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New Denver
• 4/22/2015


“Where am I?” I asked out loud.

“Keep quiet Kevin.” a person whispered to me, or what I assumed was me. I couldn’t remember anything from my past, just things I learned to do… When? Was I in the military? Did the place I live in even have a military?

“Where are we?” I whispered quietly to the person who told me to be quiet.

“It doesn’t matter right now, we’re trying to stay alive,” a guy with a hoarse voice said. “I’m Richard by the way, the guy who told you to be quiet is Corey,” he said to me. I felt like I was moving without using my feet.

I was in a vehicle, I laughed a little at that. I felt worried for nothing. I looked out the window and all I saw was darkness. “What is going on?” I asked, I wasn’t respecting a response but I got one.

“You’re in what is now Russia, or that is what we think. We weren’t told that much information, all we know is that we can’t leave the perimeter of “The Zone” because apparently the radiation is too strong. This area some how missed the abundant amount of radiation. We got lucky but we still have to live. That isn’t even all of it, the RHO had a disease station nearby which released an unknown virus. We are some of the only survivors. We don’t know the exact amount but we only expect ten to thirty alive, including us.

“So we’re stranded here? Can we get help?” I asked, I bet I sounded a little scared because all he did was laugh.

“Yeah, I ‘pose we’re stranded here without any help. We have a radio but we can’t contact anyone outside the zone, or so we think.We have heard President Dubetz, yet we don’t know where his location is. We looked at his mansion but found nothing.”

I looked outside the window again when the vehicle hit someone. “What the fuck?” I said louder than I thought. All Richard did was laugh, I think Corey was asleep. “What if they were nice? You just killed one of the thirty survivors?”

“No, that was a diseased person. We don’t have any clue how people got it but it had spread like wildfire. First my son, then wife, and then my daughter. They were all nice and all but I ‘pose they didn’t get the genes from me. I guess we should go get you some food. Be careful, there are bandits all around. Luckily we’re the military, societies last hope. For all we know society has fallen but we can live.”

“Are people killing other people?”

“Of course they are, they have to survive. There were about one hundred of us at first, bandits are more of a threat than the diseased. We thought the worse was over until Terry got shot and killed. Such a shame, a young man like him.”

My thoughts were starting to organize themselves, we were stuck with zombie like creatures and people who killed other people for fun. What has society turned to? We might have been what was left of the military.

“Hey Richard?”

“Whats up?”

“You suppose we’re what's left of the military? I mean there has to be more than three, right?”

“There is six of us, the other three is at our stronghold. We found you laying on the ground by a police station in Hark. I suppose no one touched you because they thought you were dead. Luckily you had your dog tag so I could name you. I couldn’t believe it was you when we found you. We’re almost back at Olke. We’ve been driving all night. We’ll have to siphon some gas in the morning.”

“How long has the disease been happening?” I asked Richard. I wondered if he was annoyed by all my questions.

“Probably half a year. Corey is thinking you ran off and then tripped or something a few days ago. You had to have been alive when the apocalypse happened. That is what people are calling it, the apocalypse. Go get some sleep, that may sound funny but you should. I’ll be sure to wake you up when we get to Olke.”

“Alright, see you later Richard,” I said and went to sleep.


I woke up with someone shaking me. It wasn’t the best feeling either I supposed. The person shaking me stopped, grabbed me, and started to carry me.

“What the fuck man?” I asked him. He dropped me fairly hard.

“You want to walk, so be it,” the guy said. Everyone else but Corey laughed.

“Give the kid a break,” Corey said. I nodded at him as he helped me up. I looked at Corey, he had semi long dirty blond hair with blue eyes. I tried picturing him before the apocalypse but I couldn’t.

“So this is it?” I asked the guy who dropped me. “You and I are already off to a bad start. My name is Kevin, what is yours?”

“Why the fuck does it matter punk?” He asked me. I stepped forward and swung. He got knocked down but jumped right back and lashed at my face with a sharp object. The knife cut my cheek open and he just laughed. “Don’t fuck me with again you punk ass kid.”

He walked off and I looked at Richard. I saw sadness in his hazel eyes. “Richard, you okay?” I said walking to him.

“You know George is just being rough, he never was before Johnny died. George would mess around with Johnny and Johnny got killed. George became all rough, I suspect you remind him of Johnny. He doesn’t want you to die.”

Well that was great, I had someone who wants to kill me, yet wants me alive at the same time. I walked in when Corey attended to the cut. It wasn’t a deep cut, but still needed a lot of tending to. Corey was silent and quick when tending.

“Don’t mess with George or you’ll get your ass kicked. We see him as the leader though we know Richard is. The two have different ideals on how to run a society. Richard wants peace and George wants to have society in war, with the strongest to be alive. I don’t like him anymore than you do. He is vital to the team however.”

Corey finished up and I went to see Richard. He was laying on the couch. Richard was a fairly big guy, not fat but wide and strong. He had dark brown with hazel eyes which seemed to match almost perfectly. I don’t know how, it just did. I walked around and everyone was either sleeping or keeping watch. I found a crate full of something.

I walked over and lifted the lid. There was meals ready to eat, pasta, tuna, cookies, vegetables. It was like a paradise.

“The fuck you think you’re doing?” George said as he walked up. “You can’t eat whenever the fuck you want. Go to the watch tower and keep guard. I’m going to look for some of those fucking zeds or whatever the fuck they are.”

He just walked off with his knife. I went to Corey and asked him where the tower was. He showed me everything, and eventually I went to the watch tower. It was becoming early afternoon and I was sweating my ass off. I didn’t know it could get this hot. I looked around for a drink yet I couldn’t find one. I guess I was stuck here all afternoon looking out for people.

Nothing happened and I was just sitting around doing nothing. I didn’t have anything anyway, how could I self defend myself? I yawned as the day went on. I wanted to sleep but I didn’t know if I was allowed to, would George kick my ass if he found out? I sure as hell didn’t want to find out.

It was probably around four when something happened. I was just leaning back when something was caught in the corner of my eye. I sat up straight and looked through the binoculars. I didn’t see the thing. I thought I was hallucinating for a minute. Being in the sun that long could have horrible effects, or that is what I thought. I couldn't have imagined it because I saw it again. It was a darker figure and they were hiding behind trees. They were definitely closer. I saw them stop and I just sat there, not knowing what to do.

Suddenly I heard a gunshot and I fell. I looked around making sure I wasn’t shot, I desperately looked around but nothing. I ran downstairs to Corey and yelled, “Corey, someone is here!”

“Of fucking course.” He said and grabbed his gun. We both ran up and he shot at the person. The person fell fairly quickly, a pool of blood forming around his body.

“We need to leave, each day in the past week there has been an attack. Not many people know about our location but we got to go. It is a matter of time before someone blows us up. People have found a secret location North of Kin.”

I just sat down and sighed. This day has been a long day for sure. I felt someone grab my neck and said, “You think you can kill us?”

I was gasping for air and I couldn’t hold it any longer. I closed my eyes and went unconscious.


I woke up with a start, I had mainly everyone standing over me. The only person that wasn’t there was George, I had no clue where he went. It was kind of obvious that it was George who attacked me, but why? Everyone started to go once they saw me wake up, I don’t know what the big deal was.

“Kevin, are you okay?” asked Corey. I nodded, my throat a little too sore to talk. I felt like shit, I ached all over and my neck felt like I got stung by 1000 bees. He gave me some Sprite, he then told me how water was a luxury nowadays in the apocalypse. I tried to laugh but I couldn’t.

“Where is George?” I managed to whisper. Corey gave me some more Sprite but I didn’t want anymore. My throat wasn’t dry anymore so I tried shoving Corey away. He then began, “George was banished for attacking you for no reason. We gave him some food but that is about it. We felt like it was necessary to banish him. He saw it as unfair but we had to do it, we think next time he’ll kill you. We’ll have to be on extra guard so that George doesn’t come back.”

There was five of us now, well four that can fight. I knew we were going to have to leave, we couldn’t take any chances. I stood up slowly and told Corey about how we have to leave. He nodded and ran off. I walked to the outside and tried starting the car. One problem was the car was out of gas.

“Shit.” I mumbled. I got out and looked underneath the car. I had a bad feeling that George had done something. There was gas all over underneath the car, George must have broken something with his hatchet. I knew he would pull a stunt like that,

“Aw, the new kid is all by himself.” I heard being said quietly. I stood paralyzed with fear, it couldn’t be George. Maybe I was have auditory hallucinations. I couldn’t tell what it was. Then I heard laughter that could only be George.

There he was standing in front of a bush. Nothing is in between us, and the car was behind me.  I slowly walked to the car. Every step I took was another big one for him. I saw his smile and I knew it was pure evil, how could they have dealt with this guy. He reached for the hatchet when I looked for something I could use.

Nothing, it was all over for me. I had nothing and George had a hatchet. George took another step closer to me. At this point I would say he was about 10 feet from me. I knew I was done for. He took some more steps and swung. The hatchet had grazed my arm but I was fine. I began to run away, I didn’t know where to, but anywhere but there sounded good. I heard a gunshot as I kept on running. Georges scream had pierced the air and I tripped sliding down the hill. There was a large town and I kept running. The town sign said Olke. I didn’t want to be near the four of them. Maybe they were just like George, they seemed nice but really they were murderers.

Maybe I was thinking too much about it. Surely they killed George, right? I couldn’t imagine what they shot at. I looked outside the purple house I was staying in and noticed how late in the afternoon it was. I went on the bed and locked the doors. No way was I going to die awake. I was also tired.

I woke up in the morning and realized everything that happened yesterday was kind of crazy. But it happened unfortunately, I had this massive cut on my right arm that burned, my adrenaline was down again. I was all by myself for now. I was going to figure how to survive this, I don’t know why, but I need to survive. Today was a new day and I was going to find a weapon. I had to find a weapon or else the zombies would get me. There were quite a few just outside.

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New Denver
• 4/22/2015

holy shit, you wrote that in three minutes?

• 4/22/2015

No, I've written it over time. That is the first 5 pages.

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