Suggestions and Ideas

This is a place to put your suggestions and ideas, please follow the rules below. Because of the former Suggestions page getting completely trashed with instakills, nukes, earthquakes, etc, we were forced to make a new and locked one only avaliable to experienced members of the wiki. Even if you are able to edit this page, please follow the rules below. If you are not a moderator on the wiki or an experienced member, put your suggestions, ideas, or glitches into the comments below and they might be added to this page if they follow the rule and aren't far fetched.


Follow the rules listed below. Failing to follow said rules will have your suggestion deleted.

  • No exceptions to any of the rules.
  • No gigantic places that would take forever to build and doesn't fit the place of a zombie apocalypse.
  • Always follow the wiki rules on the homepage.
  • No instakills.
  • Nothing that boosts your HP above 200 (or anything that protects or heals that much for that matter).
  • No enemy NPCs you have to face other then zombies, and no NPCs you can team with.
  • Nothing that's way too hard to script (examples: earthquakes, weather, time machines, cutscenes, crafting).
  • Nothing that blinds other people, you can just throw one flashbang and pew pew they're dead. They can't defend themselves.
  • Nothing that's too realistic that it can't be made into the game overall, for example: a shovel that digs underground. This would take A LOT of scripting, building, and would take even some plug-ins considering that this is a virtual game, meaning below that grass is nothing.
  • Give as much detail to your idea/suggestion/glitch as possible.
  • Make sense - if you suggest a book, where would be the most common place to see it? How much would a hit from a book actually do in real life? How much can this book protect you from? If theres a bat with a nail in it, would you kill a grown man in one hit in a game where it takes 3 hits from a hatchet to kill someone? No.
  • Use proper grammar and spelling.
  • Nothing that is too overpowered or high tech, or just doesn't fit into a game that takes place in the present.
  • No sticky grenades or anything that once it hits you, it does tons of damage and you can't avoid it.
  • Nothing that breaks the ROBLOX rules.
  • No locations so big that they take up more than Kin (underground locations and oceans are allowed though). the map shouldn't be filled up, this is Apocalypse Rising, not Tokyo or New York City.
  • Nothing named after people in real life or players on ROBLOX other then food, drinks, utilities, etc. The occasional easter egg and Gusmanaks Mansion. Thats it.
  • Do NOT add any overpowered characters (ex. Satan Zombie, Hoarders Zombie Stunt Devil, Armor Jack zombie)
  • Don't add any inappropriate ideas.

When the admins see fit, this page will be unlocked. If people keep on breaking the rules, it will be moderator only.


This is the place to put your ideas for the game, completely new things that haven't been added. Ragdoll for zombies and players. (ragdoll doesn't slide) Mountain Dew is more MLG

1. Add exposed cover (i.e. bushes) throughout the map. These articles will not only allow survivors to feel comfortable staying in the wilderness for extended periods of time, but will also allow supplies to be more efficiently stored.

2. Add geographical features not included on the map. These features can be but are not limited to caves (which will be pitch black, thereby making flashlights, floodlights, chemlights and omnilights more useful) and tall trees with plentiful leaf cover on which bases can be built. Basically, these options will give players the option to create their own wilderness settlements, thereby enhancing game play versatility. These objects will also allow the crouch and (possibly added) prone positions to be more useful. A geographic map variant could also be added as a guide to locating these landmarks, though said landmarks could also be either randomly placed daily or not displayed to add an exploration element to the game.

3. Add additional natural resources. I am by no means asking for these resources to be plentiful; in fact, I would prefer if these resources were more distributed than settlement resources. Thus, while settlement foraging will be more dangerous, wilderness grazing will be safer yet more energy-consuming. Through this system, I hope that trading systems can be established within the servers between wilderness settlements (who have more food but require advanced materials) and traditional settlements. Here are my plans for food and water respectively.

a. Food: While plentiful yet nutritionally deficient resources (i.e. berries) are in plentiful supply across the map, cows (whose spawn areas will be randomized, but which will give larger amounts of food) will require more extensive searching to locate. Fire to cook foodstuffs will be able to be harvested from trees or from the ground. A larger amount of cow spawns will be located around the large water bodies (see below).

b. Water: Water will operate in a system similar to food. Each water body will contain a fixed counter. Water which is directly consumed or placed into the canteen tool which can be found in settlements will reduce the counter by 1 serving. Once the water body hits 0 servings, it will dry up and will be unusable. Following this system 2 water body types will exist: large lakes/rivers and small puddles. Lakes and rivers will remain in fixed positions on the map and will have relatively abundant cow and berry spawns and will have large counters. However, these resources will be more exposed than puddles, leaving scavengers vulnerable to ambushes and attacks by enemy players. Puddles, by contrast will spawn randomly across the map, will have incredibly small counters and will not have any above-average food spawn rates. However, these puddles, while requiring larger scavenging effort will be safer to use than the large water bodies. Lakes and rivers will refill after rainfall, which will occur every 1-4 days, while puddles will randomly respawn after every rainfall.

New movement option: jogging.

Allows for faster movement than the standard walkspeed. However, if used for extended periods it reduces the running meter by 50-60%, thereby making the player more vulnerable to ambushes.

Weapon Sheathing: Weapons can be placed on the player's back. While weapons are sheathed, the jogging gauge only decreases the run gauge to 70-75%, and the running gauge decreases more slowly. However, weapons must be removed from the player's back before being available, which takes 1-1.25 seconds. This mechanic will allow bandits to steal effectively from players without having to kill them, and allow heroes and non-killers to interact with players on their team without fear of being shot instantly, provided they keep a close eye on the potential enemy player. Survivors can also enter multiple emote stances similar to those in Day Z, including but not limited to friendly, aggressive and submissive stances. While in the submissive stance weapon use is disabled. However, weapon use can be regained by exiting the submissive stance, which takes 1-1.25 seconds. While in the submissive stance a player's backpack can be directly looted by enemy players via the interact tool.

The overall brightness levels of the Kin reborn map are decreased. However, in exchange city lights gain a radiating effect in which they light up surrounding areas. Light levels within unlit houses will be lower during the day and night than the outdoor lighting. Finally, the caves I mentioned earlier would also be pitch black during day and night. Hopefully these updates will make flashlights, flashlight attachments, omnilights, chemlights and floodlights more useful.

Ranged Weapons/GunsEdit

Weapons (Heavy Machine Guns)Edit

M2 Browning - In service since 1933, this can decimate almost anything. Fires the 12.7x99mm cartridge. Found mounted on vehicles like jeeps. It is very loud, high recoil, but surprisingly accurate. Uncommon. 4 bodyshots, 2 headshots for a kill. Can be remote controlled.

KORD - A Russian heavy machine gun, phasing out the aging NSV machine gun. Fires the 12.7x108mm cartridge. Has the same statistics as the M2, but is found mounted as a emplacement, or on vehicles like the VDV Buggy. Very loud, but also, accurate. 4 bodyshots, 2 headshots for a kill. Uncommon. Can be remote-controlled.

Weapons (Light Machine Guns)Edit

Negev machine gun - A Israeli light machine gun. Shares the same ammo with the M4A1, SCAR-L and the G36K, but also has a unique, 125 round drum magazine. Very rare. Can kill in 7 bodyshots, 4 headshots.

M60E4 - A modernized version of the M60. Shares the same magazines with the MK-48, 7.62x51mm. Accepts all attachments except silencers. Found in military areas, either mounted on something, or on the floor. Uncommon.

RPD Machine Gun - A Soviet light machine gun. Optics and silencers are allowed, but the only huge disadvantage is the underslung attachments. Fires 7.62x39mm rounds from a 100 round drum magazine. Has medium recoil, high fire rate, and pretty good accuracy. Rare.

BAR - A American machine gun, used during World War I & II. Accepts .30-06 rounds, along with 20 round magazines. Low ROF, around 510. Somewhat uncommon. Can be found in civilian places.

MG-34 - The older brother of the MG-42. Can be installed into side of motorcycle. ROF is 1/4 that of the MG-42. Very loud, due of using 7.92x57mm round. Accepts same magazine as the MG42. Rare. Does not allow attachments, except bipods.

MG-42 - A German machine gun, used during WWII. It has a huge ROF, about 1200. So don't use your ammo quickly! It can also attract zombies and players alike, due of using the loud 7.92x57mm Mauser round. Can accept either 50 round belt magazines or 250 round drum mag. EXTREMELY rare.

MG3 - Modernized MG42. Slightly less damage than the MG42(5 Bodyshots, 4 headshots w/ the 7.62 round in the MG3 vs 4 bodyshots or 3 headshots with the 7.92 round in the MG42), but more accurate, and has a higher ROF. Uses MK48 mags, and has an underbarrel and possibly a sight slot. EXTREMELY high ROF (1100 RPM), but immense recoil.

RPK-74M - The 5.45x39mm version of the RPK. Sacrifices power, for decreased recoil. Takes sights & silencers, but as always, no underslung, which is a huge disadvantage to the entire AK family (excluding the AK-12 and the AK-104.) Takes the same amount of bullets to kill. Rare. Found in military areas. 45 round magazines spawn only with it, but still uses the same mag used by the entire 5.45 family.

INSAS - An Indian LMG firing 5.56x45mm rounds. This gun is a hybrid between the SIG 552 and the Galil. This will take the SIG'S 20, 30, and 75 round magazines, while maintaining the lethality of the Galil. It has a ROF of 600 RPM and takes 4 head and 6 bodyshots to kill. It will take silencers and sights but no underbarrel.

Weapons (Pistols)Edit

MP-443 Grach - A Russian pistol, found virtually anywhere. This gun fire the 9x18mm round. 17 rounds per magazine. 6-8 shots to kill. Silencer & underslung attachment is accepted. If there was the same thing that replaced your beans with MRE, then this will replace the Makarov with the MP-443.

Mauser C96 - A German pistol used during World War I. Fires the 9mm round. Can allow 10 round "stripper" clips, or 20 round magazines. Has a integrated stock for reduced recoil. Selective-fire. Uncommon. Can kill in 6 bodyshots, 4 headshots.

APS - A Soviet automatic pistol. Fires the 9x18mm round that is found in the PP19. 17 rounds per magazine. Silencer is accepted, but no underslung attachment due of shape of the retriever. A wooden stock or a wire stock (50%) for either one, can be found. Very rare.

GSh-18 - The powerful version of the Makarov. Has 17 rounds in it. Rare. Kills in 6 bodyshots, 4 headshots. Accepts underslung & silencer, alike. Fires the 9x18mm cartridge. Shares the same ammo with the APS & MP443.

Walther P99 - Made by Walther, this is a 9x19mm pistol. Shares the same statistics with the M9, but shares with the Model 459 in ammo. Accepts a sound suppresser and a underbarrel attachment. Basically found at all spawns.

Jericho 941 - A Israeli self-defense pistol, chambered for the .40 S&W. Accepts it's own silencer and underbarrel. Has meagre sound, great accuracy, and little recoil. Uncommon. Found at civilian spawns.

Beretta Px4 Storm Compact - A Italian police pistol, chambered for the 9x19mm Parabellum round. Accepts the same round that is used for the M9, G18, and the M93R. Uncommon, along with it's ammo. Can only be found in military spawns. Accepts under barrel attachments and silencers.

MP412 - A Military Revolver. It has the 2nd best damage out of all the secondary weapons, along with the .44 Magnum (See Below). Kills in 3 Headshots/6 Body Shots. It is very inaccurate in Medium-Long Range. Spawns in military areas. Slightly Rare.

.44 Magnum - A military Revolver. It has then 2nd best damage (tied with Taurus Raging Bull & MP412,) out of every secondary weapon. Kills in 3 Headshots/6 Bodyshots. Spawns in civilian areas, and takes Model 625 Revolver ammo. Rare.

.357 Magnum Revolver - A military revolver chambered in .357 Magnum. It looks very similar to the Model 625 but it's all black and the barrel is sightly longer. Ammo boxes are blue instead of yellow with a yellow square in the corner. This gun can penetrate military zombie's helmets and it takes 3 headshots and 4 body shots to kill. It carries 6 shots at a time. Uncommon.

IMI Desert Eagle - A powerful, military grade sidearm that uses 8 round mags, chambered for the .50 Action Express'. Can penetrate helmeted military zombies in 1 headshot. Kills in 3 headshots and 5 bodyshots. Can take  flashlights/laser sights, but no suppressors. MASSIVE recoil, loud noise, but a short reload time. Can be found at military installments. rare.

FN Five-Seven: A joint Belgian - American pistol, chambered for 5.7x28mm cartridge. 20 rounds per magazine. Accepts it's own silencer, underbarrels, and has a integrated night sight. The rarest pistol in-game, about 1/4 of the chance of finding a SCAR-L with a Five-Seven. Has quiet noise, low recoil, and good accuracy.

AMT AutoMag V - a Powerful, military grade sidearm that uses .50 Action express round mags. Can penetrate helmeted military zombies in 1 headshot. Kills in 3 headshots and 5 bodyshots. Can take  flashlights/laser sights.Extreme recoil and noise and long reload time. Extremely rare.

SIG P226/28 - A Swiss military pistol, chambered for either .40 S&W or 9x19mm. Takes 13 round magazines. Accepts underslung & silencers alike. Rare. This is the most powerful pistol (not a revolver), in-game. Barrel changes is always required.

Hi-Capa - A civilian sidearm that looks almost exactly the same as the M1911 but with a wider grip. It uses the same ammunition but it's clips come in 15 and 28 round capacities. It has the same stats as the M1911 but is slightly more rare.

Taurus Raging Bull - The most powerful revolver in-game. Fires .44 Magnum rounds. Magazines come in 6 with a speed loader. Very RARE. Found in military spawns. Accepts scopes only. Very accurate, but has a huge recoil problem. Only takes 4 shots to the body to kill.

Taurus Raging Judge - Huge silver revolver chambered in either .45 ACP (Found in black boxes of 6) or .410 shotgun shell (Found in green boxes of 6) This gun will either fire .45 extremely accurately or .410 in a huge spread pattern. If the player you are shooting is more than 10 studs away the spread will be able to hit the player's entire body to the sacrifice of damage. If closer than 10 studs 2 headshots or 3 bodyshots will do the trick, otherwise 3 shots hitting the entire body area.

Semmering LM4 - A pistol so small (size of a hand), Might as well call it a Pocket Pistol!! A rare military pistol that when placed in a backpack takes 2 slots instead of 3. Using .45 rounds in a 4 round magazine you'll run out of ammo quickly and since the ammo is as rare as the gun, You're gonna need to stock up. being able only to have a .45 suppresser as an attachment, you may not like it but with a 3 shot to the head and 4 to the body, It's good for ambushes.

AMT Hardballer/Silver Baller - All of you who have played any of the Hitman games should know this. A Very Rare American .45 Pistol that fires round-nose hardballer G.I. (230 Grains FMG) ammo with a 8 round magazine, it allows under-barrels and a .45 suppresser. Good for civilians. Great for Bounty Hunters. Best for Assassins.

Weapons (Machine Pistols)Edit

KRISS KARD - A fully automatic machine pistol. Chambered for the .45 ACP round. Ammo is unique to it. Fires 15 rounds. Gun and ammo is extremely rare. Accepts underslung attachments & silencers. Uses the same "vector" technology as the Vector, since they are both made by KRISS.

MSMC - A Indian machine pistol. Fires the 5.56x30mm MINSAS rounds. 36 rounds per magazine. Allows for a scope or silencer, but the underslung, the grip is integrated. Can be burst, automatic, or semi-auto fired. Found in military areas. Extremely rare.

FN P90 - A Belgian personal defense weapon, firing the 5.7x28mm cartridge. Fires from a 50 round helical magazine. Accepts the 5.7x28mm silencer and rail mounted scopes, but no underbarrels due of the shape of the handguard. Has a high rate of fire, about 1000. Uncommon.

MAC-10 - American machine pistol, firing the .45 ACP round. Meager recoil, medium rate of fire, and a integrated stock makes this effective in medium range. Initaily, the noise is ridicalously high, but as time pass by, like when you find a silencer, there's no more loud firing. Accepts underbarrel, but no sights due of the charging handle blocking the way. Very rare.

vz-61 "Skorpion" - A Czechoslovak machine pistol, chambered for the 9x18mm round. 20 rounds per magazine. Accepts silencers & sights, but no underslung, due of the shape of the handguard. 6-8 shots to kill. Stock is folded in the model.

Brugger & Thomet MP9 - An extremely rare Machine pistol chambered in the 9x19mm, it has a integrated foregrip (thus cannot take underbarrel attachments) and a folding stock. (This will be unfolded in the game model) It uses the same mags as the Uzi. It can take sights but no barrel attachments as the flash hider is ridicalously huge. Has the highest ROF in the game.

Heckler & Koth MP7 - An extremely rare PDW chambered in the HK 4.6x30mm round. This gun has a integrated grip, but you can fold it so it can take underbarrel attachments. It can take sights and barrel attachments. It has the same ROF as a G18 but is more accurate. This gun uses it's own 45-round curved magazines, along with 20 round ones.

Uzi variants - The Uzi can be found in 2 different variants that sacrifice accuracy for higher firing rates. The Mini Uzi is a smaller, folding stock version the fires 1/2 again as fast as the original but is 1/2 as accurate. It will take all the same mags as well as a 15 round that can be used only in it and the Micro Uzi. The Micro Uzi does not have a stock and is about the size of a Makarov. It shoots twice as fast as the original but once you reach 100 studs there is no telling where that lead is gonna go. A spin-off, named the PM-9 is in this, a hybrid of all of the 3. Accuracy of the Uzi, ROF of the mini & the micro. Integrated grip reduces the highest recoil in the game. Takes the same rounds.

Weapons (Assault Rifles)Edit

A-91 - The more common version of the OTs-14. Fires the 5.45x39mm round, same round, same magazine that is found on the AK-74, AKS-74U, and the AN-94 gun. Accepts all major attachments. Kills in 4 headshots, 6 body shots. ROF is slightly faster than a MK.17, but slower than a RPK.

AK-9 - The more compact version of the AK-47. Fires the 9x39mm subcompact cartridge. Integrated silencer allows for silent killing of your enemies, but you cannot add attachments to your underbarrel, but you can add optics. Ammo is found in military areas, the gun itself is found there, too. Reccomended for city-fighting, as this won't excel in long range combat. Rate of fire is very high, so use it in cramped areas, like houses.

FAMAS - an uncommon assault rifle chambered in 5.56 x 45mm NATO. It can be found in military spawns, sometimes in police stations. Its fire rate is pretty fast, almost as fast as the TEC-9. Uses the same ammo as the SCAR-L. Kills in 5-6 shots.

Galil SAR - A Israeli assault rifle, chambered for the 7.62x51 & 5.56x45mm cartridges.Shares the same magazines with the 7.62x51 guns & the 5.56x45mm, too. 6 bodyshots, 3 headshots, to kill. Accepts ALL magazines. Very rare. Found in Military installations. Requires a barrel change for cartridge conversion. If you try to shoot the 7.62x51mm with a 5.56x45mm silencer, it will break. Applies with the 5.56x45mm with a 7.62x51mm.

QBZ-95 - an assault rifle found in military spawns. Looks like the M4A1, except its bullpup. It uses navy blue 5.8 x 42mm DBP87 rounds, similar to the M4A1 rounds. Its rate of fire is a bit sluggish. kills in 5-7 shots.

STG-44 - A German assault rifle, well at least the first ever. Uses the 7.92x57mm round, along with 30 round magazines. Extremely rare, can only be found in tents and barricades. Accepts it's own unique ZF-4 scope.

M16A2 - A classic assault rifle utilised by the Americans in pretty much every war from Vietnam to Afghanistan. Uses the same ammo as the Scar-L, G36C, M4A1 etc. and kills in the same amount of headshots and bodyshots. Only Burst fire and semi-auto modes are available.

M16A3 - same design as M16A2, but has auto and semi auto, not burst. (I think). Uses 5.56mm NATO ammo. 30, 50, and 100 round mags are available. Rare as any assault rifle in game. Kills in 3 headshots and 6 boddyshots.

Steyr AUG - This comes in three variants, the A1, the HBAR, and the A3. The A1 has a integrated scope, while the HBAR has a higher rate of fire. The A3 has a extended rail system that allows for lasers and optics. All variants fire the 5.56x45mm NATO cartridge, share the same magazine, and has integrated grips.

Colt CM-901 - A high-powered military rifle, chambered for the 6.8mm Remington SCP cartridge. Accepts all attachments, along with it's own silencer. Found in military areas. Accepts 30, 45, and 70 round magazines. Has medium recoil, high rate of fire, and very accurate. Rare.

HK416 - A 5.56x45mm version of the HK417. Has increased fire rate, but yet not even good for sniping people out. Accepts all major attachments. Shares the same ammo with the M4A1. This is the rarest 5.56x45mm gun in-game. Found in helicopter crashes, barricades, and tents.

HK G11 - A experimental assault rifle, chambered for the 4.73x33mm caseless cartridge. Has a burst fire, and semi auto only. Has a integrated 4x scope. Has a 50 round magazine that is reloaded from the top. In reality, only 1000 rifles were produced, so this is rare in-game.

SIG SG-552 - A Swiss assault rifle/carbine, chambered for the 5.56x45mm NATO cartridge. Uses a unique magazine. Has the highest rate of fire in it's class. Accepts all attachments. Ideal for close range combat. Very rare, and found in military areas.

AAC Honey Badger - A fully automatic assault rifle, based on the AR10/15 modular system, but with a integrated silencer. Uses sights & underslung attachments. Fires the .300 AAC Blackout cartridge. Rare as a M4A1, and takes 3-5 shots to kill.

ACR/Masada - Created to be a cross between the M4 and the AK this will take mags for both. Comes in a dark earth color and will take all attachments inluding both 7.62 and 5.56 silencers. However there is a catch. You can only use one type of ammo at a time. By trying to shoot 7.62 with a 5.56 silencer the silencer and gun will break. other attachments will fall off the gun and you can pick them back up but the silencer and the gun will break leaving a broken gun on the ground. same with 5.56 rounds and a 7.62 silencer. You must switch between silencers when switching between ammo. This fires as fast as the M4A1 but is slightly more accurate.

L85/L85A1 - A Rare British Bullpup Ar using 5.56x45mm Nato rounds or a nato magazine that (now im going of my imagination) w/ the Nato mag that holds 30 rounds and a Drum mag that holds 65 and allows a 5.56 suppresser, under barrels, and the Susat, CCO, and Acog sights. With 5 shots to kill to the body and 3 for the head, I can understand why the everyone likes Britain.

Weapons (Sniper Rifles)Edit

DSR-50 - A German bolt-action sniper rifle, housing unique 5 round magazines that are on both the back & the front. Fires the 12.7x99mm round. Supports all scopes, underslungs, and no silencers, but a flash hider is there, to compensate. Very rare. Pierces cars very easily.

Type 99 - A Japanese bolt-action rifle, found in civilian places. 5 rounds per magazine, 6.5x50mm round, found on the Fedorov rifle. Uncommon. 3-6 rounds to kill. Allows a 6x scope, effective up to 2300 studs. The cartridge is weak, like the 5.45 round, but to make that up, more accurate.

FN Ballista - A Belgian bolt-action rifle firing the .338 Lapua round. Accepts the Blaser & AWM magazines. Extremely accurate, low recoil, but very rare. Silencer, underslung, and variable scopes are accepted. Found in military areas.

Kar-98k - A German bolt-action rifle, originally patented in 1898, but upgraded during the inter-war period. Fires 5 7.92x57mm rounds from a stripper clip. Accepts bayonets and a ZF-42 4x scope. Uncommon.

SVU-AS - A Russian bullpup version of the famed Dragunov. Fires 10 7.62x54mmR rounds. 4-7 shots to kill. Can accept the PSO-1 rifle scope & others. Extremely rare, along with it's ammo. Found in military spawns

M1903 Springfield - A American bolt-action rifle that is effective up to 1500 studs. Fires the .30-06 cartridge. Somewhat rare, for a civilian rifle, but to compensate that, it allows a integrated sniper scope for squad sniping. 5 rounds per mag.

Blaser R93 LRS2 - A German sniper rifle, effective in long range. Fires the .338 Lapua magnum round. 5 rounds per magazine. Accepts all attachments. Very accurate, low-medium recoil, but rare, like the Ballista. Found in military areas.

PGM Hecate II - The French version of the Barret Effective in long range. Accepts optics & underslung attachments, but no silencer due of the huge muzzle break. This is a anti-material rifle, so if you shoot a building or a car, it will pierce through and hit the player/car part. Shares the same mag with the other 12.7x99mm rifles.

PGM .338 - The .338 Lapua version of the Hecate II. Shares the same rounds with other .338 Lapua weapons, like the Ballista and the Blaser R93 LRS2. Very effective in long range combat, accurate, very low recoil, but high sway, which can be cured with a bipod. Accepts optics and underbarrel, but due of the size of the muzzle break, you cannot use a silencer, sadly. Found in military areas.

Gewehr 43 - A German semi-automatic rifle used in WWII as a successor to the Kar-98k. This does the same damage as an M1 Garand or an SKS, and takes 10 round 7.92x57mm ammo. Takes only ZF-8 optics. A uncommon spawn, but the scope is integrated, so no fret.

Barrett .50 Cal - An American semi-auto 12.7x99mm sniper rifle, default with cope. Takes .50 Caliber rounds in a mag of six, and kills a player in two head-shots, 3 body shots. (Rarest gun in game, spawns only in military bases. I.E. Union Square, Refugee camp (in Sniper nest, as rare as finding an OTs-14 in your lifetime) Can penetrate through virtually almost everything, even through armored cars.

Barret M99 - Exactly the same as the Barret .50 Cal, but only 1 shot. Accepts the same magazines, allows variable zoom on the scopes, and very rare. Has the same trait of piercing through cars.

Weapons (Sub-Machine Guns)Edit

MP5 variants - There are 2 variants of the MP5. That is the MP5SD and the MP5K. The MP5K has increased fire rate and a integrated grip, while sacrificing the accuracy. The MP5SD has a integrated silencer, but lacks in fire rate. Both variants can accept attachments, but not whenever it comes to the MP5K's underslung attachments or the MP5SD's silencer. Both models are rare, just like the MP5, and are found in military installations.

Blyskawica SMG - A Polish SMG, firing 30 rounds. Uses the same mag as the M3. 5-7 shots to kill. Uncommon. Found in civilian spawns. Allows a silencer, but no scopes & underslung. Very effective in short/medium range.

KRISS Vector - A lightweight .45 ACP submachine gun. Accepts all attachments. 5-7 shots to kill. Found in military areas. Uses "vector" technology, controlling recoil while maintaining accuracy. Accepts 12 or 35 round magazines. Very rare. A stock unfolded in world model, is added.

UMP-9 - A German submachine gun, chambered for the 9x19mm cartridge, hence it's name. Excels in medium range combat, takes MP5 ammo, and accepts all attachments. Uncommon. Found in military areas. High rate of fire, low recoil, and great accuracy, just like it's .45ACP counterpart.

UMP-45 - The .45 ACP version of the UMP-9. Takes the 35 round magazines, found on the Vector. Has a high rate of fire, great accuracy, and a integrated grip. 4-6 shots to kill. Found in military areas. Uncommon. Modular changes are always required.

MAT-49 - A French SMG, firing the 9x19mm round. 30 rounds per magazine. Accepts silencers, only. 6-8 shots to kill. The gun is selective fire. Rare. A wire stock (folded in game model), is added, as a decoration.

Suomi KP/-31 - The Finnish version of the PPSH-41. Common, accepts PPSH-41 ammo, including it's own drum magazines, fires 7.62x25mm Tokarev rounds and found in civilian spawns. Cannot accept all attachments. The rate of fire is high, recoil is medium, but it is super ideal for CQC.

PPS-43 - A Soviet SMG, used during WWII. Fires the 7.62x25mm Tokarev pistol cartridge. Has a whooping rate of fire of 950. Uncommon, like the PPSH. Accepts the same magazine used by the PPSH.

MP-40 - A German SMG utilised in World War 2 by the Germans. Does not have much recoil, and can hold 32 rounds in a mag. It uses 9mm rounds. It has a low rate of fire, and kills in 6 shots to the torso, or 5 to the head. It should be a very rare civilian spawn like the PPSH.

FMG-9 - One of the coolest SMGs in existence, this gun can be found in two forms. Suitcase form is when the gun is found in the shape of a grey suitcase. It looks more or less like an armor plate for vehicles. When picked up it will be read as 'Flashlight case' and can be used as a flashlight when equiped in the primary weapon slot. You can also click the 'convert button' and turn it into firearm form. This will turn it into an SMG. This SMG is practically a primary weapon G18 but more accurate. It has a built in flashlight and accepts no attachments. Will take all G18 mags.

Weapons (Shotguns)Edit

TOZ-106/194 - A bolt-action shotgun. Fires the same round used by the Maverick 88 & Auto 5, the 20 gauge. Common. 6 rounds per magazine. Sacrifices the rate of fire for damage. The TOZ-194 is the military variant of the 106, pump action. Accepts grips/optics. Can fire slugs or buckshot, but uncommon.

USAS-12 - A Korean shotgun, made by Daewoo. Fires 12 gauge buckshots from a 8 round magazine, or 20 round drum magazine. It is selective-fire. Accepts optics & underbarrel attachments. It excels in close quarter combat, but in long range combat, it's a different story. Found in military areas.

M1216 - A full automatic shotgun. Every 4 rounds, the magazine will rotate. Fires the 12 gauge round. Accepts only sights. Very rare. 16 buckshot rounds per magazine, hence it's name. Found in military installations.

KSG-12 - Made by Kel-Tec, this is a powerful shotgun, ideal for close quarters. Accepts under barrel & optics. The ammo is a reminiscent of a M1014 & M870, but it is green. Fires slugs & buckshot alike. There is 2 reload chambers, so if you fully load one, it equals 8. Very rare.

Fraichi SPAS-12 - A semi auto/pump action, military-grade shotgun. Excels in short range. Accepts all attachments shotguns have. A stock (unfolded in-game), is represented to assist shooters knock out their targets. Uncommon. Fires buckshot & flechette.

AA-12 - A full-automatic shotgun, chambered for 12 gauge. Optics and underbarrel attachments are allowed. Uses either 8 round box magazines, or 20 round drum magazines. Spawns in military areas. Uncommon. 2-3 shots to kill.

MTs-255 - A double-action revolver-shotgun. It is pretty powerful, killing in about 2 headshots or 3 bodyshots. Instead of buckshot, it fires slugs, so it sacrifices power for accuracy. Very rare, along with it's 5 round magazine. Only found in military areas. Accepts optics only.

Weapons (Other)Edit


Incendiary Rounds - Found in magazines only for rifles, it is marked by a red stripe down the mag. Shooting something with this will light it on fire. This will ultimately destroy hay bails and barns. (Barns take a while and fall apart like C4 afterward. When a zombie is shot by this they burn for 3 seconds then die no matter where hit (This means if they hit you while burning you get lit on fire) And will do the same to players but will take 5 minutes instead of 3 seconds. In order to counteract incendiary rounds you must go into your menu and use a drink. This will not fill your thirst but it will quench the fire. You can also hop into the nearest source of water.


When we say "bullets", we mean the ones found in Battle Rifles. 9mm rounds have no effect on the Shields. Slugs do however.

Wooden Axe - Can cut down small trees for 2 wooden planks. Breaks after 10 uses, uncommon.

Stone Axe - Can cut down small and large trees for wooden planks. Small trees gives 2 and large trees gives 3, to know which one is large and small, look at their trunk size.

Wooden Stick - Does 10 damage per swing. Breaks after 25 uses. Extremely Common.

Baseball Bat (Plastic) - Does 10 damage per swing. Breaks after 50 uses. Very Common.

Baseball Bat (Wooden) - Does 20 damage per swing. Breaks after 100 uses. Common.

Baseball Bat (Aluminum) - 30 damage per swing. Uncommon.

Baseball Bat with a nail - Kills zombies in 1 hit, players in 2. Breaks after 2 uses. Very Rare.

Katana - Has extreme range, yet rare. It can dismember a zombie in 2 slashes, players in 4. Can be scabbarded. Found in military spawns.

Falcata - A Iberian sword. Sacrifices range for power. 30 damage per slash. Can only be found in the fort ruins.

Falx - A Thracian polesword. A balance of range, speed, and power. Can be found in fort ruins.

Hastai - A spear. Sacrifices power for range & agility.

Book - An extremely weak and common weapon. Does barely enough damage to kill civilian zombies in two hits. Cannot be read. Found in all towns a and cities. It has a really short reach, but fast firespeed. Holding click lets it be swung constantly. Breaks after 300 (refers to 300)uses. Can be thrown be right clicking.

Wooden Shield - An uncommon Melee weapon that blocks out bullets and other Melee weapons. Breaks after 50 bullets, 25 Melee attacks from other players, or breaks after 4 zombie bites. Found only at the fort ruins.

Assault Shield - a very rare Melee weapon that blocks bullets and other Melee weapons. Breaks after 100 bullets, 50 Melee hits from other players, and can withstand endless zombie bites. Found only in Union Square, Trinity HQ, and Helicopter Crashes.

Spade - Has the same damage as the hatchet but it has a slower fire rate. Has 200 uses.

Riot Shield - A rare melee weapon that blocks out bullets and other melee weapons. Breaks after 6 bullets, 4 melee attacks from other players, or breaks after 6 zombie bites. Found in Military Tents and Prison.

The Knight's Shield - An extremely rare and powerful Melee weapon. Can block 75 bullets, is resistant to all Melee weapons except TKS and Officers Sabre. Can block 50 hits from TKS and 100 from OS. Can withstand endless zombie bites. Can be combined with any Melee weapon(except shields).

The Knight's Sword - An extremely rare and powerful melee weapon, 70 damage per hit, looks similar to the Officer's Sabre but the grip is a greyish brown and the handle is a shiny silver, the blade itself is sharp and grey. Can only be found in the Ruins. It also has a reach longer than the one of the sabre, but really slow fire speed.

Paladin's Shield - An Extremely rare Melee that blocks out bullets and other melee weapons. Breaks after 150 bullets, 70 Melee hits from other players, and can withstand endless zombie bites. Found only in Fort Ruins and Cemetery.

Paladin's Sword - An Extremely rare Melee that does 80 damage per hit, looks similar to the Officer's Sabre, except the handle is gold and the grip is black. The blade is a greyish silver color. It can only be found at the Fort Ruins and Cemetary.

Flamingo - An uncommon melee weapon that does a little less damage than the hatchet per hit. It is Gray in color, in the shape similar to the hatchet. Hitting objects with it emits music notes. It is fired as fast as the hatchet with the reach of a saber.

Les Bob - An uncommon melee weapon that does a little more damage than the Hatchet per hit. It is Red in color, and pear shaped. Hitting objects with it emits music notes. It is fired as fast as the hatchet with the reach of a saber.

V-Striker - An uncommon melee weapon that does slightly less damage than the sabre per hit. It is red and in a "V" shape. Hitting objects with it emits music notes. It is fired as fast as the hatchet but has the reach of the sabre.

Voyager - A rare melee weapon that does as much damage as a saber. It is white with a deformed axe shape. Hitting objects with it emits music notes. It is fired as fast as the hatchet with a reach of the saber.

Pick-Axe - An iron pick axe only found in the old mine. Can do 50% more damage than the crowbar, but has less reach than the hatchet.

Tripod - A slightly rare melee weapon that does as much damage as the crowbar. It is a black tripod for video cameras, and can only be found at Radio Tower or Bump Flatts. While it has low damage, it has a significantly longer reach, but slower fire speed.

Sledgehammer - An uncommon melee weapon that spawns in industrial places. It has less damage than the sabre, a slow fire speed and regular reach. Its' unique characteristic is that it knocks back enemies it hits.

Lego Hammer - An weak melee weapon that deals 5 damage per hit. Break after 2 uses. After being broken releases 500 legos around the player.

Javelin - a long metal spear that deals 20 damage when thrown. Weapon is launched away from the player every time it is launched. Has long range.

Random Metal Pole - Can be found anywhere. Has varying reach and damage per pole.

Boxing Gloves - A common melee that spawns in houses and sheds. It almost has the damage of the combat knife.

Brass Knuckles - A slightly rare melee found in Gusmanak's Mansion, Police Stations and Houses. It does the damage of the Hatchet.

Throwing Knife - Not exactly melee, but whatever. This weapon is uncommon and can be found anywhere. It does the same as a Knife but it's blade is slimmer and it has a crossguard, and when you right click you will throw it where your mouse is to a distance of 200 studs. When hit by this you lose 50% health unless hit in the head, then you die. Helmets will block this.

Throwing Axe - Very similar to the Hatchet, but shrunk. The handle is black, while the head is metallic black. Powerful like the throwing knife, but less range. Can be retrieved.

Weapons (Special)Edit

TNT - Basically a step down from C4, and looks similar to it. However, instead of a greyish green, it is a dark red color. It has only 60% of the blast radius and only has 70% of the damage, however it is more common. Comes with its own detonator. Has the classic "TNT Bundle" look.

Bear Trap - Deployable and acts similar to the AP mine in terms of activating (won't be activated by your team). Stepping on it would reduce your health by 40 and halve your walkspeed for 5 seconds. The bear trap can be found closed, it only opens when it's deployed. After being used, it's closed again.

Crossbow - Near-silent (same sound level of a melee weapon), and accurate up to 800 studs. Its range is far inferior to battle rifles, but in real life the maximum effective range is 40 yards. It is a 3-shot kill. It needs to be reloaded after every shot which takes 10 seconds (6 with quiver), and may or may not have its own animation. The bolts can be retrieved by walking up to them and clicking on them with the interact mouse. The long reload time makes it a bad close range weapon and more of a sniper weapon. 4 bolts are in a magazine, which takes up one slot. The crossbow spawns more commonly in houses, barricades, and deer blinds, but can spawn anywhere. A quiver should hold 6 bolts. Crossbows come with iron sights and the only attachment they accept are telescopic sights like the ACOG and SUSAT.

Ballistic Knife - An incredibly silent weapon that makes a "tht" sound when fired. Accurate up to 500 Studs. Does 30 Damage per Bodyshot, and 40 per Headsot. Can go through multiple Zombies before settling in the chest of one. (So you can get multiple Zombie kills with one click) Can be picked back up again after being shot but can only be thrown 4 times after one knife breaks. Can be used as a Melee weapon by right-clicking. Reload takes 5 seconds. You can "stack" up to 4 Knives Per Slot.

Flare guns - flare guns are quite easy to find in fire stations they are not very rare, the flares (Ammo) will always spawn beside the flare gun (1 - 2 flares), the flares can also be found in military places and of course in fire stations. The flare gun will shoot a loud sound of sparks glittering in the sky and will atract zombies far away as much as 250 studs or kms away also you can find find different colored flares and you can find more powerful flares as such as a missile flare, it will attract zombies from 500 studs and is very loud and can be seen from probably 1000 studs away, the normal flares can only be seen 500 studs away only in night. It is need for 5 bodyshots to a player to kill or 3 headshots and zombies are one hit kills from flares (2 hits military zombies) all around but you can only do damage with these special flares called Danger flares, they are quite rare and only can be found in military places.

Compound bows and military arrows - The compound bows and military arrows are very rare, they are spawn in military locations and very rarely in civilian locations, military bows can not be used with wooden arrows, sights can be atteched to them. 1 zombie headshot 2 zombie body shot,  3 player headshots, 4 player body shots, it takes 6 seconds to reload (3 with a quiver)

Hunting bows and wooden arrows - Hunting bows and wooden arrows are rare they can spawn in almost every where, hunting bows can only be used with wooden arrows, sights can not be atached to it, it takes 2 headshots 3 body shots for a zombie, 4 player headshots, 6 player body shots, 6 seconds to reload (2 with quiver).      

Weapons (Explosives)Edit

M9A1 Bazooka - One of the rarest guns in the game, this can only be found in the Military Outpost and Union Square. It cannot spawn with ammunition. Ammo is as rare as the gun and can only be found in military tents. You only get 1 round per mag. Each round reaches out to 1000 studs and will explode with the force of an anti-personnel mine. This can destroy any civilian building. Only damages inanimate objects.

RPG-7 - A Soviet rocket launcher, using the PG-7VL warhead. Can accept iron sights & PGO-7 scope. Extremely rare. Can only be found in military spawns. Can destroy anything. Only deals damage to inanimate objects.

TOW - A guided missile launcher. Only found mounted on certain spots of the map, like Union or something like that. If fired, you can guide it to blow up zombies, players, and vehicles. 70 damage per player if in the center. If fired at the car, blows up almost spontaneously. If shot into a landmark, it collapse within 1-2 rockets. Rockets are very rare.

AT4-CS - A US-made AT launcher. Only has 1-time use. Does only 60 damage to a player, but has a massive blast radius. Can easily destroy vehicles


Hollow-Point Rounds: uncommon. Does 10% more damage than a regular round. Can be found in all round sizes (9mm, 7.62, etc.)

Armor-Piercing Rounds: rare. Does 30% more damage than a regular round. can only be found in LMG and assault/battle rifle magazines.

Tracer Rounds: rare. Does 15% more damage than a regular round. Can only be found in assault/battle rifle magazines. Leaves a red trail as it flies through the air. Trail dissipates after 3.5 seconds.

Explosive-Tipped Rounds: extremely rare. Does 40% more damage than a regular round. Can only be found in assault/battle rifle and LMG magazines. Creates a small 1x1x1 explosion on contact.

Buckshot: rare. Does 25% more damage than a Slug, nod spreads out more, potentially taking out more than one Zombie at once. Great for dealing with hordes. Can be found for all shotguns.

Gas Rounds - Extremely Rare, can only be found at Trinity. It can be found for any gun. On impact it lets out a small cloud of gas that can blind any player inside it. This will also disorient zombies, causing them to stop chasing you. When fired into a wall it will let out gas on both sides of the wall.

Piercing Ammo - Rare, these ammo can only be found in militaty tents, can deal damage when the player is behind a window or inside a car with windscreen on. Instead of breaking the windows, it breaks the window and hits the player. It can only be used for any kind of gun. It comes in 2 different mags, normal 20 ammo per mag (Rare) , and extended mag, 45 ammo per Mag, (Very Rare) These are red colored and it looks like the ammo for m3, Uzi ,tec-9, and cbj-ms.

Explosive arrows - These arrows are very very rare to find and only spawns in military locations, if a player gets hit by it they will get knocked over, 3 shots to head and 3 to body. Insta kills zombies. Can only be used with the compound bow.


Sniper Bipod: Can be attached to long rifles to increase accuracy.

12x Variable Zoom. If sniper rifles are getting added, then why put this on the rifle? I don't want to quickscope freshies. I want to snipe bandits!

6.8mm Remington SCP silencer - See below.

5.7x28mm silencer: see below

.40 S&W silencer: see below

.338 Silencer:If a silencer for .338 Lapua rifles is going to be added, then you should add this too.

Hybrid scope: This sight attachment like a Holo scope with an M68 CCO attached behind. Press P to change the scope from unmagnified mode to magnified mode, which may or may not have its own animation. Recticle looks exactly like the Holo recticle. Provides 4x magnification when in magnified mode. Very Rare.

Bayonet: An underbarrel attachment that looks like a long metal spike. Press 'T' to thrust it forward. Deals slightly more damage than a Combat Knife. Uncommon.

Thermal scope: This sight attachment allows you to see through smoke and pitch darkness. Players and Vehicles are seen in red, Zombies and Cows are in orange, Firepits/Flares are in red, andChemlights are in green. Comes in all variations of scopes. Very Rare

Underbarrel Shotgun: An underbarrel attachment that allows you to fire slugs. Fire using T key. This looks like a grenade launcher but with a smaller barrel. Fires 20-gauge slugs that deals as much damage as a Maverick. Mags comes in piles of 6. Very Rare.

NVG Scope: This scope allows you to see in the dark at night. Comes in all variations of scopes. Rare.

Jericho Sight: An improved version of an iron sight that improves accuracy by 5%. Uncommon.

Tactical Rangefinder: Increases Range effectiveness by 10%. Rare. Side attachment

Detachable Barrel: this adds a bit of realism to the game. IRL, the M249 and MK-48 LMGs have interchangable barrels for when the gun gets too hot. A player would have to switch out barrels after every 60 rounds of CONTINOUS fire. So if you were to just fire 60 rounds without stopping, the barrel would get too hot to fire and you would either have to wait a minute or change the barrel to resume firing. Rare. Applies to the Galil SAR and the ACR/Masada

GP-30 / M320 Grenade Launcher: An underbarrel attachment that shoots grenades, smoke grenades, or decoy grenades. Grenades detonate a second after hitting the ground/player/zombie/wall. Grenade does 100 damage to someone in the center of the blast, and decreases the furthere away you are from the center. Has a 5 second reload time. Each type of grenade takes 1 space.

Carbine Kit - Extremely Rare. If found it can be fit onto the G18 or M93R as a barrel attachment. This will make it the size of an assault rifle. This also improves accuracy and range as well as allowing it to have underbarrel, sight and barrel attachments. Once fitted it cannot be removed and the gun will be reffered to as G18/93R Carbine. G18s cannot spawn with it fitted.

Laser Target - Extremely rare, can only be found at heli crashes. It is counted as a sight, and it magnifies 4x range. It will have the same thing as the holographichic sight but in a cylinder instead of a square and the red target becomes red when it lands on a player so you can know if you hit the player or not. (Another way is to see the blood when they are hit.)

Vehicles Edit

Sea Vehicles (Originally by TakedaShingen) Edit

Yacht: A yacht that spawns rarely at the Ocean Pier (Another idea of mine) and can be armoured. Weapons can be placed on it, like the M249 and M4A1 with scopes and Forward Grips. Seats 7 players and you can walk on it, either it moving or stopped. There is a special way to refuel it, it gets refueled either on the Civilian Pier or on the Military Pier. (They'll be another ideas of mine, I'll have some search of how ships work around) It can be sank by other ships, either with them using explosives or machine guns. Can be placed C4 at, and when it detonates, it will be sank. Food, drinks, backpacks, and civilian weapons can be found at its basement. Has anchor that can be dropped. There is a key for the yacht, used to start it up. (avoiding thefts) Has a radio and a radar, showing ships, players, and vehicles.

Armoured Attack Boat: Has a space that fits M249 in the back of it. Seats 6 people (including the seat on the weapon space) fueled by the same way as ALL ships. It can be sank and placed C4 at (This works for all ships). Has no explosives, but it can be shot lots of times and still won't sink. Military packs, M3s, and military weapons can be found at its basement. Has radio and radar.

Upgraded Attack Boat: 2 places for M249, has 2 explosive launchers. Seats 8 people (including weapon spaces). It will be sank faster than the Armoured Attack Boat, but can deal more damage. You can walk on it when it's on movement, or stopped. Has anchor, radio, and radar. Its basement is filled with Military Loot, MREs, Vitamine Bars (Another idea) and Bottled Water.

Flying Vehicles Edit

Basic Helicopter - This helicopter is the same heli that is in the helicopter crash sites, but is very rare. Requires 2 full jerry cans to fuel. (Seats 6 People)

Police Heli - spawns on top of police stations but are very rare (Seats 4 People)

Gyrocopter - spawns in random military locations (Seats 1 Person)

Extended Gyrocopter - spawns in the same spots as normal gyrocopter but has an extra seat (Seats 2 People)

Transport Gyrocopter - Spawns at the same locations as normal and/or extended gyrocopters, but is significantly rarer. Has 1 driver seat, but also has 4 chairs bolted to the sides. Has more storage space, but is also slower.

Ground Vehicles Edit

Bus - A large vehicle that can seat 10 people. Requires 6 wheels and has multiple huge glass windows along the sides. Max speed of 45 km/h when driving on a road, and 25 km/h off road. Uncommon.

Double Decker Bus - A large vehicle that seats twice as many people as a regular bus (20 people.) Requires 6 wheels and has huge glass windows along the sides. Max speed of 55 km/h when driving on a road, and 35 km/h off road. Rare.

Light Utility Vehicle - A special humvee that has a machine gun mounting of an M249, replacing the rear seats. Ammo for the gun could be refilled by mousing along the gun and clicking the 'refilll ammo' tab. The mounting itself is exposed to direct fire. It has the same stats with the Humvee. 1/4 chance of replacing a humvee when it spawns.

Armored Escort - Rare huge cargo transport vehicle that seats 2 people. It has a working door at the back, and has a space to store supplies. There is only 3 windows at the front. It requires 4 wheels to operate. Has a speed of 40 km/h on the road, and 30km/h off road.

6500 FP5 - A rare High-Speed Sportbike that seats only 1 person. It has no protection from bullets and no space to carry supplies, but can go up to speeds of 90 km/h on road and 80 km/h off road. However, it has low durability. This vehicle can only spawn in Kin, Hark, and Vernal.

Andera GT-S - A rare High-Speed Supercar that resembles a Lamborghini Murcielago. It seats 4 people. There are 4 windows in the car, and has moderate protection. This car can exceed speeds of 110 km/h on road, and 105 km/h off road. This vehicle can only spawn in Kin, Hark, and Vernal.

750F - A uncommon High-Speed Supercar that resembles a Chevrolet Corvette ZR1. It seats 4 people. There are 4 windows in the car, and has moderate protection. This car can exceed speeds of 110 km/h on road, and 105 km/h off road. This vehicle can only spawn in Kin, Hark, and Vernal.

750F Gusmanak Edition - A Golden version of the 750 which has green racing stripes. This car has the same stats as a regular 750F, except it goes a little over 115 km/h on road and 110 km/h off road and can only be spawned by admins.

Trailers - These are rarery spawn almost every where, you can attach it to cars and if its attached you can store suplies in it, you can open it by pressing E while you very near to it, if you have a tralier atached to your car your car slows down 5km/h on off roads and on roads, if no suplies stored on it 2 players sit on it.

Truck - Trucks can spawn near cities, trucks can spawn with traliers attached to it, it can hold up to 2 pepole in front and you can attach truck traliers to it, needs 6 wheels, 3 glass to fix, 40km/h off road, 80km/h, slows down 10km/h if a truck trailer is attached to it.

Truck trailers - Truck trailers can spawn near trucks and hey works same as the normal trailers but truck trailers can hold up to 6 people in it and store more supplies in it.

Stryker MGS - This will spawn only in the Military Outpost and Refugee Camp. It looks like a small tank with 4 giant wheels. This takes it's own type of wheels (Twice as large as normal ones) with armor as default. The vehicle itself is armored by default. It has six seats, the driver seat, four passenger seats and the gunner seat. The Stryker has two types of storage, regular and gunner. The regular storage has 20 slots, and the gunner storage has 10. The gunner storage can only take 25mm shells (Found only in the same places as the Stryker) And this is how the tank is fired. These shells have the same effect as C4 and reload in 10 seconds.

VDV Buggy - A lightweight vehicle, found in military installations. Requires everything a normal car needs; jerry cans, wheels, you know. Seats 3 people. On the front passenger seat, a integrated PKM 7.62x54mmR machine gun. At the back, on the turret is the KORD 12.7x108mm machine gun. This can go very fast, around 115 KPM on average. The entire car is vulnerable to small-arms fire. Carries a heavy load.

Basket Bike- A variation to the bike which contains a small amount of storage space (4-5 spaces)

Saddlebags- A vehicle attachment which adds 5 additional storage spaces to the vehicle. A maximum of 2 saddlebags can be attached to a vehicle. Saddlebags can be found in rural areas and in car repair stations.


The little 'toilet' : Just a suggestion that has a similar outcome with the crashed heli, but inside the room it's a quite a amazement what's inside, you might find EXTREMELY RARE guns and mags but no bags nor clothing due the small size. Another unique feature is if someone went through and TOOK the loot, the door will eventually close say on the door: "Too Bad" in blood or anything. It's spawns randomly, 2 per game day, and actually it's very useful for the new Kin Reborn map, but I'm not quite sure...

Hats that do somethingEdit

Pilot's Helmet: basically a built-in radio. Also allows you to detect heli crashes.

Military Helmets: You can survive up to two more headshots, as long as it is not from a High-caliber weapon, or if it hits you in the face.

Civilian Helmets: you can survive one headshot, as long as it's with a low caliber (low pistol calibers like 9mm only).

Facemasks (the bandanas, the joker mask, and the SF mask): your username can't be identified with binoculars. In addition, your kills won't show up when people click on your stats.

Merc mask: you can survive 1 shot to the face with any 9mm weapon.


Hammer - With this you will be able to board up doors and windows using some planks.

Night Vision Goggles - Looks like the hat made by ROBLOX, allows you to see in the dark without setting off other players, but only in green colours, extremely rare and can only be found in the Bunker and refugee camp.

The Demolisher's Entrencher - A straight upgrade to the entrencher. It's a shovel which is slightly larger with a yellow handle. It can move pieces from blown up buildings that don't exceed the size of 10x10x10 studs. (the Entrencher can already move parts from a broken buildings, but