A gunfight is what players do to gain land, advance to a town, or take a base, such as this example. If cheeseofthezing was headed to kin with an mp5 and he announced it to the chat, bandits would set up a small base before attacking cheeseofthezing.

What is Gunfighting?

A gun fight is normal in all of apocalypse rising. Your survival depends on your skill with the weapon your holding and your surroundings, not your gun.


Never underestimate people, lots of noobs have done that and got killed. Every shot counts, so make sure you keep hitting. Your surroundings are helpful so use them.

After killing someone, watch your surroundings. The player you killed could still have buddies lingering around waiting to avenge their friend. Be especially cautious while looting.

Don't bring a knife.

Gunshots attract zombies and possibly other players. Sound supressors are helpful.

Always be prepared to gunfight.

If you have a player advancing on your position to engage in CQC, this is a good oppertunity to pop up from cover nd shoot. Do it spontaneously because it will be just like catching them by surprise.

If you're a new spawn and you encounter a stronger player who wants to fight, just remember that you have nothing to lose.