Stubbing is a new kind of gaming for Apocalypse Rising. The first reported player to play from spawn to death was Timewizard89000. To stub, all you have to do is spawn and do the leg glitch so you can walk but your legs are in the glitch. Your world will now seem a lot bigger. This is normal. You are now smaller because of the glitch and your legs are walking under the map. This is effective and ineffective because even though a bandit/hero/survivor has a lower chance to hit you because you are smaller they have a slightly bigger chance to hit your head. This is not recommended for Hardcore. Zombies cannot or have a harder time to hit you, but this isnot verified. If your having trouble doing to the glitch just keep spamming the crouch button. This glitch will soon be patched in Apocalypse Rising. This glitch is impossible to do in survival games. Warning: Sometimes your gun will break because of the glitch. If you lose your [Insert extremely rare military gun] do not blame me.