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ARH Sniper
• 4/19/2015

AR Challenge: Homesick General

You must choose your "hometown" (not one of those small clusters of buildings), and you must go to your hometown (meaning go inside it, not just stay near it) every 3 days or fewer. For every day you're late you must drop 3 items. As an added harder variation, you must pick a special building in your hometown and you must go there every 3 days.

The challenge ends when you die or after 10 days. You must record or screenshot the adventure if you want. The topic title should be AR Challenge: HS if you want it to count. I suggest making an alternate account because you must start off fresh.

Should be Kin Reimagined (to make it easier), you may do Kin Reborn for a harder challenge. 

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ARH Sniper
• 5/9/2015

I'll take the hardest variation of this, special building and reborn.

This is going to be a fun challenge! :D I'll do this one second.

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