Apocalypse Rising Survival Guide (ARSG)

Apocalypse Rising Survival Guide

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For Beginners.

Gathering Supplies.

Welcome to the World of Apocalypse rising where you start out with a Makarov pistol, 2 Makarov mags, A can of beans and a Pepsi can. So at this point you will need to go to small towns and gather food and supplies as other places are too dangerous for a beginning fresh spawn in apocalypse rising, Find the closest small town in your location and find food,supplies and some civilian weapons (You'll usually find DB,Auto-5 Shotguns in small towns, which could help you on your way), So if you manage to find civilian weapons inside the small towns you could use these against aggressive players in Apocalypse rising, moving on, Near the Small towns you went to, there are these Military Tents near them and Barracks, now these spawn loot that range from Food to Military Weapons, If you're lucky, you could find a low-tier Military weapon here, but it is highly unlikely, but these barracks and Tents spawn good items that could come in-use, They have Ammo,Food,Water,Blood-Bags (Healing Bags), and if you're lucky, you could find a military gun, you should always check these places as they could have good loot and could help you on your way, Now when you have mid-tier civilian loot, I would suggest you to go to these places and it would help if you found yourself a map or a compass, either go to Mason (South-East), Korri (South And West of Factory and East of Ruined Tower), and Old Mine (North), Go to the closest one in your current location, these places likely have low-player traffic and have descent loot, but you have to be cautious while trying to get to these places as you can encounter some players on your way, now when you get to these places you will find back-packs, pistols, and zombies, the zombies aren't really a problem since you can just one shot them in the head but if you want to preserve your ammo, you can use a melee weapon to kill them, Now these places contain good loot which you can use to your benefit, it is likely that you would find a better primary weapon when you reach these places (Federov,PPSH,m3 etc,) for a beginner in apocalypse rising, I would suggest checking out the warehouses near the towns (The Blue house-looking warehouse), these places contain ammo and guns like the Federov, M3, etc, You would be lucky if you found one of the guns i mentioned for a beginner, Now once you've got yourself better civilian loot, I would suggest for you to go to these places , Dirk (West Of the Map), Trinity (South West of the Map or South of Dirk) And Yale (Close to Trinity), these places MAY contain some players so you better keep your gun out and be prepared if you find some, Now Dirk will Contain a Clinic, A Firestation (Large Orange Building),a tent and some barracks, these places in Dirk can give you low-tier military weapons which is good but dirk will also contain some players which is bad, but you can always defend yourself and kill them and take their loot, Now once you've finished looting dirk, I want you to head south and go to trinity, there aren't a lot of players here but fresh spawns usually spawn here but you can easily take them out if they get in your way, so there are 2 Buildings in Trinity the first building will likely contain some ammo and pistols, the Second (Larger Building) Will likely give you better weapons and gear so it is recommended to check these places, Now after Trinity, I want you to go to Yale which is close to trinity ( It is beside the large Mountain ), Now the barracks and tents in yale are top-priority and you should check them first as they can contain Gun Attachments, Ammo and Guns, When you finish looting the barracks and tents in yale, you should check the Market in Yale it will contain some back-packs which you could use if you didn't find from the previous locations i told you to go to. After You finish looting these three places now you are ready to go to Cities and such, First when you finish looting these places I want you to check out Hark, Check the firestations (The Firestations always have something good in them!) ,the barracks and tents they will contain some ammo that you can use for your guns and more food and MRE's and some pistols and guns, If you encounter a group of bandits here, don't bother trying to kill them as they are dangerous and lethal, just go to a Place Called Olke, Olke will contain good items and guns (I found a machine gun here) so it is likely that you could find a military weapon here, so when you finish looting everything in Olke I would think that you would already have a lot of weapons and gears, So now i would suggest for you to go to more rewarding places such as Vernal, RT, Prison, Military Outpost, etc (IF YOU FIND A HELICOPTER CRASH RUN TO IT AS FAST AS YOU CAN BEFORE OTHER PLAYERS GET TO IT, AS THEY CONTAIN MID-HIGH Tier Military WEAPONS) I wouldn't suggest for you to go to The most Dangerous places in the map, Kin, Kin will Contain dozens of zombies so i would suggest for you to use the Ninja perk if you would go to this place, and if you are going to kin, make sure that you bring blood bags and military weapons as this place will contain bandits,zombies and more bandits, if you're going to kin go to the Union Square where the good stuff is.

Dealing with Players

Now while you are travelling and looking for loot in Apocalypse Rising, It is likely that you would encounter Players, Bandits and such, So i would tell you how to deal with them,

Let's say you are walking around the map, looking for loot and a player has seen you, there are 2 things that could happen, 1. He will try to kill you as fast as he can, and 2. He will say he is friendly (Very Rare), but don't be fooled by him saying in Global "Friendly" as he could shoot you while you have your back turned, so if you see him holding his gun around while he is heading to you, there are 2 things that you can do, either Run away or find cover and defend yourself, But if your enemy has a Military loot and Bad-ass Clothing and masks, I would suggest you to Run away or try to attack him if you have some sort of advantage, If you are trying to kill him, I would suggest for you to Turn to 3rd person mode and hide in cover and wait until comes to you, when he is near you, i want you to jump out from your cover and spray him with you gun he will likely be shocked and die first, after you kill him, Look around your surroundings and see if there are any nearby players or zombies, If the coast is clear, loot him as fast as you can and run away from the location you killed him in, And this is Common situation between newbies, Whenever you are being shot to death by bandits in apocalypse rising, Don't waste your time on shouting out " IM FRIENDLY DONT SHOOT" in global chat, this could waste valuable time for you to escape or get cover, if you are being shot to death by a bandit, I want you to find the closest cover you could find and use a blood bag and switch to your primary weapon if you are sure that you cannot escape from him, just use the old jump out from cover and spray method on him and you could just win the battle, be sure that he doesn't have any teammates with him so you wont die and rage while you are looting his body. If you find a group of bandits while walking around the map, You could do 3 things, either exit the game if you know that you are gonna die and there is no escape when they reach you, or you could run and hide in buildings while they try to search for you or you could try to fight your way out if you have a high-tier military weapon and have some sort of advantage. And please don't trust every person you see as they could just kill you when they get near you. A good tactic is to hide behind cover and say things like "I do nt trust you, please put away your weapons."