Base Guide

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Bases are a settlement constructed for the use of rest, storage of items, forward command and protection from zombies and other players. Bases are not really neccesary in Apocalypse Rising since staying in one location for a period of time is considered rather dangerous. Bases can range from small camp fires to large outposts in a city. To build a fully functional and safe base, one must collect and use the following materials-

Materials Needed

  • Timber
  • Stone Walls
  • Stone Blocks
  • Wooden Boards
  • Entrenchers
  • Bricks
  • Mines


If building a base becomes one of your options, take caution of what you are about to do. Building a base doesn't guarantee full protection. There WILL be attacks and the best way to counter this is to be prepared (mostly well armed). To have the best protection, you must have the required capabilities...

  • Firepower
  • 360° visibility
  • Power projection
  • Altitude Advantage
  • Trigger Discipline

With these 5 things, attacks from others will be less effective against you. Last but not least is the location in which you settle in. Bases are to be built in an area where no structures obstruct your vision and in an area where least player activity is present. Cities are good at providing spacey buildings in which you can settle in but cities are also hot spots for bandits at night and day, meaning buildings around the certain one you are in can prevent detection of bandits and can give them the advantage to ambush you at a moments notice. The worst kind of bases are made in open areas, these bases are completely visible to anyone and provide no sort of protection of any kind. But over all this, building a base is risker than walking in an open field.


When one builds a base, attacks are fully guaranteed to happen. Attacks can range from one lone bandit to a legion. Your life is what you must keep during such event, and to succeed, you must have a functional weapon, plenty of ammunition, food, blood bags (strongly recommended), and if you have buddies, always make sure they got your back.

To successfully repel an attack, you must have tactics and always make sure to use your surroundings to your advantage. If you find yourself using an automatic weapon, use short bursts to effectively damage the attacker. Sprint at all costs and you won't have your life on the line.

Cheap building

If you want to make a base but no entrencher then try this,put down stone blocks/timer/bricks on a roof of a small house,then BE AS CAREFUL AS POSSIBLE and make a roof.

Types of bases

Small camp: This type of settlement is relatively small and is the most common of all. They are composed of a single campfire and its nomadic inhabitants. Very good in terms of nomad living, quick set up, and supreme comfort.

Defended building: This type also quite common, it consists of a building that has been fortified by cheap materials. The other type is buildings that have their inhabitants protecting it with strategically placed walls.

Luxury defended builing: This one does not need an entrencher so it is easy to make. It is a building with stone blocks/timber placed in front of the door,the only way to get in is to crouch through the door and into the base.

Bunker: This type of settlement is built for the means of protection. It provides its inhabitants with superior protection from attacks. Composed of your typical materials, bricks, stone, wood, all furnished with your personal Entrencher.

Outpost: These types of settlements are built for the use of resupply and forward command. Inhabitants who possess large amounts of supplies and tools will find this home very efficient. Provides a balanced level of protection and power projection (sometimes even firepower). Consists of multiple walls, houses, apartments, and lights.

Recommendations on weapons for bases to cover and protect


Medium-Range Fire: AK-12 w/ Susat Sight, Suppressor, 5 standard mags, 10+ extra if necessary

Sniper: M14 w/ Susat Sight, Suppressor, 5 Extended Mags, 10+ Extra if Necessary

Close Range Rifleman: Option 1) M1 Garand w/ No attachments, 10 Mags, 10+ Extra if Necessary

Option 2) SKS-45 w/ No attachments, 10 Mags, 10+ Extra if Necessary

Close Range Fire: Option 1) AK-47 with Suppressor, Kobra Sight OR Susat Sight, 5 extended 100 round drum mags, 10+ Extra if necessary

Option 2) M4A1 with Suppressor, Kobra Sight OR Susat Sight, 5 Extended 100 round drums, 10+ Extra if necessary

Option 3) MK17 w/ Suppressor, Susat Sight, Forward Grip, 5 Extended 50 round drums, 10+ Extra if Necessary

(If you disagree with my weapon choices, please, leave a comment ;))