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ARH Sniper
• 3/31/2015

Apocalypse Rising Military Personnel Group

If I this page is not allowed to be here, don't ban me, just send me a message and Ill delete the page.

Hello Apocalypse Rising players! I am creating this article to talk about a new non-official Apocalypse Rising group called "Apocalypse Rising Military Personnel", it's a military-based group for the game since those military group made for AR are just a bunch of people trying to play with each other and talking about their lifes and their homework.

About the group

The Apocalypse Rising Military Personnel's objective is eliminate any threat, protect the survivors, set up a base in a safe perimeter and try to take control of the state of Kin( I don't know where AR is so, I decided to create a name for it :D ).

Pimentinha18 is the player who command ARMP, if you wish to join the group, take a look in his profile.


When the military tried to defend the last city on the state of Kin that wasn't infected, Colonel Pimentinha18 and some men of the 63th Infantry Division left the city of Vernal, the city was destroyed by the living dead, the rest of the 63th went to the Refugee Camp with some survivors but, only 3 returned, they said a "black creature" killed everyone, nobody believed.

Colonel Pime decided to head for the Refugee Camp but, it was too late, the camp was on fire, there were two helicopters but, they were too far.

Now, our only choice is try to find survivors, eliminate the infected and take our land back.

But, during our last stand in Vernal, something was not right, there was something we should know.

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ARH Sniper
• 4/23/2015

Interesting...I have sooo many ideas, that story is okay, but I like mine a bit better.... sorry. I like the idea of a military AR group, I tried to set one up but I lost touch with the guy who was going to make it for me.

• 4/24/2015

I'm in a group, I'm the second in command, and we have like 15 members.

They are very inactive though :/

• 4/24/2015
\ Whats the group about? Are they good players?
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