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ARH Sniper
• 4/19/2015

AR Challenge: Health Nut General

In this challenge, you are not allowed to drink pop (except for the starter pepsi, and read below), and you can only drink water. You are also only allowed to eat Beans, Vegetables, Meat, Tomato Soup, Tuna, Pasta, Chicken Soup, and Beef Stew.

The goal for this challenge is to survive for more than 5 days. You must screenshot or record the video to "win". I suggest making an alt for this challenge. If you die you MUST start all over. You should create a new thread when doing so. You must upload the video to youtube and post it here. For the title of the thread do AR:HN Challenge, otherwise we won't see it as counting.

The game must be Kin Reimagined.

Not allowed to use survivalist.

You're allowed to use a soda (Not counting the one you start with) once every 2 days. You can save up your spawn soda for whenever.

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ARH Sniper
• 5/9/2015

Hmmm, interesting, I'll do this one third. 

So you can only eat food basically? Just no snacks? Easy peasy.

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