CZ 75

The CZ-75 is one of the best civilian-grade sidearms that can be found in Apocalypse Rising.


The CZ-75 is a civilian grade, semi-automatic sidearm that fires 9x19mm Parabellum rounds from a 120mm long barrel. Rounds are stored in 12 round magazines that are found pretty commonly in the game, so is the gun itself found commonly in the game. The pistol is operates on a short recoil action, giving the user little recoil when fired. The CZ-75 is usually excellent at taking out a target quickly due to its high rate of fire. Noise levels are quiet, making it a good stealth weapon to use in urban areas. Ammo is almost as common as that of the Makarov, so it's quite fine to waste ammo with this weapon. Attachments on the weapon are pretty decent for a civilian weapon, it can take the 9mm silencer, and under-barrel attachments such as the flashlight (and also a laser attachment EDIT-ED BY KulApocPlayer) can be added for modification. Overall, the sidearm is guaranteed to satisfy both bandits and non-agressive players of all varieties. Only the Model 459 is better in the civilian secondary category, with 2 more rounds per magazine.

In Real Life

The CZ-75 was designed in Czechoslovakia by Josef and František Koucký in 1975. Production of the sidearm began the following year after numerous tests. Due to legal difficulties in the Warsaw Pact, the CZ-75 was only available in 1985, but is one of the more prominent early "Wonder Nine" pistols. The main manufacturer of the CZ-75, Česká zbrojovka, still produces the sidearm today, approximately 2.3 million CZ-75s have been manufactured since then. Normally, it is found with the army and many countries' law enforcement agencies, although it has also been sold to civilian sports shooters.