Bugs (also known as glitches) are an unwanted result of a coding or programming error in a game. There used to be many bugs that were used to gain badges or an advantage in game, or used just for fun. bugs are normally fixed by a patch downloaded by Gusmanak and ZolarKeth, so normally a very well-known bug will not exist for long. This page is meant to provide a comprehensive list of currently and previously known bugs for Apocalypse Rising.

Apocalypse Rising

  • Sometimes, after taking painkillers, you might seem to take damage.
  • Sometimes, a glitch called "Silent Enfield" happens. Your Enfield is COMPLETELY  silenced and cannot be heard by you or zombies. It is unknown whether it affects the players withn the guns usual sound range.
  • Rambo, Civilian and Military clothing often spawns in multiple pieces.
  • Cars might be stuck in the ground, making it nearly impossible to get unstuck.
  • Rarely, if you are driving a vehicle, 1/10 cars will flip, knock you out, crush you, bounce into the air, and never be seen again. If you're still in the vehicle when this happens, you will fall through the map.
  • Sometimes, an item you are holding might clip through a wall, flail you around and fling you a certain distance. But this isn't really a bug as it happens on every Roblox game.
  • Sometimes, after Roblox updates, using binoculars will make you lose your arms. Gusmanak usually fixes this within a few days.
  • A lot of the time for certain people going into ADS while in first person will force you to stay into first person.
  • Sometimes, when the game is supposed to be loading, the loading screen and the health bar will not show up, and the loading screen music will play. The game will never load unless you leave the game and join it again.
  • When dropping an item it can transfer the number of bullets to the item replacing the ammo:
  • Sometimes, after you die, you spawn with NOTHING but "Interact" and your stats that you had before you died. This includes Days Survived, Zombies Killed, People Killed, Thirst, Hunger, and the amounts of everything.
  • During 5.0.2, (Possibly still exists, but I'm not sure.) People were able to use an entrencher to put a car wheel on their heads, and this would cause them to fly around the map.
  • For some reason, in Kin Reimagined's bunker, if you block off the entrance to the bunker, you will somehow lose that building material after sometime.
  • Sometimes you might get the combat logging warning even though you had full health and were not close to anybody.
  • Sometimes zombies would have their head stuck in the ground and be unable to move. They can still hurt you though. This was patched on the normal version, but this still exists in Hardcore.
  • Rarely when aiming down sights, the gun will half aim, for example, on a bit of an angle.
  • Rarely when picking up sights/attachments, the image for it in the inventory will be invisible and when clicking on it, the only options would be "Drop item", "Store item" or "Cancel." The attachment was unable to drop though, permanently being in your inventory until death.
  • Sometimes, zombies will spawn half in the ground, later shooting up into the sky.
  • Occasionally, zombies might spawn with their body twisted.
  • Bikes, Motorbikes and ATVs often break and you are unable to drive them, even when fully repaired and fueled.
  • Sometimes your character will lean forward with the characters head, something I like to call the "camel glitch" If you're in first person and your character starts to bob up and down, this might have happened.
  • A player in my group disappeared from beside me and on the screen it said she had died. She spawned back with all her items and stats.
  • Getting off an ATV might cause arms and legs to fall off, rendering the character defenseless.

In Hardcore all vehicles do not function, even after being fixed.

  • Sounds will occasionally break. This has been fixed in 5.0.0 but still happens if the player has a slow computer.
  • Sometimes, holding a melee weapon will cause the player's arms to be positioned incorrectly.
  • Someone found a Makarov mag labeled 32/32. (Trying to get the picture)
  • A character died beside me when no zombies or players were near. She stated her health was at 100, and she suddenly took 99 damage, and the last bit of health went down before she could do something. Her teammates searched the area and found no players or zombies.
  • In Kin, the zombies in Union Square would turn towards you, but not run and attack you.
  • Sometimes your character's torso can be moved slightly over to the side for a period of time. Resulting in an odd looking character and problems sniping.
  • After getting off a bike or a motorcycle, a player's legs can glitch and be stuck in the position you were on the vehicle. This can cause your character to float around. This can also lead to problems when riding in other vehicles.
  • Occasionally, loot will spawn,floating,in the air.
  • If you're riding in a car, the screen could say "The fog obscures your vision." and you can't zoom in, but it will clear in a couple seconds and your character will most likely be in a different place then when the screen popped up.
  • When you crouch (X key) and get back up, your legs tend to fall through the ground becoming no-clipped. Gusmanak has said he will fix it soon though. This is a great way to avoid bullets, but much harder to climb stairs.
  • There has been a glitch that when you die you respawn with everything you had when you died, i will not explain how the glitch is done because it will be abused if told.
  • Sometimes, if your connection is laggy, when you ADS, your sights will glitch above or below where they are supposed to be, it happens if you don't ADS for some time, and can be fixed by going out of ADS and going back into ADS.
  • Sometimes, your players face would turn bright red or pale green, usually after a fresh spawn.
  • Sometimes the coding of the game will randomly appear near the chat, and will scatter around it.
  • Sometimes, after using the map your cursor will glitch and your character won't follow wherever your point it. This will make traveling very difficult and annoying.
  • Sometimes, if you did log off at the Kin bunker you could spawn on top of the bunker with land blocks over your heads by a large amount of studs high.
  • If someone starts pulling out their gun in a moving car, it may fly into the air and glitch, but when dead, no items will appear, only bodies.
  • Sometimes when you are playing on a laptop using the laptop pad, you will randomly get stuck in first person mode and you cannot zoom out, even if you use the "I" and "O" buttons.
  • Sometimes when checking a player's inventory, your character will appear to float above the ground.
  • Sometimes Patient Zero's model glitches out, and will not respawn or move. touching it will teleport you to the kin hospital.
  • If you ADS with your secondary, and then sit in the passenger seat of a car, the car will glitch out and go flying. (video pending, just need to figure out how to upload it)
  • Sometimes when you join any random game, your face starts to turn brown as it appears you have two skin colors, very annoying.
  • Sometimes when you are in a vehicle storage and that vehicle despawns whenever you try to search a players body the container will be the same as the vehicle that despawned's storage and can only be fixed by rejoining.
  • Sometimes rarely when equipping a weapon it will not shoot and you will either have to drop it and pick it back or swap it with another gun in you inventory
  • Sometimes when picking up items the item will appear in your inventory but you will not be able to drop it and it doesn't move from the space in your inventory and if its a food/drink you cannot eat/drink it
  • Sometimes when you are using the item on the select bar, You will cannot press to the bar and only if you exit the game and turn back.
  • Sometimes on Apocalypse Rising: Reimagined your shirt will disappear, leaving only your vest, backpack, and skin on the upper part of your body.
  • In any gun, If you ads (aim down sights) and crouch (x) walk backwards, You can go through walls.
  • If you crouch THEN ads, you walk faster than if you ads while standing
Shirtless Glitch

Shirtless Glitch on June 12th, 2015

Fixed Bugs

  • Sometimes, a zombie would spawn without legs and might be merged with other zombies. This was thought to be a different type of zombie. This has been patched.
  • Similar to the bug above, a zombie would sometimes spawn without arms or legs. They couldn't hurt the player but still chase them. These were called "pet zombies." This has been patched.
  • Sometimes, after jumping off a bicycle, motorbike, or ATV, your character's arms or legs might appear on another place, leading to quite hilarious results, such as the character's legs appearing on the head, and the arms appearing on the butt! This was partialy fixed, but it had a failure, and it occurs slightly more occasional now. 
  • Sometimes, a CZ 75 would spawn with some pieces missing. This was known as a "shattered CZ" and it would sometimes cause problems with the gun. (ex. not being able to fire, etc.) This was patched with the release of v5.0.0.
  • Sometimes the ninja perk breaks and you can hear yourself walking and jumping.
  • Sometimes, after your inventory has been reset for combat logging, you will respawn with your weapons that you had before the reset but you cannot use them.
  • Feel free to edit and add more info.
  • In a certain update, if you got on a bike, and jumped off, you'd spawn in a different place, this was the same spot every time, every bike had their individual spot that teleported you to. This was patched.


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