Apoc. Tactics 101

First thing you will always need is percision. You can't always go up to someone and expect to hit them 100% (Besides the fact of point blanc and such) You really need to get them when they least expect it, like fighting off zombies or perhaps killing another player.

But yet again, it all has to do with the gun you pick. You sure need to be at a close range for a shotgun. I perfer the Auto-5 or M1014. Both are semiauto and are good at point blanc. The M1014 is a shotgun that you can attach an underbarrell and a sight, which includes a foreward grip and lets say a reflex sight. Foreward grips if you don't already know reduce knockback or recoil. It has 8 shells per "magazine" before it reloads. The Auto-5 however has 6 and is more of a civilian gun than a military gun. The second gun is a submachine gun. An example would be the great M3 Grease Gun (World War 2 gun). The M3 has 30 bullets per magazine and the magazine is commonly confused with CBJ-MS, TEC-9 and Uzi ammo. It has great ironsights and is effective at medium range.

[Part Two Coming Soon]