Welcome to the Apocalypse Rising Reawakening Wiki! Apocalypse Rising is a free ROBLOX user-made game based off of the ArmA II mod, DayZ. The game is scripted by ZolarKeth and built by Gusmanak. The general goal of the game is to try and survive against all odds in a post-apocalyptic world. Fight(or hide from) zombie hoards and bandits, and work with friendly survivors(if you can find any) to live as long as possible! There are 10 achievable badges, and they are: Survivor, Bandit, Vagrant, Highwayman, Wanderer, Raider, Brigand, Vagabond, Marauder, and Nomad. There are also 3 unacheivable badges, Hero, Savior, and Guardian, which were discontinued at the time of the badge overhaul. Apocalypse Rising was created on April 1st, 2008, but became an official game on July 1st, 2012. Apocalypse Rising is evidently one of the most popular games in the zombie/survival genre, as it was voted 2013's most popular ROBLOX zombie/survival game! Apocalypse Rising won Game of the Year in 2013 and Combat Game of the Year in 2014. If you are a good, experienced player, feel free to add your own tips and adventures to this wiki. If you are a newbie in need of help, check out all the pages on the wiki. Have fun surviving! If you have a question or want to discuss the game, do it on the forums. See Guides for helpful information on gameplay, which are highly recommended for beginners! This being the community wiki, you can add fanfics, memes, song parodies, comics, so on and so forth. So come, experience the wonders of being in a community, not being under the rule of a tyrannical leader.

Please see the rules and guidelines.

Recent Updates


  • The largest update in months, Kin Reborn as the new map is out!


  • Added the Ambulance, Fire Truck, Police cruiser, covered pickup, uncovered jeep, covered Ural, Trinity SUV, and Cargo Van.
  • Re-added bicycles back into the game.


  • Added Skins for guns
  • Shotguns now shoot pellets (buckshot) instead of slugs.
  • Fixed Fedorov magazine failing to disappear after emptying.
  • Added Trinity Crates to spawn in Military spawns.
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