandits like to spawn in the apartments or tents of union square, so it may not be the best base to use. There are many building materials, food and drinks in the factory area, but it is close to spawn, making it a rather good but not great area to base. Keep in mind that these will de spawn as soon as the whole group leaves and joins on another server.


  • Death is very common in this game, whether by Zombies, Survivors, Starvation, Fall Damage, Explosives, or Thirst, you will die, and you will lose all your items and start again.  
  • Don't be discouraged! You can always start a new character and try again! Try to aim different goals when playing too, like heading for a landmark, or building up a huge fort!

A Guide to Banditry

To become a great bandit it requires organization, team work, and trickery. Organization means that you need to always be alert, keep you and your team in good shape, and make a base that is able to be moved quickly. Examples of team work is distracting a victim for your friends to flank and murder, taking shots for a friend if they are low blood and also giving team mates your blood bags if they have none. And for trickery you can do many things. One way to lure people to you is to ask for help in Global chat. Announcing your location and acting innocent can attract players also. Lighting fires and road flares then watching from a distance is good too. You have a better chance of meeting other players if you continue moving, rather than camping in one spot.

     i.e.          "Is anyone in Vernal?"     "0mg! Heli crash by prison1!11"


CARDIO: A good perk that makes you run faster and makes your stamina replenish rapidly. It allows you to travel the map faster, making it easier to chase down players and/or run away from your attacker.

SURVIVALIST: This perk makes your hunger and thirst go down slower than the average player. If you don't plan on carrying food in your inventory, this is recommended.

NINJA: A perk that makes you totally silent, it's good to ambush players. If you plan on getting close to players or zombies without alerting them, this is the perk for you.

VITALITY: Regenerates health over a course of time. It takes 10 minutes for your health to fully regenerate from getting attacked and having extremely low health. (Indicated from the heartbeat sound and the black ring around the screen)

Tip: If you plan to stay in Kin for long periods of time, then it is highly recommended that you use the Ninja perk do to all of the zombies and bandits that lurk there.


Items is basically anything that goes into your inventory.


MRE: Restores all your hunger bar and restores 30 health, a good replacement if you don't have blood bags and need health

COOKED MEAT: Can be found by killing cows and cooking it on a Fire pit, Same as MRE, But is harder to get.

CANNED GOODS: Beans, Soup, Spam, etc. Found in most general areas. Restores 60% hunger.

TWINKIES/CHIPS-A-HOY/CHOCOLATE BAR/BEEF JERKY: Items rarely found in the game. Restores 40% Hunger, 10% Health.

TIP: Don't eat a MRE if you have 60% hunger, but instead eat beef jerky, twinkies, etc.


WATER: Restores 80% of your thirst. 

SODAS: Coca-Cola, Moxie, Dr.Pepper, etc. Dr.Pepper is considerably the rarest drink in the game. Restores 60% of your thirst.

TIP: Don't drink a water bottle if you have 40% thirst, but instead drink a soda to preserve a valuable drink


MAP, GPS AND COMPASS: These three can make finding locations on the map much easier. This is recommended if you plan on traveling. The Map shows all locations and landmarks and can be very useful for finding things. A compass shows which direction you're walking, and the GPS pinpoints your location on the map, I myself think that the compass is the most useful utility in the game, if you know the map by heart then discard your map and GPS for more useful utilities, but NEVER discard your compass!

MELEE WEAPONS: The four Melee weapons in the game are Hatchets, Officer's Sabre, Crowbars, and a Combat Knife. Hatchets and the Officer's Sabre are considered the best melee weapons in the game, with the Sabre being of highest demand and highest rarity. These can be used for conserving ammo and taking out zombies silently.

ENTRENCHER: A tool that allows the character to move items. If you want to build a base somewhere, you will most likely need this.

VEHICLE JACK: A tool that allows the character to flip and vehicle. If you want to fix a car, this could be useful, as cars can randomly flip over.

FLASHLIGHTS/OMNI-LIGHT: Seeing at night can be difficult. These items can help you see items sometimes hidden from sight at night. This can be useful for spotting items that blend in with the floor color. An Omni-light is great if you want to be able to see and have your gun out at the same time. Flashlight attachements work the same way. Be careful, using your flashlight at night can alert other players and could scare away your prey or make you easy bait for a rival bandit.

Tip: Using an Omni-light in Kin is not a good idea, because if you find you need to turn it off quick it will take longer to toggle.

BINOCULARS: An excellent tool used for seeing long distances. This is fantastic for a bandit looking for players. This allows you to stay in one place with a great view, such as the Radio Tower or the Town Hall in Union Square, and keep a look-out for players. One downside to using binoculars is that you can't move while using them, but there is a glitch that allows you to move and use them as long as you're crouching, I myself think Gusmanak may have done this on purpose, though I don't know for sure.

MATCHES: Matches can be used only for lighting fires. Firewood can be a hassle to carry around, but they can be used to cook meat. Overall not a very useful tool, though if you discarded your map and GPS as I said above you should probably seriously consider carrying this utility, firewood is fairly common and so is livestock, MREs on the go!

WATCH: A watch can be useful for telling the time in-game. The game runs on a 24-minute cycle, each minute representing one hour in-game. A watch can help you figure out when the sun will come back up and how much longer you have till night time. The sun begins to come up around 6:00 and begins to set around 18:00, so you have 12 minutes of daytime and 12 minutes of nighttime, if you are EXTREMELY skilled at navigation then you can use this INSTEAD of the compass though I strongly advise against freshies doing so.


Most Bandits care more about Weapons than anything else. Having a better weapon makes it easier to kill players, which is the goal of a bandit. Sights and Attachments can increase the weapon's range and accuracy which is very useful for a bandit. 

Weapons I recommended for bandits:

Scar-L, M4A1, G36K, AK-12, AK-104 and all the Battle Rifles - Considerably some of the best weapons in the game. Although Very Rare/Extremely Rare, these guns are commonly spawned at Heli-crashes. These guns can also be found in or around Kin. Out all of the guns named above, M4A1 and Scar-L are the most common, and the Battle Rifles(Mk 17 and M14 in particular) are the rarest. M14 is best for sniping and Mk 17 is the best for all out war, though is extremely rare so many people use the stronger of the Assault rifles of weaker Battle Rifles for substitutes. Ammo for the Assault rifles are very common, and there are three types of mags. The normal 30/40 round magazine, The 40/75 round extended-mag, and the 75/100 round drum-mag, the Battle Rifle ammo though is nearly as rare as the guns them selves, there are normal 20 round mags 30 round extended mags and 50 round drum mags, weapons use NATO bullets. 

Mk 23/USP .45/G37 - These are very high damage sidearms. I would recommend these over the machine pistols. Very effecting in close range and also is good at finishing off kills when your primary's mag has run out of ammo.

MK48/M249 - Only use these if you cannot find a NATO or Battle Rifle weapon. These are only good at giving covering fire and suppressing fire. I would not recommend using these weapons while trying to kill a player.

Hatchet/Sabre - When it gets too close for sidearms combat, the melee weapon would be a sensible choice. Melees are very useful for picking off zombies without alerting the entire hoard. A suppressed weapon, along with a melee and the Ninja perk can be great for absolute silence.

AK guns (AK-47, AN-94, AK-104, OTs-14, Etc.) - Good for a starter weapon. Can still take down an enemy effectively but I wouldn't recommend keeping for long. If you find a Battle Rifle or NATO weapon drop this weapon for these. OTs-14 is VERY good. I'd keep this weapon over any other weapon.

M1014 and Auto-5 - These weapons are semi-automatic shotguns. VERY effective at close range but don't expect anything at medium to high range. Ignore the other shotguns.

Battle rifles - Battle rifles are excellent sniping weapons. These are capable of long-range combat, but they also perform well at all ranges. Most battle rifles take attachments which can lengthen your range and accuracy.

PP-19 - Sub-Machine gun with high ammo capacity of 64 and long range. If you see this weapon, don't overlook it because of its shape or gun type. PP-19 can be a great weapon to hold while looking for better guns. Not very high damage so only use it if you have good accuracy.

To be an effective ban​dit:

1. Know your killing style: Are you better at killing players while zoomed out? Are you better zoomed in? Are you better sniping? All valuable information. Using the wrong tactic could get you killed easily, so figure out what is best for you.

2. Have plenty of teammates: Teammates are extremely valuable as they can cover your back or add significantly to your firepower when you attack someone. Also, if you die you can have someone store and protect your stuff until you return. You stand a better chance with larger numbers. Too many teammates using all the same guns could be hectic, as everyone is trying to get the same ammo and there isn't enough for everyone.

3. Have a ride for your team: Cars are useful as you can travel to anywhere quickly, easily and safely. You can also clear out zombies and enemies by ramming them at high speed. Try not to crash at medium to high speed as this can cause the car to wreck and/or explode. Cars are recommended for small groups. Urals are recommended for large groups. Some groups work better without a car, as a car could give off your location.

4. Good gear and weapons: This just makes it easier to reach your goal of becoming a bandit. Having a better gun raises your odds of being a good bandit.

5. Communication is Key: Sometimes typing can be a little risky. Say you're typing and get attacked by a zombie or bandit and can't fight back. Sometimes for good bandit groups, a voice-chat program (such as Skype or Team Speak) is recommended. It's a hands-free way to update everyone on the current situation. If you choose not to, make sure you stay in group chat and not global. You might accidently slip valuable information into global chat such as your location and end up killed by rival bandits. If you see another survivor, let your group know right away to ensure safety.

6. Don't be Rude: It's best to be on people's good sides. Especially if you are trying to gain the trust of other bandits to group with. Provoking other players could result in death.

7. Be a hero: Don't be afraid to help out your team. Don't hide in the back and wait for your team to take out the threat. If you are willing to make a sacrifice for your team or take risks to save your group, then the group will most likely treat you the same way.

Tips for Surviving

Here are some tips from experiences on Apocalypse Rising. A lot of people have died. No matter if you were killed at spawn, or whatever. Usually some people make the same mistakes by trusting bandits or teaming up with players that you don't know, who end up betraying you.

Basic t​ips

  • Once you kill a person, hurry and loot them. Don't stand there for more than 1-2 minutes because you have made gunshot noises (unless you have a silencer). Take whatever you need, and run to the safest area (Small towns or hills). Then make your escape. Be sure to look around first. (This must be done because gunshots attract zombies and other bandits and/or survivors)
  • You see a player that doesn't look like a bandit but has a strong gun (in this case a SCAR-L with attachments). Be sure to use some pain killers before you confront him/her. Go in a circular motion so he/she does not shoot you multiple times. I would say "Please put your gun away, I do not feel safe." And "Please do not point a gun at me" and also keep out a pistol at least. Do not show him/her that you have a strong weapon unless if you're under attack. If you don't feel like trusting him/her then say "Please do not follow me" then run away but keep for a lookout.
  • Do not turn flashlights on in common bandit hot-spots like Vernal, Dirk, Hark, the Radio Station (RT), Trinity HQ, and Kin during the night. If players are in the same area, they will be attracted to the light source and possibly kill you if they are a bandit.
  • Put your flashlight on the 0 key to avoid accidentally pressing it while trying to get out a weapon or utility. This can save your life. Putting your flashlight hot-key next to your handgun hot-key is just dumb.
  • Put your guns away when using your inventory or inviting someone to your group. Every player has accidentally fired their gun while doing these tasks hundreds of times, and this has given away their positions and most likely will get you killed.
  • If you're playing on a desktop, stand up. You'll be able to see better at night.
  • If you're near hills and big land marks, keep a lookout for them. There might be bandits sniping with silencers.
  • Never stand too long on a farm with haystacks. Snipers will easily detect you.
  • Before you attack a bandit, hide behind a tree, sneak him/her from behind. Chances are he/she will lose half of his blood when you shoot from behind. I would run to him/her, not crouch. When the bandit starts shooting, hide behind a wall and sneak attack him/her again.
  • Your backpack should always contain at least 3 food and 4 drinks (since thirst goes down faster), 4 blood bags, 2 painkillers, ammunition (at least 3 mags), and a Jerry can in case if you find an unexpected vehicle.
  • Do not confront a player with your automatic rifle or shotgun, confront him/her with your pistol, but have your fingers ready at your primary hot-key.
  • If you have an M4A1/SCAR-L/G36K gun, your best chances of getting ammo for it are going to Kin, Heli crashes, Hark, or by killing a bandit (they have lots of SCAR-L/M4A1/G36K ammo, trust me). I usually kill the bandits to get my ammo since they're usually hackers and have a LOT of them.
  • Use group-chat OR avoid saying where you are, instead either say you are at Kin, but you're actually somewhere else. Bandits will come for you, but in the wrong area. Or, you can use reverse coordinates. Say you're Kin, which is C4 on the map. You would say to others you are at D3, which is the Prison. Here is how it works: 


A = F 1 = 6

B = E 2 = 5

C = D 3 = 4

D = C 4 = 3

E = B 5 = 2

F = A 6 = 1

Confronting bandits Bandits are one of the most constant enemies in the game. Because of them, it makes the game fun and also frustrating. Here's a guide to confront them.

  • Never try to kill them with a pistol. They will always have powerful automatic weapons. 
  • Go in a circular or a zig zag motion. This will make it harder for them to aim at you.
  • Bring a trusted friend or a group. It's easier usually and you probably won't rage as much because your things will go to your friend.
  • Be sure to have a decent Military weapon. Chances are you'll die if you confront them with a civilian weapon.
  • Take painkillers, it ignores 20% of incoming damage.
  • If your health is low, use blood bag as soon as you got cover. Be fast though, or you may die.
  • Use first person mode and third person too see around corner if you're in cover.
  • Follow them until they loot or stand still, then shoot them from behind in the head.

Escaping zombies

  • Go to a place with more zombies, but don't let the zombies get you, let them get him. He'll be delayed and hopefully he will lose at least 50% of blood.
  • Zombies are attractive to gunshots, so when they hear it, they start chasing the first person they see/or if they dont spot anyone, they will go to the place where the sound came from. Use this to your advantage.
  • Zombies can be frustrating if you just spawned. Usually you'll see a horde of  zombies at Kin or Factory. If you want to escape, then run into a building, jump out of its window and if they're still after you, do it again. Until you manage to escape the whole horde, silently run away.


  • Loot is basically the most important thing in the game. Guns, medical supplies, and ammunition. A lot of people don't know where to find loot and play the game with only an SKS apparently. Kin is a good place for weapons but horrible if you don't have good weapons, due to hordes of zombies and bandits(not much bandits go there as much as before). There might be a Fedorov. Fedorovs are fine. That'll be your best friend until you find a military grade weapon.
  • Now once you have a Fedorov or similar just head to Vernal (North East). There's usually military grade weapons. You might also encounter a Heli Crash. If not, then go up to Refugee Camp, mansion, or Trinity HQ.
  • If you ever find any good loot like a military backpack, an MK-48, or even a Patriot, do not announce it to the server. This can attract bandits.

Ultimate Squad Guide

As most of you know, since ye-olde update when Gusmanak and ZolarKeth released the Group System, people have been banding together more effectively. But how does a squad of players end up getting all the military gear, and have a big Military Truck (URAL), when you and your squad only have basic civilian loot and a motorbike and sidecar? The answer is simple when put in words, but much more complicated in practice. So, now begins this very long and detailed guide on how to pimp-out your squad, and start rolling around in your banditmobile.

Setup your squad

While you may be team up with all your buddies using the Group System, it takes much more than that to have an effective squad. You are going to need a way to communicate (Global-chat is NOT AN OPTION) using perferably Skype, or the Group chat feature. Then, you will need to designate a squad leader, a driver/mechanic, a navigator, a base builder, a sniper, a scout, and a medic. As well as giving someone a job to do to help you survive. You will also need to pick combat roles, and you can't have everyone running around with the same combat role (after all, the best squads have a Designated Marksman, Designated Rifleman,Support Gunner, and a CQB Unit.) Once you have all of that set up, you can then begin the domintation of a server.

Squad roles

Squad roles are very important, and if you need to ask why, then you probably shouldn't play this game. 

  • Squad Leader - The person in charge of the squad, he says where to go, who to kill, and where to make the base. (Recommended Combat Roles: Designated Marksman, Designated Rifleman)
  • Driver/Mechanic - This person is responsible for carrying vehicle repair parts, a jerry can and a car jack. His main job is to repair vehicles and drive the squad to where the leader says to go. (Recommended Combat Roles: Desginated Rifleman, Support Gunner, CQB Unit)
  • Navigator - As the navigator, you will be responsible for finding the most efficient route to get where you are going. (Recommended Combat Roles: Designated Marksman, Support Gunner, CQB Unit)
  • Base Builder - This person is responsible for carrying building material, and fortifying a location to make a base. (Recomended Combat Roles: Designated Marksman, Designated Rifleman, CQB Unit)
  • Medic - The medic is responsible for carrying most (not all) of the groups medical supplies, as well as giving medical aid to squad members in need. (Recommended Combat Role: Support Gunner)

Combat roles

  • Designated Marksman - This is the main sniper unit, his/her primary weapon shuld be a long range assault rifle, or more preferably a battle rifle with an ACOG/SUSAT Scope and a Fore Grip. (If you don't have an ACOG Scope or a SUSAT Scope, then a CCO will do just fine until you get one.
  • Designated Rifleman - This is the main assault unit and should be using a medium range assault rifle.
  • Support Gunner - The job here is simple use a light machine gun and if it moves and is not friendly, he fills it full of lead, simple as that.
  • CQB Unit - This guy is geared towards using a sub-machine gun or a shotgun to clear out buildings and tight areas too close together for any medium - long range weapons to be effective. 
  • Sniper - This is the guy who stay in an area (a hill or tower) and snipes who ever decides it's a good idea to infiltrate your base.
  • Scout - This one spy around an area to see if it's clear and if it's safe to go into

an area and warns the group if there's a player so they can be ready to kill.

This tutorial is an in-depth guide on building an effective squad.

What IS a squad?

This is the first thing we must address. A squad is a group of players that get together and play the game on a regular basis. The term squad, short for squadron, comes from the military.

Gathering your squad.

You will need at least 1 other person for your squad. You may already have friends who play with you, and that is good enough; you may skip this step. If you aren't fortunate enough to have a squad already you should start by finding skilled players, befriending them in game, and PMing them as an invitation. You may also recruit your real friends into your squad,

Assigning Squad Roles

Once you have your squad assembled, asign roles to each player. First, assign Squad Roles. You should come up with your own, but here are a few good ones:

Squad Leader

This person makes all the decisions; what he says goes. He chooses where you go and what you do.


This person is handy with a map and a compass. Once the Squad Leader chooses where to go the Navigator takes the lead to guide the group to their destination.


This person handles all the vehicle working. Its his job to drive people to and from, and to repair vehicles.


This person is handy with an entrencher. They make forts, barricades, and anything you could need! This role could be merged with the Engineer if you lack enough squad members.


Carrying an inventory full of Blood Bags and Pain Killers, your Medic is the one to see if you are hurt or need painkillers before entering combat.


Anything that doesn't fit in the other people's inventories goes in here. This person should have at least a survival pack.


Deals with the explosives. Usually has the C4s and mines.


Checks places beforehand, incase of bandits or rival teams.


Uses the bulkier, heavier stuff. the Juggernaut of the team.

Combat Roles

Once your Squad Roles are assigned you should assign Combat Roles. Again, you should come up with your own roles, but here are some good ones to use.


Using a handy assault weapon, the Assaultier clears buildings and deals with encounters at close range. Usually equipped with a shotgun, SMG, or high ROF assault rifle/carbine.

Support Gunner

Supports the others with a medium range yet fast firing weapon.

Designated Marksman

With a good rifle and scope no target's head is too far away. In simple terms, a sniper.

Designated Rifleman

Takes care of the zombies with a good rifle and a fairly good pistol.


Normally someone with Survivalist skill, sent in first to make sure the way is clear. Should have a good pistol and a mid-close range gun (Shot-gun, Battle rifle)


Usually armed with light weapons and melee, is normally sent in to deal with any zombie threats. (Machine pistol, Rifle, Shot-gun, Hatchet/Sabre)

Setting up a base

Once you find a good, common loot spawn location it is time to set up your base. First, your Builder should barricade all entrances, minus one main enterance. At least one person, preferably the Combat Gunner or the Rifleman, should be guarding this point at all times, as the base offers complete protection only from other people without entrenchers and other provisions to enter. When it cannot be guarded it should be barricaded. All supplies, while not being carried, should be stored on the ground in a designated portion of the base. The base should also be well lit, but be careful not to let light leak out, as it will increase the chances of bandits noticing you. At the next possible moment establish a lookout post for the Marksman to scout from and shoot from.


Once you get bored with your location you may want to move around the map, without a base, or even become a bandit. An effective method of travel is with Vehicles. Based on the size of your group different vehicles are preferable. For a small group having a bike/ATV for each person will work. For a larger group, consider locating a large car, such as a jeep or other military transport. However, most of the time, you must gather materials to fix the vehicle, (i.e. wheels, windows, etc.), as they only spawn naturally with most of their features (wheels, engine etc.) broken. UPDATE: As of 6/4/14, there are reinforced wheels, ballistic glass, and vehicle armour plates. Though cars are normally uncommon-rare, seeing one operational is rare.


Those who have been sucessful in gathering a squad can share information here.

  • Avoid using the Global Chat. Use Group Chat.
  • Use Skype or any other team comms service to coordinate (Not Required, Reccomended for good teams.)
  • It is easier if they are your friends IRL.
  • don't trust people unless they are your friends IRL. Its ok to trust in-game people, but be on your toes unless they are either a good friend in roblox, or a friend IRL.
  • Don't think that just because you are in skype means people won't betray you. It has happened to me many times.

Advanced Survival Guide


Kudos to the contributor who wrote the tutorial, for you did a great job on your tutorial and mentioned a lot of good points. For the plain reason that your guide was broad and it is difficult to cover a lot of aspects of the game in one page I have created this Advanced Survival Guide for more specific scenarios.

Losing your way

Getting lost is a common fate in Apocalypse Rising, and it is usually not very bad unless you are searching for a friend, location, or group. Scenario: You spawned in 2 days ago. You are now equipped with civilian grade food and weaponry. You wish to start searching for more advanced gear, such as military grade weapons, utilities, or a vehicle. Make sure you have a map before you venture off into the unknown, or have a player you trust nearby with one. By using road signs in conjunction with a map, it is possible to pinpoint your exact location without a GPS, a device In game that shows you exactly where you are on a map. If you don't have a compass, you can always use the sun. As in real life, the maker of Apocalypse Rising made sure the sun rises East and sets to the West. To find out which way is east or west, look up into the sky, and move your curser onto the Sun as a reference point. As the sun slowly moves across the sky, you should be able to tell which direction the Sun is moving. That direction is West. Using basic knowledge of the compass, you can determine which direction is north, and use that knowledge with your Map. If you have misplaced your base and need to find your exact location, you should first climb a tall mountain and find a landmark. If you see a radio antenna, a broken up tower, or a walled up church with a bell tower, you already have your landmark. From left to right, these are: Radio Station, Ruined Fort, and Cemetery. All of these are labeled on your map. Once you reach said landmark, you can look to your map, determine where you are, and use the Sun, Moon(which strangely also rises East and sets to the West), or compass to find your way back to your base or wherever you were heading.

Scenario: You recently spawned in with a team of three and your teammates are in Vernal defending the Hospital and you spawned at the Factory. While looting the main building, you learn that your friends are being attacked by a group of 2 - 4 bandits in a Humvee and they have sent someone to loot the Factory, thus making you in danger of bandits. You find a Double Barrel Shotgun and from reading an updated guide by Bobert6925, already know it's a two shot kill to the head/3 shot kill to the torso. You then set up for an ambush and wait on the roof of the factory. You see the bandit walking around and then looking at the chat bar, see that he has found parts that is needed for the Humvee you may or may not want. You see him leave and you pursue. You both arrive at Mason and then you lose sight of him. (You are also in a skype call with them) You hear them say someone has appeared over the hill and you reliese thats him. You run for the hill and see that bandit just scouting Vernal with Binoculars andhe spots your team and types "They are in/on the hospital!" You pull out your DBS and kill the bandit. The dead bandit then types "SOMEONE KILLED ME!" The bandit had a millitary bag with Mk 48 and Mk 17 so you loot it and proceed to get out of view and go into postion to overlook the street so you can alert your friends of advancing bandits. You spot a bandit looting the bandit you killed and one on the Police station roof. You pull put the Mk 17 and attach an ACOG/SUSAT scope and snipe the roof bandit. He dies and the last bandit is running to the roof. Your friends secure the Humvee and repair it and drive behind your hill which attracts the bandit. You equip the Mk 48 and attach the Laser Sight to it and when he comes into hip fire range, you light him up and he dies. You have then got the Hero Headband and if survived for three days, Hero badge. (Hero Badge DISCONTINUED)

Having a team in Apocalypse Rising is a valuable asset in you path to dominance of servers. Group have many advantages and disadvantages. In this page I will descirbe them with you.

Why do you even need a group?

As I just said, groups is a valuable asset. You can have teammates backing you up when you are against enemy bandits, covering you sides from suprise zombies, baiting zombies to keep you safe and be betrayed for their loot (although this tactic is for morons and cold-blooded killers so I wouldn't advise you to do it. Also the plan might backfire and you might die instead).


  • Zombie Baiting: If you run into a huge hoard of zombies, your teammate can draw them away from you, probably getting killed in the process and you can claim their loot without fear that he/she will go rage at you since they died. Lol.
  • Human Shield: If you run into a ambush and bandits start firing at you, you can stay behind your teammate and let him die first, giving you time to escape.
  • Extra Firepower: If you are the one who is setting the ambush, your teammate can add signifacantly to your overall firepower, makes killing n00bs much easier.
  • Smart Storage: You can stuff your useless stuff into your teammates backpack, such as car parts and Makarov ammos.
  • Stealing: You can steal some of your mates stored weapon and go Alt-F4. Safe, untraceable and can't get killed in revenge.
  • Betraying: You can betray your mate when he least expect it in order to get his loot.


  • Betrayal: Your teammate may kick you out of his group with no warning and kill you for your loot, making you regret your choice of mates and go rage.
  • Sometimes you give your M249 or something good to your teammate for safe keeping or you just store it as a stockpile and you mate just grab it and leave.
  • Zombie Baiting: Your mate might make you attract the zombie hoard, getting you killed and claiming your loot. Some people are just that selfish.
  • Human Shield: If you run into a bandit hoard, your mate might hide behind you all the time while you get shot and die.
  • Slave Storage: Your mate might stuff all of his spare Makarov ammo into your pack just because he can't carry all of it.
  • Noob Leader: Your mate might take all good guns that come your way, and now know what they are good for, e.g. taking an Uzi and trying to snipe a bandit with a scoped M14, when he only let you have a Maverick.

Survival Tactics

The key to this game is, obviously survival. And while there are many ways to go about doing this, these are some tactics I've found to be the most effective.

Solo survival

Most people start off alone, struggling, and poorly armed, and are easy pickings for the bandits. So the biggest thing I can tell you is to play as cautiously as you can. Try to avoid the big cities and large landmarks, such as the prison, or especially the Military Outpost, as that is where bandits often go to find people to kill. If you have to check out a city, then go to Hark, as most bandits will have moved away from there. Once you have some decent military gear, it would then be best to check out Kin or the Refugee Camp. If you are going to continue playing solo then it's best to keep moving and to not settle down. If you are going to fix up a vehicle by yourself, then a bicycle, or a motorcycle, would be best, as bigger vehicles take more effort to repair and are an easier target for Bandits. Basically, civilian areas are best to goto, and RADIO STATION, PRISION, and MANSION are NOT bandit free, though this does not always work, and we take no responcibility for your death. If you spawn near Refugee camp, however, do not hesitate to take advantage of its high weapon spawn-rate.

Group survival

Surviving in a group is much more different than surviving by yourself. You should have a group of people you can trust no matter what, and you should all be on Skype or TeamSpeak in order to communicate, without every Bandit in the server knowing what your up to. Remember to cooroperate with each other. Here is a list of priorities for any group:

1 - Food & Drink

2 - Military grade guns and larger backpacks (Survival pack or better)

3 - Medical Supplies

4 - A base (optional)

5 - A vehicle large enough for your group (optional but highly recommended)

With priorities having been covered, we now have to decide how to continue the game, Bandit Buddies or Swarm of Survivors. If your a group of Bandits, you're going to want to forget about making the base completely (unless you want to make one).

After everything you've already learned, here are some more tip taken for good old common sense:

1 - Minimize the use of a flashlight of any kind in or near cities or high player traffic areas, such as the prison or Gusmanak's Mansion.

2 - You must analyze each decision as "risk versus reward". (How risky is this? And, is the reward worth the risk?) e.g. Attacking a bandit with one Patriot drum-mag left, when you have an M1 Garand.

3 - If it is obvious you can't win a fight, then try and run away (no Alt + F4 unless you grandparents are yelling at you to get off), it's O.K. to run away and live to get revenge another day.

Long-Term Survival

Most players end up dead within their first three in game days (most players combat log (abort) when ever the are close to death, which in my opinion is shameful at best.) So most people ask the following question, "How do I survive for an exceptionally long period of time, without combat logging?" And whilst there is no concise answer to this question, and the fact that everyone dies eventually, I have come up with a few helpful strategies, and how you should handle certain situations. however, there are nubs that have survived a surprising # of days for being a nub.

Risk Versus Reward

And here is where I will get hated. So, before I get into the nitty-gritty details of this section, I need to clarify one thing, I am not saying that you should never visit areas such as Kin, the Prison or Gusmanak's Mansion, I am only saying that completely avoiding those places during daytime is your best option, only enter High-yielding, High-risk areas at night. So, it is best to avoid major cities and landmarks during the daytime, at night however, you stand a better chance. You have to look at every situation as 'risk-versus-reward'. Sure, you may get a good military gun from a tent in Union Square, but if there are fifteen to twenty zombies and a Bandit or two, its probably not worth it, because the chance of you getting in there and getting said gun, and then leaving without attracting the attention of every zombie in fifty studs is highly unlikely. Warning: PATIENT ZERO DOES SPAWN IN KIN, if you happen to do all the steps to trigger the event. Read:

However, if there is a fresh-spawn bandit over by that heli crash, and you have a PPSH-41, then you should try and go for it, because it will be nearly impossible for him to win that gunfight, especially if you get close without him seeing you, and you'll probably get some good loot from the heli crash.

It's okay to run away...

It is always okay to run away, if possible, your life means everything, if the odds aren't in your favor, and you can escape, then run. However, running away is one thing, aborting in order to save yourself is frowned upon, and makes you look like a complete dirtbag. Never abort in mid combat, whether it's (a) zombie(s) or player(s), combat logging is frowned upon by almost everybody.

Barricading Guide

Barricading can be a tough job, but worth it in the long run.

The biggest material to build with is the Stone Walls.

Depending on your area, a simple barricade can be made by sealing off both entrances using buildings as walls.

Carrying materials can be a burden, as they usually take up more than one space. It's good to partner up with friends to carry more materials. Exploring areas with already placed materials and moving them to your base is a good way as well.

Another way to barricade is to make sure no players can get in. A wall about 6 timbers on their sides could keep somebody out. But the rarity of supplies like these may limit the possibility of this. Covering up windows can reduce visibility, and make it so players cannot break through the windows. Sometimes building materials can be rare, but should only be picked up if you plan on building a structure in the future, as they take up space in your inventory.

For Example: One time, the editor Ninjacookie190 was wandering around the server, never idling until he thought there had been a glitch in the game which made Dirk a LOT smaller. It turns out, half of it had been walled off for a large group and was one of the best bases he ever saw. There were walls with bricks 10 feet tall, floodlights inside the base for light, and a barricaded warehouse full of supplies. Unfortunately, the 4 survivors who built didn't plan on sharing, and so they attacked him. Luckily, Ol' Ninja wasn't alone, he was playing with his brother and both of them engaged in battle which led to Ninja's victory because one of the group members of the enemies rebelled.

Kin Sniping Spot

In Kin there is a very high hill made for sniping. It can be very efficient and you can drop scrubs easily. Due to Roblox's bad mouse control, you must move left or right to adjust the cursor on the target.

Radio Tower

This spot is a easy spot to get to. You can snipe, and if anyone tries to climb the ladder, you have the upper hand. Use it wisely.

Radio Station

Instead of the radio tower you can snipe and camp on the building instead. Although you can be seen more easily, you still only have one ladder to guard. Building an area to block off other shots while leaving a spot open to shoot the ladder is recommended.


Also known as Gusmanak's Mansion.

This camping spot is a good one for even beginners. Go to the top floor into one of the closets and slip behind the door. Hide behind the wall and zoom out so that you can see if someone is approaching. When someone comes, you have the upper hand. Try to kill him/her as fast you can before they can react. Most players are scared at first and don't have the time to properly react. You should always be careful when entering the Mansion, as it is a player hot spot. It could be life or death.

Solo Survival

Most people start off alone, struggling, and poorly armed, and are easy pickings for the bandits. Always be alert. Constantly check your surroundings and keep a look out for players. Try to avoid the big cities and large landmarks, such as the prison, the radio tower, the mansion, Military Outpost, Trinity HQ, and more as that is where bandits often go to find people to kill. Finding a Heli-Crash would be your best bet. Once you have some decent military gear, it's safer to head into bigger towns. Avoid Kin until it's nessecesary to go in. If you are going to continue playing solo, then it's best to keep moving and to not settle down. If you are going to fix up a vehicle by yourself, then a four-wheeler or a motorcycle would be best since you will be alone.

Materials needed

If you choose to make a base, secluding off a building or even a small street can make a great base. Location is key. If you're trying for a bandit status, choose a place with high player traffic. Kin is a good place for that, but Kin is a high risk zone for zombies and bandits. Hark has a high fresh-spawn rate and is great for a bandit to start off. If you just want to survive rather than meet players, a small, un-named town would suit. Stone walls are ideal for large bases, although if you're just blocking of windows, planks or bricks would be best. What materials you need depends on your decisions and what would suit best for you.

Possible Base Locations

Town Hall

The town hall is not recomended, as it is a bandit hotspot for looking over union square, if you have a good 3-4 player group via skype, this is the place for you.


See above. Any other building around Town Hall is an optimal base location, if you do it right.

  • Do not barricade the ground floor, bandits will know that your base is occupied.
  • Barricade the roof entrance with camouflaged materials, e.g. stone walls on a gray building.
  • Make sure your crates aren't in front of windows, bandits will spot that immediately.
  • Anyone who is guarding a base like this is recommended to use one of the following: An Uzi SMG, a PPSH-41 SMG, an M1014 Shotgun, G18 Handgun, and/or Officer's Sabre.

Radio Tower

A high amount of players and bandits come here, if you have a lot of players in your group, this place is not reccomended, easily attacked by people, and sort of hard to defend.

(Actually if you have a big group with military equipment, it can be easy to defend because bandits usually stay in groups of 2-4 maximum and freshies are pretty simple to defeat.)


Reccomended starting place to camp alone, 2 warehouses across from each other, high amount of industrial loot, great city to start.

Small towns

Reccomended for the solo bandit, finding a warehouse to camp in, small amount of supplies to store, small amount of industrial loot, just right for the solo survivor.


Good base to start with, One of the best in my opinion, easy to defend, access to Trinity HQ and Mansion, aswell as high amount of food, and a firestation for sniping, military grade loot. The only flaw, the hill to the south provides a key point for bandits attacking.


Just like hark, a good place to camp with a partner, warehouses providing building loot as well as buildings providing vehicle supplies and building materials, lots of food.


The must-be place for a solid bandit group, if walls are boarded up around the cemetery, this place can provide a great lookout with the bell tower, Problems? Hill to the east, provide enemies to be able to watch, aswell as being able to snipe behind the walls.

Military Outpost

Probably one of the best places to build a base. Added with the most recent update, the Outpost frequently spawns military equipment, lots of MREs, Tons of ammo, a giant wall and even has watchtowers for sniper vantages. Although there are problems with this base, almost every single player comes here, there is a high zombie spawn rate, (though not as great as Kin) and it is very large so it can be easily infiltrated if someone isn't covering the area. Only use a quarter of the outpost if you plan to set up shop here.

Fort Ruins

One of the best places to build a base. You don't even have to add anything if you have enough people. When on top of Fort Ruins you can see just about everything. Like Radio Tower if anyone tries coming up the hill you will see them. A good place to snipe freshies. No zombies spawn on the top, which is where you'd most likely be basing.

Trinity HQ

Trinity HQ is a GREAT place to base! There are walls all round the HQ that you can easily block off to where only players with entrenchers can get in. The best place to actually base here is in the bulletproof building. The only way in is through the two doors in the lobby. If anyone tries to raid you, you can just wait until they impatient and try to walk in. When they do you can just spray them down. Also, you can block off the doors with stone walls making players without entrenchers complete obsolete.

A Guide to Hunting Bandits

The most dangerous enemy player face in the game will be bandits. They can be anyone, they could be anywhere. The number of bandits have spiked since the beginning of Apocalypse Rising. Bandits make life just a hell lot harder for everyone. This guide is made to teach players how to combat, hunt, and annihilate bandits. I have personally killed several bandits, both amateur and professional bandits. I have also been in an advanced bandit group, and have been a bandit at one point of time. There are three major parts that make bandit hunting fundamental: The three Ts.

The Team, The Tools, and The Traps.


Hunting bandits requires a team of skilled hunters. Going solo or in a pair will surely get you killed. Sophisticated bandits typically hunt in packs of two or three. Your team must be skilled enough to take them down. A team should be no smaller than 2 and no bigger than 5. Too little people will allow them to overwhelm you, and too many allows bandits to outmaneuver you. A good team should be three of four people, all skilled with bandit kills under their belt. There are several roles that need to be filled:


Assault- Your standard hunter. Armed with an assault rifle or a LMG, they are the backbone of your squad. They will provide a variety of support, such as cover fire, suppressing fire, and such. Assaulters don’t need much skill, just honed reflexes and general accuracy.If you have to raid a base,you need this guy and some flavor for his C4.

Marksman- The team sniper. A necessity for your team. This is the guy who can take a player out from a distance, while using as little ammo as possible. A sniper should have an accurate rifle, such as battle rifles, and should have accuracy-improving attachments, such as sights. Marksman have to be, well, accurate.Best weapon for a guardian or an overlord,is a M249 with grip and SUSAT. Otherwise,prefer M14 with ACOG and laser sight.

CQC/Breacher- Your go-to guy. While anyone can fill this role by having a automatic secondary, it is still best if you have a guy designated as the CQC. These hunters should be armed for close quarter engagements, and are able to take down enemies quickly. Breachers should be armed with good military SMGs, or military shotguns. Skills must include very honed reflexes and quick thinking.

TACTICAL ROLES Leader- Every fireteam needs a leader, and a hunting group isn’t going to be an exception. Leaders are needed to keep order, rally up hunters, intimidate bandits, negotiate with players, and direct the group. He or she should be the best player on the team, in both strategy and combat, and able to decide quickly. They’re job is to make sure the team is safe and to make sure that bandits will never try to get back up again.

Scout- Should be the Marksman. Is always surveying the area for loot, bandits, and players. They should be quick on their feet and able to inform the team of potential threats quickly.

Medic- While everyone should have a blood bag or two, the medic should carry three or so blood bags and two painkillers at all times. The medics main role would be to provide their teammates ample medical supplies before, during, and after a firefight.

Mechanic- Optional. Carries vehicle repairing supplies and a car jack.

Engineer- Optional. Builds fortification and carries all the building supplies, plus an entrencher.


Every team, from the early Spartans to today’s Navy SEALS, needs the proper lethal and tactical equipment. You will need many tools to combat bandits. Some will need bullets, some will need simple strategy. The tools will help turn your team from a ragtag survivor group to a hardened bandit hunting group.


Firearms- All sorts of firearms are needed for your fight. Generally, you should only military grade weapons, but you may have to settle with civilian weapons. But your guns should always be automatic (with the exception of the M14, which is semi auto.) Guns will be your main tool to fight against bandits. Be sure to keep plenty of ammo and any attachments you can find with it.

Hatchet/Knife/Saber- While guns are very important, it is also important you carry a melee weapon with you. Don’t settle for the common crowbar, go for a hatchet, knife, or the elusive saber. Melee weapons are needed to take out zombies without making a sound or using ammo.Most versatile of them is a Hatchet for a starter. If you dont feel safe agains zombies,try to get one. They can also be used as a last ditch CQC weapon.

C4 and detonator- If you can set a trap up to kill bandits, go ahead. A C4 should do the trick. Also helpful if you want to trap bandits in a wreckage of a building.Put them next to doors. They are more likely to not be seen.

AP mines- Useful for killing bandits without putting your team in danger. Can be used as a failsafe, in case bandits get too close to team members.

AT mines- Very useful for destroying vehicles. If bandits are using a vehicle and you have managed to intercept their route, place an AT mine as it approaches without getting caught and then watch everyone to BOOM.


Map- Necessary for most players to be able to navigate the game. Only one is needed for the group, preferably carried by the leader.

Compass- Same concept with the map. Helps navigation and only needs to be a carried by leader.

GPS- Again, same concept with the map. Helps navigation and only needs to be carried by the leader.

Entrencher- Helpful for moving supplies and possibly build fortifications. Can also be used to rip out barricades made by the bandits.

Firewood and matches- Used for bandit traps, which will be explained next.

Flares- Used for bandit traps.

Chemlights- GREAT for baits. Just light em' , drop em' , and wait for dem' bandits.

Unused Weapons- It might backfire if they have ammo for it. Place them in a well seen place and wait for freshspawns to come. Probably the last thing you will use.

Additional tips for firearms: While anything automatics is combat-worthy, you may want to review your choices before getting the right gun for you and your team. Here are my personal suggestions:

FAL- A very good battle rifle, it has high damage, very good accuracy and range, while it still has a big kick. It is an overall awesome gun, and is recommended for all ranges.

AK-12- Your best bet with an assault rifle. While not being as accurate or far ranged as 5.56 guns, it does a hell lot more damage, and can take attachments to the barrel, underbarrel, and sights. It also has less recoil to it’s twin, the AK-104. Great for close to medium range.

Mk-48- One word to describe this gun: Overpowered. The M249 makes quick work of zombies and players, and is understandably one of the rarest guns in the game. It spews out hailstorms of lead onto your foes, leaving them in a vulnerable state. It kills in less than 7 direct hits, so you can get several player kills per mag. It has superior range and it’s rate of fire is just unbelievable. It’s recoil presents itself as a problem, but a grip should solve the problem.Fill them with lead,while your first-one-to-die marches on them.

M1014- A close range nightmare. The M1014 is the best shotgun in the game. With a three hit KO and semiautomatic capabilities, players don’t stand a chance in tight quarters.

G18- A one-way trip to hell courtesy of the best machine pistol in the game. While technically out-classed the the CBJ-MS, the CBJ cannot take underbarrel. However, the CBJ can take sights, which evens out the two guns tactically. Personal preference is the key here, and mine is to the G18. It’s clips are more common, it fires ridiculously fast, and is naturally quiet.

PP19- The best military submachine gun out there. It fires quickly and has great accuracy for a submachine gun, and is rather quiet. It also boasts a 64 round clip, along with the lowest recoil of any gun. However, the PP-19 is not an overall good. Its damage is low, and the ammo very rare. You should upgrade to an assault rifle as soon as tactically possible.

G36K- Probably best assault rifle in the game. Its specialty is this gun kills someone with max 8 bullets unless they use a bloodbag. Best medium range defense loadout is flashlight attachment with a holo (Holo depends on you playstyle. If you aim THAT good , i recommend you to get a Reflex for defense and Acog for offense.) In close range,you will kill your enemy unless he has a gun with a fast fire rate. Does moderate damage;if you have this gun,you have the upper hand against bandits.


Even with the right people and equipment, it is still highly dangerous for hunting parties to search for bandits. Instead of putting your team in danger, let them come to you. There is one thing that will attract bandits: Light. Light means players. Players mean prey and loot. To attract bandits, present yourself as harmless, but loot filled as possible. Here are some traps:

Barbed Hook- A risky but deadly trap. Lure bandits to your position by using the chat to tell them your position after forting your team down in a set position. Then, use any resource possible to show the bandits where you are, such as lighting up a flare to show one of your teammates where to find you. Once they are in your “killzone”, the area in which the bandits will be trapped in your crossfire. Dispatching them shouldn’t be that hard.

Death from the Roofs- A basic trap, but rather risky. Have a collection of snipers placed at the openings of a major landmark, such as Kin. The bigger the landmark, the more snipers needed, the harder it gets to maintain sniper discipline. Make it clear that you are at Kin and have found valuable loot. Have your sniper be well hidden and take out any threat coming towards your position.

False Retreat- Probably one of the most risky trap that can be conceived. Have one or two people to lure a bandit group to a set position, possible using a vehicle. These “runners” should be carry survival packs to look like they have good loot, carry an expendable automatic to seem like they have good loot, little amount of ammo, no more than two clips, and have the cardio perk. Once the bandits have been lured into the “kill zone”, take them out.

Ghillie Cover- Make a makeshift sniper dog-house in a brown building. Make sure that only his head is seen,and make him wear a cowl and firefighter mask. You will be less likely to seen in a long rage,if its built right. When all passed,fill them with lead.This works A LOT...

"Take-a-Cover"-Block all the entrances with stone bricks,unless one main entrance at the front. Attract bandits to you. You have to run very fast. When you are at upper floor,plant 2 AP mines in entrances of first available rooms. While they are blinded with your precious loot,hunt them down.

Restroom Shootout- In houses,there are corridors lead to a dead end. Use there as an advantage,sneak out while they are looking for you and then,escape. Otherwise,make them both come into the house,sneak from a window and fill them with lead.

The Truck Terror- Bandits are attracted to stuff such as Drum mags, military camos, weapons, and fully repaired vehicles. Park a fully repaired Truck in an easily visible area, but do not place it somewhere like in the middle of nowhere. Quietly hide in an area and wait until a bandit comes. Chances are, the bandit will get near OR they will get suspicious and start searching. Both ways, Once they become visible, Rush them with your guns, or snipe them out.

Base Brigade- Make a well-secured fort and wait until dem bandits appear. Usually, bandits will stealthily enter the base, or bust in with guns loaded. Instead of waiting inside, wait OUTSIDE, and once the bandit goes in, BLAM BLAM.

Sniper shootout- Put down weapons,food,drinks etc and then light up some chemlights/road flares,if you want,just drop a toggled omni-light. Wait for the bandit(s) to show up,wait for them to start looting and the BAM BAM BAM shoot their heads off with a rifle.

That is the triple T plan. Stick by it, and you’ll do fine. But before you take on the enemy, you must understand the enemy. Here’s a little profile about bandits in general.

BANDITS Bandits have been in every apocalyptic multiplayer game that I have played. They are dangerous and unpredictable, as bandits vary from server to server. But there are some basic information that describes every bandit. One is that they are like moths; they are attracted to light. Light signifies that players are or have been there. Players mean prey. Another thing is bandits always kill for a reason. They may vary, but they all have a reason they raid people. Third, bandits are typically heavily armed. And fourth, bandits are always dangerous. No matter who you are facing, they are dangerous. When facing a bandit, never let your guard down.

There are four kinds of bandits:

Spawn Bandits- These bandits are the least dangerous, but are still capable of killing people. They are armed with beginner weapons, perhaps not even upgraded past the Makarov, and are typically less skilled than most bandits. Usually fight alone, and do not have strategy. Very easy to kill.

Wannabe/Aspiring Bandit- A more common sort of bandit. Armed with powerful civilian weapons, such as Auto-5’s and SKS’s, they are a threat not to underestimate. They may be found alone or with small packs. Usually have some skill and use some tactics. A challenge but use enough strength and you will overpower them.

A Guide To Hostage Negotiation

Hello (DISCLAIMER: this is a EXTREMELY rare situation and often weird in Apoc furthermore its sometimes a good idea to simply meet the demands)

Once while traveling with a group of 5 i was ambushed by a 3 bandit group, no body died amazingly but they captured our leader, After 3 ingame days they revealed the location of our leader accidently (one forgot to type in group chat stupidly) it was the bunker, As me and the other approached the bunkers back room 2 bandits jumped out and a hostage situation (Police style) occured, they said: ' high level loot or something or the leader dies' 

NOW in this rare situation it is useful to HAVE the stuff if all else fails (these bandits we faced had SCAR-Ls one even had a spec ops uni and mill pack so they were loaded i dont even know why they just did int shoot him but hey it happened)

What to Do:

first try to negotiate for a fair release - this could lead to

1 them executing the hostage (common outcome id expect)

2 they accept (rare)

3 they change demands (probably impossible cause they could waste us but yea)

4 they double cross (very likely)

In my situation i did this

1 gave them 3 SCAR-L clips each (a friend has some)

2: they demanded more so i gave them some mines

3 they gave us back our leader 

4 as we walked out they attempted do to a double cross but we were already gone

5 they actually followed trying to kill us but we waited at the top of the ladder and shot them all

6 they all rage quit (one actually sweared by putting a dot at the end of the words)

This is a very rough guide i will definitly improve on it - others are also welcome to aswell i just thought that this seems sutible as every other guide says the same thing.

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