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Apoc. Hardcore Suggestions


  • Magazines spawn with some bullets missing, for example if you find an M249 it will not have three full mags, it will have 1 full mag and 53/100 and 86/100 mags because the guy who had the gun previously before droppping it on the ground for some reason used it. Obviously this is not major but will add a little to realism, because in the apocalypse (or a war) are you going to find guns dropped by dead people with no bullets missing from their magazines?
  • Magazines are rarer than just boxes of bullets. Boxes of shotgun shells, rifle and pistol bullets, machine gun ammo belts, etc. all lie around the map. Boxes of ammunition come in varying sizes, for example, shotgun shells come in 5, 10, and 20 shell boxes, and pistol boxes with 50 rounds, etc.
  • Older variants with different calibers

Older variants of in-service automatic guns: -Spawn in houses and never in military tents. -Are almost always semi-auto only. -Spawn much more commonly in houses than in-service automatic guns do. In-service automatic guns: -Spawn in military tents and rarely in houses. -Are only automatic (usually burst too), and never semi-automatic only. -Spawn much rarer in houses than out-of-service guns do.

*Stripper clips for some old fashioned rifles. Thye don't really use magazines.

*When a magazine is depleted, it doesn't disppear. You can refill it from ammo boxes in your inventory.

-Explosive Weapons-

57mm Recoilless Rifle - EXTREMELY rare, ammo is rare, does extremely high explosive damage. Takes 20 seconds to reload, does very high splash damage and very loud.

SMAW - EXTREMELY rare, ammo is extremely rare also, extremely loud, does extremely high explosive damage and splach damage. Takes 15 seconds to reload. 

-Civilian Weapons-  Swag Nuggets: stronger den all deh weapz combined and grants gawd powerz

Colt Anaconda - Common, stronger than the Model 625, has black ammo boxes like the Model 625's but slightly larger.

Browning Hi-Power - Common, uses 9x19mm magazines, same stats as M9 and moderatly high damage


AK5C - Uses 5.56x45 mags (all 3), rare, med-long range, high damage and has a black look to it

-Marksman Rifles-

M110 SASS - Uses a 7.62x51mm mag, same stats as MK-17, rare, comes with a Sniper Scope (someone please make a Attachments and Misc. part of this please) and is like a tan.

M21 DMR - Uses same M14 mag, Very rare, same stats as MK-17, comes with a Sniper Scope and has a pistol grip and collapsible stock.


M930 - Uses same shells as M1014 & M870, same stats as M1014, semi-automatic, rare and carries 8 shells in the tube.

Saiga 12 - Uses a 20 round 12g magazine, semi-automatic, black, rare and has the same stats as M1014.

-Sub-Machine Guns-

MP7A1 - Uses a 4.6x30mm 20 round mag, same stats as PP-19, rare, has a med-long range and is black.


S&W .40 - Uses a 20 round .40 caliber mag, same stats as G37, medium range, rare and has low recoil.

Springfield XD.45 - Uses a 15 round .45 ACP mag, same stats as MK23, medium range, rare and has a grayish black look.

P220 - Uses a 8 round .45ACP mag, same stats as USP 45, medium range, rare and has Night Sights.

.357 Magnum. A really powerful version of the revolver. Kills in 1 headshot or 2-3 bodyshots. Uses .357 ammo or .50 AE ammo. Comes in 2 styles, Grey and black, or Black and brown.

-Sniper Rifles-

(when you find them they have irons before you find a Sniper Scope)

USMC M40A5 - Uses a 7.62x51mm mag, has a very long range whe you attach the Sniper Scope, very high damage, OD green look and is rare.

M200 Intervention: Uses the rare .408 CheyTac cartridge and magazine, but has the longest range and is 100% deadly with any shot above the waist. Comes with a special telescopic sight. Bolt action. Very loud and therefore is recommended to be fitted with a silencer. EXTREMELY RARE.

M110 Knights Armament Semi-Auto Sniper Rifle - The name sorta explains it. It uses the 7.62x51mm round, and has higher range and accuracy than the M14.

Dragunov Semi-auto Sniper Rifle- This Sniper rifle shoots the fastest but does less damage then the other Snipers. It like the SKS

-Assault Rifles-

M16A3 - Uses 5.56x45mm mag(all3), same stats as M4, med-long range, same damage as M4 and is rare.

Has Semi-auto, Burst, and Full-auto fire modes

AR-10 - Uses a .308 magazine, same stats as HK417, long range, same damage as SCAR and is rare.

HK416 - Uses a 5.56x45mm mag(all3), same stats as SCAR, med-long range, same damage as AK-12 and rare.

-Special Weapons-

AR-50 - Uses a 10 round .50 caliber magazine, extremely rare, does very high damage, has a very long range once attached with a Sniper Scope.

M98B - Uses a .338 Lapua 5 round mag, extremely rare, does high damage, has a very long range and is compatable with Sniper Scope.

-Light Machine Guns-

Browning Automatic Rifle(BAR) - Uses a 20 round .30 caliber mag, rare, has a decent range, same damage as Mk48 and cannot use any attachments.

Browning M1919 - Uses a 100 round .30 caliber box mag, rare, has a long range and same stats as Mk48.


  • Every weapon, explosive and zombie is likely to cause severe bleeding to anyone without armor. It's called "Hardcore" for a reason. It should be unforgiving of mistakes; a hardcore simulator of the apocalypse.
  • Zombies have excellent hearing so they can hear a gunshot very far away. For example, zombies in the next town hear you shoot and come running for a feast. This will make silencers more important, stealth more important, and ammo conservation more important. They are also 25% faster than the player because they don't care if their legs are tired like humans so. They should also spawn in buildings. They also have a real sprinting animation. Zombies should be more dangerous and an actual threat. Ironically, most people say that zombies are mere nuisances.
  • Zombies can only be killed by headshots. Bodyshots, armshots, and legshots do nothing to a zombie. the only way to kil them is to destroy the brain. They can be slowed down by shooting out their legs however. If you shoot both of them, the zombies walkspeed is cut in half, meaning you could walk away from a hoard of legless zombies. However, they can crawl.



Stick + knife (for carving the stick into a comfortable cylindrical shape) + hatchet for cutting down a tree to get said stick + duct tape = makeshift forward grip.

Can opener (to open the can) + Empty can (eaten canned food makes an empty can) + duct tape = muzzle flash hider. Perfect for night time.

Taped Mags - Duct tape + 2 magazines = taped mags. Reduces reload time by 2/3, because you don't have to pull a magazine out of your vest. Pulse Monitor - Buzzer attached to the warning light on the pulse monitor. Since there are no death messages, and players cannot speak in the chat until they respawn, people in your group can wear pulse monitors to alert the rest of the group that they died and where. Pulse monitors spawn rarely in clinics and hospitals, but buzzers are even rarer and spawn everywhere. Buzzers emit different sounds, so everyone should know which buzzer each member of the group has.

I found a website with thousands of FREE sound bites, but choosing them and putting them all down here is a job for some other day. (The reason there are at least 25 is simply for variety, and because buzzers are so rare it would be annoying to keep getting the same sound over and over).

  • Duct tape + survival knife = Bayonet, Put on the barrel of your gun for melee.
  • Jerry Can (full)+ String + something to hold up the string = Tripwire Mine
  • Shovel (to dig up dirt) + Jerry Can + (optional) gunpowder + a bullet to shoot the jerry

can = A Homemade Landmine

  • Empty can+ gunpowder (sacrafice some bullets for it) + fuse + duct tape = Improvized hand grenade, press J to throw, rolls random directions (depending on ground level)

does 20HP damage. blows limbs off of zombies. takes 2 seconds to explode because of the short fuse, no cooking for this one.

  • Long fused hand grenade, same as improvised hand grenade, but uses 2 fuses, takes 4 seconds to detonate.*


Skills - As days go by, you get a better understanding of the apocalypse. You can buy skill points points in the spawning menu. If you survive the entire day you get one skill point. An example of a skill is Death From Above; With a knife equipped, when you jump on a player or zombie it instantly kills them and you take no fall damage.

Climbing - You can climb over barricades, Hang from windows, and slide under players and zombies. Except when you climb on something you make a grunt and zombies nearby hear you. While doing this you become more agile so your hand to hand becomes better, you climb faster, you run faster and you burn calories more.

No death messages - There are no death messages. In real life you don't magically know that someone died.

Sharpening blades on rocks - edged melee weapons do less damage over time. They can be sharpened on rocks to restore full damage.

Sustenance spawn rates - As server time goes on, food and drink spawns rates actually DECREASE every 7 ingame days by 5%. This makes food extremely rare as time goes on, like a zombie apocalypse. Spawn rates plateau when it gets to 10% of the normal spawn rate. Then there will really be people killing for cans of beans.

Hand-to-hand combat - You can kick, punch, and push over other players, knock them unconscious, and disarm them.

Zombie spawn rates - as server time goes on, zombie spawning is decreased by 5% each day. after 20 days, no more zombies spawn.

No stamina - You can run as much as you want. IRL will you say, "nah, I'm waaaay too tired run 50 more feet, or jump in a window to get to safety as zombies are chasing me"? Of course not. It's called adrenaline.

Entrenchers can be used as melee weapons.

Taller and more trees. Some areas should be forests. But why would people go into a forest if there's nothing there except booby traps? Risk vs. reward. Well, forests spawn loads of camping tents. About 3-4 forests as big as Kin would be awesome, and one would have  a gigantic tent city. Forests the size of Hark and Vernal would dot the map.


• Military: Spawn with extra mags and a handgun of choice.

• Medic: Spawn with a surgery kit, 2 splints and multiple blood bags.

• Hoarder: Spawn with a first-rate backpack, 3 MREs and 3 water bottles. 

• Mechanic: Spawn with a car near you, as well as a backpack to carry the array of car parts you spawn with.

As some of these classes are OP, all of the classes listed above would cost credits, Military costing the most credits.


Civilian rain gear - Yellow, blue, green, black, pink, red, etc.

Military rain gear - Urban, snow, dark blue (black/spec ops/whatever you want to call it), grass green, tan, several types of multicamo, etc.

  • Note that raingear is mostly for AMS and weather, because being in the rain can give you pneumonia and/or hypothermia.

Gloves - reduce the chance of getting scratched or bitten.


Body Armor:

 Class I: Extra Health

 Class II: More extra health and explosive damage reduction

 Class IIA: Same amount of extra health as class II, but including higher bullet calibers. Extra explosives resistance.

 Class III: Even more extra health, for all calibers. C4 and Semtex. will do significantly less damage. Immunity to tasers.

 Class IV: Takes a very strong hit to penetrate. Very rare and only found in military installations. Movement is reduced, stamina goes down quickly.

 Class V: Nigh invincibility, but finding it is a nigh impossibility. Basically a juggernaut suit.


 Helmet: reduces deadliness of headshots.

 Gas Mask: Protects against tear gas, reduces chance of infection and makes you look BADASS.

 Riot Gear: Protects against minor bullet calibers and ALL melee weapons.

 Chain Mail: Immunity to the infection of most bites, but still can be penetrated by said bites.


Wire Cutters - Serves as Utility, common as the Entrencher, only used for cutting wire fences and razor wire.

Spool of string (tripwires) - 30 feet long, requires a knife to cut to the desired length. Come in many colors, making them invisible. i.e. yellow string on a blue floor would stand out, a blue string on a blue floor would be invisible. 2 per slot.

Fishing line - Used with fishing poles, and also serves as a tripwire. Clear.

Rope - Used to make booby traps.

Roll of duct tape - 30 feet long roll of duct tape, used to craft various things. Combat knife is needed to cut it to use in a crafting recipe.

Sandbags - Canteen - holds two water bottles, takes up one slot.

Toolkit - Takes up 1 utility slot, used to hold tools like hammers needed to drive in nails, etc. Most tools can be used as melee weapons.


Wrench -

The entrencher is also a tool now, used to dig holes

Wire cutters -

The combat knife is also a tool now, used to cut things.

Sledgehammer - Used to break off pieces of rocks off rock formations to used as building materials or for booby traps.

Hammer - Used to further break down rocks into the desired size and for hammering in nails.

SOPMOD Kit - Holds gun attachments, up to 8. spawns in military areas.

Automatic pistol stock - reduces recoil of the automatic pistols M93R and G18.

Night vision scope - Scopes are very rarely night vision capable.

Night vision goggles (NVG) - Allows you to see at night. Extremely rare. Spawns only in military tents and rarely in houses.

Rangefinder - Shows the range to an object. Uses batteries. Cannot be used at night.

NV rangefinder - Shows the range to an object at night.

The rangefinder batteries cannot be found lying around. They can only be salvaged from other rangefinders. They may be used or relatively fresh. The rangefinder displayed the battery level.

Booby & Zombie Traps, Defenses & Building Materials

Razor wire - As common as any other building items, comes in spools of 10 and you can hold 10 in each inventory slot. Takes away 20 health every time you are in it and must use Wire Cutters to remove it once removed you can't re use it. Once placed you cannot pick it up at all.

Wire fences - Takes up 3 inventory slots, common as any other building item, cannot be taken down once placed. Must use wire cutters to break.

Metal Detector - takes 1 Utility slot, when being used, you can detect any metal object within 25 studs of you. ie:mines, traps with metal.

Fire Extinguishers can be used to detect laser tripwires.


  • Fragmentation grenade -
  • Stun grenade - Also known as a flashbang, this grenade blinds players for 5 seconds. Has a 1.0-2.0 second fuse. If a player is not facing it, vision is impossible for
  • Sting grenade - This grenade 
  • Smoke grenade -
  • Tear gas grenade -
  • Incendiary grenade - 
  • Molotov -

-Booby Traps-

Some of the more advanced booby traps are made by crafting. There is an emphasis on entrencher use with some of the traps. Some booby traps require batteries. Some booby traps require multiple tools, even if the traps could be made without them in real life, to make it harder for players to mass-produce booby traps everywhere. You and your group members can also be caught in your own traps. Watch out! Booby traps cannot be implemented until vegetation is added. Areas of high and low grassland, variety of farm fields (not just haybales. And again, risk vs. reward. Fields may have traps, but you need to go in them to pick veggies and fruit), dirt & cement roads, vegetation-dense forests, ferns, bushes, desert areas and snow areas, rolling hills, swamps, stony areas, etc. can all have booby traps. Nowhere is safe.

Unfortunately I, CheeZniper, am extremely hesitant to google how to make explosive booby traps for fear of waking up in the middle of the night with a black bag over my head and being flown to a deserted prison island for suspected planned terrorism when all I was doing was making stuff up for a computer game.

I, Freezekiller450, am willing to take the risk risk of being kidnapped in my sleep and flown to a prison island just for supporting this wiki. Wish me luck. Entry 1: 10:40 PM, Monday, November 18, 2013. I'm still here, over 3 hours since i've searched the stuff up. so far, so good. Entry 2: 5:48 PM, November 19, 2013. Still here. Entry 3: 10:45 PM, November 20, 2013. i think im in luck. FREEZE OUT. Entry 4: 2:10 PM, November 23, 2013. Apparently im not considered a threat to the nation. THANK THE LORD.

Vehicle Traps: same as below.

Pitfall traps: you dig a hole with an Entrencher, put a bunch of Mines, in the pit, cover it with tarp, and wait.

Exposive traps:

Alarm traps:

1) Motion sensor lamp. Basically a lamp, but whenever a zombie or player walks near it, it turns on for 30 seconds.

2) Poisoned food and drink.

3) Use an entrencher to place windscreen glass anywhere to alert the player if someone is breaking in as the invader would have to shatter the glass, making noise).

4) Vehicles that blow up when moved by non-group members.

5) Tire spikes that blow out tires.

6) Tire spike strips that spans the width of a road (however many studs that is), making large areas impassable.

7) Semtex - an orange explosive used for deomlition, just as rare as C4 but 3x the power.

8) Claymore - a C4 activated by a laser tripwire.

9) motion-sensing bomb - blows up if a player comes within 30 studs of it, crafted with Lamp and C4/Semtex

10) remote-control bomb-drone - a suicide drone that carries 3 C4 or Semtex and can be controlled(quite obviously)

11) suicide vest - crafted with 1 C4 or Semtex and 1 Clothing.

12) suicide car - you plant 2 C4 or Semtex in a car and when it hits a building, it blows up.

13) Flare trap - Ignites a flare when player walks over it, giving away their location.

14) Bear trap - Breaks players legs.

15) Entrencher + sticks + combat knife = sharpened stick pit. Only works on grass around trees or vegetation to hide it. Players walk over it and fall onto sharpened sticks.

16) Laser tripwire - Very rare, cannot be detected.

17) Camera - found ONLY in the hoarders building at Bump Flatts, and even then there is a 90% chance it doesn't work because it was dropped to the ground and probably broke, so it is very rare. Can RECORD whatever it is looking at. Can be placed anywhere, like in trees.

18) 1 wooden plank + 12 nails + hammer + hatchet + entrencher + being near trees/vegetation = side-closing stake trap. The hatchet breaks the wooden plank into two boards, nails are hammered in, and a hole is dug. Then the two boards are placed in the hole, kind of dug into the dirt on the sides of the hole, and are covered with leaf litter or plants. When a player walks onto it, the boards close inward and impale their foot and lower leg.

19) Tripwire - 

20) Hatchet + 1 wooden plank + knife = 30 sharpened sticks.

21) Gun trap - Tripwire connected to a gun. Walk in a house and have a shotgun behind the door blow up your face as you walk halfway in.

22) Grenade Trap - grenade + tripwire + knife + entrencher = grenade trap. It is basically a tripwire connected to a cooked grenade. Works with flashbangs, tear gas grenades, frag grenades, sting grenades, and smoke grenades. To make, pull out the pin, reinsert right before the fuse burns completely, connect it to a tripwire, and bury it in the ground. 

23) Exposives inside items - Exposives like grenades and other small exposive devices can be hidden in items.

24) Motion sensor -

25) Jerry can trap - Jerry cans will blow up if shot with an incendiary round. Other rounds will only cause it to leak out, effectively destroying it, and will not result in an explosion.

26) Cartridge trap - nail + bullet + stick + hatchet + entrencher + hammer + knife + drill = cartridge trap. A small hole is dug with an entrencher, the stick is carved and shortened to the right demensions with the hatchet and knife, a tube is made in the stick with the drill, a nail is hammered into the bottom of the stick to act as the firing pin, a bullet is inserted into the stick, and the stick is put in the hole with maybe an inch of the bullet above ground. When a player steps on it, the bullet shoots their foot.

27) Canteen Trap - 1 canteen + 1 water + 1 grenade + string = canteen trap. When they drink it, it will blow up in their face, ensuring a 100% kill rate.














Anti-booby trap items

  • Armored shoe liner - Used on your shoes to prevent damage by nails and stick traps.
  • Leg armor - Leg armor that prevent damage from nail and stick traps.
  • Silly string - Extremely rare. Sprayed on the ground to detect tripwires, as the silly string will be suspended in the air if there are any. Does not work on trip wires that are directly on the ground, but the chances of someone tripping a ground-level tripwire are very low. They should be placed at knee/waist level to ensure they will certainly be tripped.
  • AMS: Tetenus shot - Injected into a player who has been injured by nails, bullets, or shrapnel. Spawns in hospitals.
  • Portable x-ray - Found in the AMS Medical Items section below, the portable x-ray aslo serves to look inside items that may be booby trapped.
  • Phalange tourniquet - used to cut off a mangled toe after walking over a cartridge trap.

Advanced Medical System


The AMS is based on real life injuries that need to be treated with medical items found in clinics, hospitals, and medical tents. It is not a hit point health system.


  • The AMS perhaps would be more suitable for hardcore unless a ton of players would want it in normal Apocalypse Rising.
  • AMS will require: (1) massive amount of programming (2) tons of hitboxes, and (3) a player skeleton, circulatory system, organs, etc.
  • Player may lose their arms or legs if shot or bit in the arms or legs. This will probably cause players to rage and reset their characters. One way to combat this is to make prosthetic limbs. Prosthetic arms will be much rarer than prosthetic legs, and will requires batteries.
  • The AMS has to be designed to be somewhat realistic but not un-fun. i.e not need to have CONSTANT hospital runs and be overly complex. We don't want the the game to become "Medical Rising" or anything.
  • Utilizes the Advanced Blood & Gore System. Characters with injuries will have corresponding blood and gore.
  • After sustaining an injury you will have to wait a certain time (for example, one in-game day) for it to heal after it is treated.
  • If you get shot in the chest 10 times, you will die. Or if you get shot and go unconscious, you will probably get shot again. The fewer times you get shot, the more likely you'll survive your injuries. Therefore, trauma care is only relevent when you get shot once or twice, but you're more likely to get filled with half a mag than than a few bullets.
  • Some items require batteries, like the handheld x-ray, portable defibrillator, thermometer, prosthetic arm, and portable blood bag refrigerator. Batteries would also be needed to use flashlights and GPSs.
  • How in the world is a random survivor supposed to know how to do endoscopic procedures, circulatory anastomosis, or a splenectomy? Obviously the Surgical Kit takes care of that, but in a real apocalypse, you would die from boatloads of crap you could easily survive today with hospitals and doctors.
  • Calorie system. You burn calories by walking and sprinting, and you burn less calories by standing

Stopping Power

Different calibers have different stopping power.

  • 9mm (9 ×19mm): Makarov, PP-19,
  • .45 ACP: G37, Revolver,
  • 5.56 x 45mm: M4A1, Scar-L,
  • 7.62x39: AK-47

Fragmentation grenade: causes massive blood loss can result in damage or destruction to the brain, limbs, organs, etc.

"Examine" Feature (Trauma Assessment)

If you walk up to an injured player you can check for various conditions by interacting with them. when you click on them the option to "Examine Player" will come up. You can check for:

Responsiveness - are they unconscious (an AMS condition)?

Breathing - are they breathing?

Pulse - is their heart beating? The pulse will be green, yellow, orange, or red.

Injury - what is their injury exactly?

Bleeding - are they losing blood from an injury? Ranges from benign (capillary bleeding which does not NEED a band-aid but has a higher chance of getting infected without one), to massive hemorrhaging.

Shock - (4 types)

Fractures - 

Burns - caused by standing on lit firepits, etc.

Injuries, Wounds, Conditions, Etc.

Your character is affected differently depending on where you are shot: the heart, the brain, the lungs, the abdomen, the extremities, the head, arteries, etc.

  • Pain: Pain can be benign, which has no effect on your character, to severe, which results from extreme injuries causing screen shaking and aiming difficulty.
  • Blood Poisoning - It's when you are shot and the wound is left untreated. Must use Trauma Kit to prevent this. WILL cause death. The time it takes to kill you will be 3 Apocalypse Rising days.

-Diagnosis for bullet entry areas-

  • Head: instant death to anyone without a helmet in pristine condition. High caliber bullets even get through helmets. 
  • Abdomen: can miss vital organs, usually you can be saved through organ transplants. Replacement organs can only be found in the Kin Hospital. You will bleed profusely and will probably need multiple blood bags.
  • Neck: permanent spinal cord damage, or muscle damage, or bone damage, and high chance of death or permanent paralysis.
  • Chest: Debilitating bleeding and respiratory or circulatory shutdown, leading to unconsciousness and death unless it happens that your friend has multiple blood bags, a trauma kit and a surgery kit, as well as a plethora of emergency medical supplies.
  • Extremities: If the bullet hits a major artery or vein, death by bleeding will result if not dealt with in a timely fashion. You can also be shot in the extremities and still be able to function but in extreme pain, which requires painkillers or morphine. May require a tourniquet.

Weakness - Lowering gun because of weakness that includes the extremeties. Not able to open canned food. May drop item being held. Not able to sprint. Walking speed is reduced by 50%.

  • Sore Throat-Strep Throat: It makes you need more water, but if you find honey (new thing) and some tea (new thing) you can combine the two, and it will go away in about two days. If you do not do this, it can last for ten days or more.

Also, it can make you, if you try to pick up things, it has a 5/10 chance to say: "You cannot pick this up, you are raging about your pain."


Bleeding, also known as hemorrhaging, is the loss of blood through internal or external injuries. How the player is affected by bleeding depends on the severity. Players start with 100% blood, or 12 pints, 2 pints = 1 liter. There are 4 levels of blood loss:

  • Level 0: no bleeding.
  • Level 1: minor bleeding, called capillary bleeding i.e. cuts, scrapes! and minor punctures. Usually results in less than a few percent drop in blood loss at most, and requires a band-aid and topical antibiotics or infection may result.
  • Level 2: mild bleeding, <15% blood loss; 2 pints. After losing 2 pints of blood, you you may go unconscious, and after losing 3 pints, you will always pass out.
  • Level 3: severe bleeding, <30-40% blood loss; 3.5-5. Unless you get a blood transfusion, you will die.
  • Level 4: debilitating bleeding, >40% blood loss; 5+ pints. Results in death.

Ballistic Trauma: caused by bullets. Lower caliber bullets have a lower chance of causing blood loss and high caliber bullets the opposite.

Laceration: caused by knives. Causes bleeding almost always and severely increases probability of infection

Closed Wounds: Contusion:

Shock - 

Dehydration - 

Hypothermia -


Bone Fractures                                                                                                                                               

Bones can be fractured by

  • Getting shot in a bone. Bullets can either become lodged in the bone and create a stress related fracture around the impact area or richochet off and do more damage to the surrounding muscle and bone or hit a major artery or vein. 
  • Getting hit, run over by, or ejecting from a moving vehicle. You can break your hands & feet, clavicle, arms & legs, ribs, jaw, hips, or vertebrae. Broken hands, arms, and legs are the most common.
  • Falling from heights. You can break bones by jumping out of a window or off a building, down stairs, off a hill, etc. Again, mostly arms and legs are broken but you can also become permanently paralyzed.

-Bone fracture types-

Fractures usually have to be diagnosed by using a portable x-ray. You cannot always simply examine a fracture by eyeballing it.

Closed: A "simple" break capable of healing with only a splint. May need to be realigned.

Open: A "compund" break in which bone sticks out through the skin. Requires a surgery kit, antibiotics, and a splint. You can walk and walk fast but not run  with an open fracture but you risk the bone poking a major vein or artery and bleeding profusely.

Comminuted: A break in which the bone fragments into pieces. Requires a surgery kit, antibiotics, and a splint.

Realigning fractures:

-Treatment for bone fractures-

  • Arms
  • Legs: You can still walk, but risk having a bone tear an artery or vein. Your walking speed is reduced to half. You can be treated 
  • Hands/Fingers
  • Feet/Toes
  • Hip: In the apocalypse, you're pretty much done. If someone has a broken hip, you might as well put a bullet in their brain.
  • Jaw - You cannot speak in the chat until it is healed.

-Poison Ivy-

If vegetation is ever added to Apocalypse Rising, you can walk on poison ivy and unless you find calamine lotion in hospitals and clinics you will get an infection from scratching it so much and die unless you have antibiotics. In the beginning, 1/10 times you try to pick something up or or use your utility/weapon hotkeys you will get a message saying "You cannot pick this up/hold your weapon/use this utility, you are scratching", so obviously this can be quite annoying and will make you find calamine lotion. The longer you have the poison ivy, the more frequently you will scratch your itches. Up to 9/10 times. Then you die of an infection unless you have antibiotics and wait for the rashes/itching go away.

Limb elevation -


Zombies don't kill you instantly, you can get bitten or scratched and still live.

Zombie bites - It's only a matter of time before the virus gets to those bitten. If you are bitten in the leg, it takes six minutes to go unconscious for 1 minute then twelve minutes to turn. Arm bites takes 3 minutes to be unconscious for 1 and a half minutes, then it takes 9 minutes to turn. Neck bites knock you out in 1 minute for 2 minutes, then you turn in six minutes.

Zombie-hand-to-hand-combat -  You can kick zombies, pull and push them, grab their arms and neck, knock them over and stomp on their heads, etc.  Punching zombies isn't recommended at all really, since you can lacerate your skin and allow the virus in. Using the palm of your hand is more effective and safer at knocking a zombie over than using your knuckles. If a zombie grabs you from behind, you're probably gonna be scratched because they'll be going for the neck. They can also knock you over under the right circumstances, and fall on top of you. Their blood can also splash into your eyes and mouth in close quarter meleeing/shooting, causing infection. You can also accidentally drop your gun or melee weapon in close quarters. Essentially, zombies should become much more dangerous and will force players to check their backs more often. Players won't willy-nilly walk into infested areas and take out zombies left and right, risking being knocked over and mauled by the rest of the zombies. They would pick them off with their guns from a safe distance that the zombies can't detect with their ears, like people would do in real life (even though in real life gunshot sounds travel ridiculously farther, and in-game it's almost laughable).

Injury Algorithms

Medical Items

-Note that limbs that require a tourniquet do not always need to be cut off.

-Note that makshift tourniquets and medical tourniquets are different because makeshift tourniquets have a lower success rate.




  • Medical backpack - looks exactly like a military pack, except comes in white with a red cross on it. Found only in medical tents. Is specially designed to hold up to 30 medical items and 10 nonmedical personal items (ammo, soda, etc), and the normal 7 utility slots. If a player wearing a normal bag picks up a medical item it will take a slot like anything else. EXTREMELY rare.
  • Medical bag - a utility. Can hold 20 medical items. More for personal use than for team use, which is what the medical backpack is for.
  • Antibiotics - Whenever a player get seriously wounded antibiotics should be taken to prevent infection in the unsanitary post-apocalyptic world. Antibiotics are a must-have because pretty much any wound could get infected easily. Comes in paste (topical) and pill form.
  • Gauze - used to stop bleeding
  • Blood bag - needs to be administered by another player. Must be kept at 35.6 - 42.8 degrees fahrenheit. Blood bags intended for player infusion should be kept cold with cold packs or freezers, otherwise there the infusee will almost always get infected (not zombie-infected. Just infected).
  • Thermometer - used to take the temperature of a player.
  • Portable freezer - takes up 3 slots, used to keep blood bags cold. Requires lots of batteries.
  • Painkillers - Reduces screen shaking caused by pain.
  • Morphine - Eliminates screen shaking due to pain.
  • Splint - Reusable
  • Multivitamins - These need to be taken after a surviving for a long period of time (a month or so/30 in-game days) because all that canned food is starting to take its toll on your character's health. Infinite use, like matches. If they are not taken after 30 days, the player loses 5 health every day and it cannot be healed by anything until multivitamins are taken again.
  • Defibrillator -
  • Chest Seal - Used to occlude chest penetration wounds. (like grenades, bullets, etc.) Without application of chest seal the injured player may die.
  • Combat knife - used for excising bullets and shrapnel, transplanting organs, and generally making incisions. Higher chance of failure to remove grenade shrapnel and bullets than the scalpel. Causes lots of bleeding.
  • Scalpel - Used for making incisions, transplanting organs, cutting out . Should be boiled in water to become sterile.
  • Nasopharyngeal Airway -
  • Trauma Kit - Used to heal players from gunshot wounds, can be found in Kin, hospitals, medical tents and some houses. Takes 30 seconds to complete Trauma care. Does not give the player health that'll be the Blood Bags duty. If not found, and shot in vital areas players can die of blood poisoning.
  • Trauma shears - Used for cutting away clothing to access wounds.
  • Band-aids - Put on small cuts and scrapes that come from everday life. If they are not patched up you might get infected when shooting or meleeing zombies at close range as their blood may splatter on you.
  • Burn gel - Used to treat minor burns.
  • Prosthetic limbs - Used to replace lost arms and legs. Prosthetic arms are extremely rare, and require batteries. Prosthetic legs are somewhat more common but still very rare.
  • Tourniquet - Wrapped around an extremity to prevent death from blood loss. Used if compression bandages do not work. Needs to be applied if an artery is cut. May result in an amputated limb.
  • Handheld x-ray: Used to diagnose subcutaneous (beneath the skin) injuries. Requires batteries.
  • Calamine lotion - Used to treat poison ivy.
  • BVM resuscitator -
  • Pulse monitor - A wrist-mounted device that shows your pulse.
  • Surgical stapler - Closes wounds.
  • Suturing kit - Takes up one slot, is used to close wounds
  • Syringes - Used for injecting various substances. Disposable. Small box of 10 syringes.
  • Needles - Attach to syringe to inject players with substances. Disposable. Small box of 10 needles.
  • Alcohol wipes - used to disinfect various things. 1 time use. Small box of 20 wipes.
  • I.V. bag - Saline-filled bags that can be mixed with a variety of liquid substances. Come in 500ml bags. Can spawn on poles or in the Storage Room. Takes 1 minute (round, average number) to finish. That's about 1 hour real life time. Must be administered by another player.
  • I.V. line - A separate item that spawns on poles
  • 2 alcohol wipes + 1 syringe + 1 needle + I.V. bag + I.V. fluid (just any sterile water) + I.V. drug (whatever you're trying to get inside the player) = I.V. bag. Very simple, all you need are the alcohol wipes, syringe, needle, drug, bag, and boiled water. 
  • 2 sticks + duct tape = splint. For when you break a bone in the wilderness and need to get to a hospital.
  • Antibiotic ointment - Used as a topical wound protectant for bullet and shrapnel wounds.
  • Makshift tourniquet - 1 clothing of any type. Say you or another survivor is bleeding heavily from a limb. Use 1 clothing item on them. Clothes are obviously rather common, but hope you never have to use them for this purpose. You can you can use your own clothes, but doing so will result in naked camo. (LOL jk). Also note that tourniquets don't always foreshadow an amputation.

Protective Items

Like Armor, except for AMS. Items like bullet proof vests, goggles, ear plugs, leg and arm guards, helmets/hats, etc.


No one has any idea how this is going to work. Maybe a Surgical Kit, found in hospitals that is consumed to fully heal a severely injured player?

Military Base Improvement Project

  • Location, further North, military bases spawn even rarer weapons and ammunition.
  • Armory, which spawns a lot of military-grade weapons.
  • Medical Tent, which spawns high-grade, more mobile medical supplies
  • Vehicle Yard, which has some basic supplies lying around and multiple land vehicles and rarely, a helicopter.
  • Storage, has enough MREs to survive for 20 days. Also has military gear, like night vision goggles/rangefinders and class 3-5 body armor.
  • Perimeter fence/Wall, which requires either C4/Semtex or wire cutters to bypass if the gate is barricaded. Allows the base to be fortified.

Hospital Improvement Project

Major hospitals have more depth to them, with 4 stories, multiple rooms and staircases.

  • Operating room, which spawns surgical kits and medications.
  • Emergency room, which spawns all kinds of medical items and medications.
  • Trauma room, which spawns trauma care items , trauma kits, and medications.
  • Waiting room, which spawns food and drinks.
  • Storage room, which holds lots of medical items.
  • Patient rooms, which spawn medical items/food/drinks/etc. There are a lot of these.
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