Bounty Page

Put up names of people you want dead on AR. Then people try to find them on AR, by following them to their server. Kill the target, then take a picture of the body so their name shows up (aka Body of Noob101). Bounties may help attain results faster.


Who you want dead: Sicknoskillz1

Sent by: cptammo

Why: Very, very skilled player. He thinks with his ass and farts with his brain

Reward: A military backpack and m14 with 2 mags 1 of them is a drum mag and 1 is regular mag + my cbj with 3 mags this is my loot not sicknoskillz1

Strengths: Always geared with high value items, part of a apoc squad but sometimes work alone, has powerful guns and quite good aim,is an extremley dangerous bandit, tries to group up with people then betrays them for their gear. Might use hacks?

Weakness:He takes bullets for his team he always goes dangerous he rushes he is not patient.

Other: When you kill him,tell him that cptammo sent you. Send me a pm with a screenshot of his dead body.


Please provide a link to the profile of your target:

Who you want dead: chasenaquin12

Sent by: Callingyou

Reason: Apoc partners until chasenaquin12 betrayed Callingyou

Reward: His loot

Strengths: Appears to be sneaky and manipulative.

Weaknesses: Unknown.

Other: Please upload a picture of his body!

Thank you firedude1Resurrected! sorry that your partner died in the hunt.You both deserve more of a reward than his inventory.Meet me on Apoc sometime and we can play with each other(not in a wrong way lol)

KILLED BY: firedude1Resurrected and cptchopsticksembroyo (my partner who was killed in the hunt for kingRoblox04)

Who you want dead:Phsyicsmozart

Send by: Parkerlewis10/Shadowofalldark

Reward: M4a1 with 3 mags and a military pack

Weakness: He always invites people and betrays them with sicknoskillz1

Strength: Extremely dangerous bandit always kills on sight!

Other: He killed me with a team of 2 i think it was him and sicknoskillz1 survivors with civilian grade weapons i was at refugee camp, I found him and his friends and they killed me


  • Who you want Dead: redsuperplayer1

Sent by: redsuperplayer1

Reward: Any item he have at the time

Weakness: Tends to keep weak weapons and isn't a good player, usually plays alone.

Strength: He combat logs and thinks extremely tactically. Also an extremely good sniper.

Other: He singlehandedly managed to take down several people on a tower by himself in a town. He sniped several people.

Sent by: TheBlissful

Reward: His inventory, which would have an M14+sights+FAL and 50 Robux(send me a message with proof; picture). If you are not BC I'll buy a 50 Robux gear from your place.

Weakness: Not a good player pretty sure I killed him a couple of times trying to attack me, should be fairly easy, plays alone, doesn't think tactically.

Strength: He combat logs. 

Other: He got into our base and then combat logged then sent an obnoxious message to me saying ":D thanks for the fal and m14 and sights" taunting us. Again reward is his inventory and 50 Robux; message TheBlissful.  

  • Who you want Dead: Hazlo [2]

Sent by: LIGHTING679

Reward: His inventory, and the glory of victory

Weakness: Easy to spot, his group usually consists of 4 or 5 players and usually a van or a humvee

Strength: Extreme tactician, can use his sidekicks to dismanlte another player with various positions, make it so that you cant kill him. 

WARNING: His group is usually on the run, never settled in an area, his group may also consist of spawn-hackers

Other: I was sent before to kill Hazlo and his group, and was always confronted by his group and their massive arsenal. Even when i blew up their car with mines and killed many of their members, Hazlo would still get away and leave the dirty work to another sidekick.  

  • Who You Want Dead: dalton333333

Set By: warmanlord12

Reward: his inventory

Weakness: Friendly for the first few seconds

Other: He is friendly for the first minute or two until you show him your inventory, if you've got good stuff he murders you

File:RobloxScreenShot07302014 125730444.png

Set By:NikolaiKalashnikov

Reward: 1k R$'s and also a military BP

WARNING: alivesonic12 is a sly, minipluting soul.

Weakness: He's STUPID

Killed by: hummus45

  • Who You Want Dead: Budzo7

Set By: Manofbricks841 under the name of RaccoonMolester   Reward: MK48 (provide pictures of his dead body)

WARNING: He might be in a group.

Weakness: dunno

Other: No awareness until he looks behind him.

  • Who You Want Dead: Racer0216

Set By: Freezekiller450

Reward: His inventory

Other: He's an arrogant little potato.

- Killed By: Aueres []

  • Who you want dead: RRubSomeBaconOnIt

Set by: sergiu8957

Reward: His items and a Saber/Black military pack. (if provision is available)

Other: Took over my team's base, killing 6 people.

  • Who do you want dead: patrickmoneyy

Set By: Indymon1

Reward: His inventory (He had an MK48, and Military pack when he killed me)

WARNING : He is a combat logger, and manipulative

Weakness: He doesn't really check his surroundings much, and goes solo

Other: At the time of my death, he was using Vernal as his base


  • =

Who you want dead: BlackMelon or TwistMelon (same person) === Set by: iPengu

Reward: His inventory.

Other: Attempting to take over our base multiple times, killing our members multiple times and putting multiple members of ours in his blacklist for no reason.

Set by: Metalshadow455 Reward: All of his items, and all robux had at the time (Range from 15-175)

WARNING: He has some sort of wierd Sprint then shoot sprint again then shoot techique, use a very powerful sniper on him.

Loactions: Primary: Kin./ Secondary: Major Cities.

Weakness: Confused Easily. I ALMOST killed him, He seems to be EASILY confused and just run around in circles, Is skilled.

WARNING: He usually carriers High R.O.F SMGs.

Set by: Sandj

Reward: All his glorious Bandit/Traitor Loot + My gratitude and I'll team with you

Reason: I trusted him completely. I was neutral at the time (now I'm a Hero) and we decided to be teamed. We became friends so I grew trust and he "trusted" me. We had people in our group and accomplished many things together. Eventually I got a really good weapon, he got killed by someone and when I re-invited him, he followed me to a house, then kicked me out of the group and took my military pack and automatic weapon.

WARNING: He is smart, tricky, and will not hesitate to kill you.

Other: He can sometimes have a group of tough bandits.

- Killed By: Aueres[]

Who you want dead: LordDallas === The Union Of Yale 
File:Images (7)-0.jpg
Reward: His Hero Grade Weapons. (Last Time I Checked he only had Civilian Grade Weapons), A Government Position in the Union, and A Honorary Steward "My honor, Thane".

Reason: He is a Former Ally to the Union but, was Caught stealing Union Weapons and Blood Packs and went we attempted to arrest him he shot A Officer of the Union and Bolted towards the Mountains.

Other: He is know to Combat Log and Travel in a Pack.

WARNING: He is Know associate of many Survivors of the AR Board. his Partner in crime is AJ. (Short for Adrian).

Who you want dead: Raleigh75 === Set by: supertornadoguy

Who you want dead: muzicjester === Set by: BronyDanceStar

Description: He's a little lying Prick who (when you meet him in game) He says he's friendly and when you turn your back on him. He'll shoot you till your as dead as a can of spam.

Reward: Your chose of a M9 w/ a laser and 1 NOT full 32 round clip, OTs-14 w/ acog sight, suppresser, and 1 30 round clips and 1 75 round drum, or a M14 w/ 2 full 20 round clips. You choose. (And This is MY inventory, not his)

  • Who you want dead: JailClank

Set by: Korri County Police

Reward: MK48 with 4 mags or full complement of explosives.

Other: He is a speed hacker in hardcore. Reward goes to the person who can prove he's killed him twice.

- Killed By: Aueres []

  • Who you want dead: Snakesniper44

Set by: 27spartanranger

Reward: His items

Other: He had a group of 4 people last when I was online so watch out for his group.

- Killed By: Aueres []

  • Who you want dead: eyeball303 and character5000

Set By: Freezekiller450

Other: eye is a Bandit that kills other Bandit (hes not a Hero) Other: character is a group betrayer

  • Who you want dead: dslorde

Set by: noobXRT

  • Who you want dead:Horrida1
  • Reason:He betrays with sicknoskillz1 he betrayed my friend

Set by:zombiesarecoming (AKA dog7010)

He's an arrogant like bastard who, with his gang, invites freshspawns into his base (usually at factory). He the kicks and kills them. 

I lost an MK17 to this prick. 

Set by: KRASSUSbandit

  • Who you want dead: Crapyturd

Set by: swagsour123

  • Who you want dead: sergiu8957

Set by: sergiu8957

  • Who you want dead: Max201311

Set by: legolover7264

Bounty: as if

  • Who you want dead: makarovmaster

Set by: makarovmaster

Bounty: a makarov

set by: asesino9 

Reward: his inventory (our last encounter he had a military backpack.) 

Recommendation of killing the target: kill him asap when you see him (he is a combat logger)

set by: asesino9

Reward: his inventory

Caution: He have a group.

  • Who you want dead: heavynick305

set by:asesino9

Reward: his group inventory

Caution: He have a group that help him.

set by: xMonobear

Who you want dead: BlUeXrIpPeR1

Reward: his inventory ( w/ his group)

Reason: Be careful, Hes a really good bandit

  • Who you want dead: Niiglet and BoatBuild3r.

Set by: legoblockhead (IGN: legoblockhead2001)

Reward: Both of their inventories (Hacker loot)

Precautions: Both players act friendly, then pull their hacked guns on you after a half hour or so. They speedhack, and sometimes use Patriots. They have a base, usually East of Hark, and the base is filled with food, drink, and Heavy weapons, such as MK48's and RPK's. I highly suggest you tackle this Hacking duo with a teammate, or a whole squad.

Set by: Thewheelman222(DailyBucket)

Who you want dead: ME

Reward: My loot

Reasons: I want to be wanted.

Set by: Thewheelman222

Who you want dead: FlameDeKilla

Reasons: Disclassified, all I am saying is that he is a little posh twat that thinks he is the king or someshit. Murder him and get his loot. He is the leader of a sissy group called "The Undead Bandits Of AR". He only has one bandit badge and is protected by his little bitches of his group (his High Ranks). He will be easily killed as he mostly goes to kin so you can lure him to zombies. He will have good loot cause of his manservants searching it for him.

Reward: His loot, also his groups loot.

Who you want dead: ltcommanderbobert

set by: asesino9

Reward: his loot (he stole lots of good loot from my group)

Caution: Possible Hacker

Caution: Usually carrying FALS, MK 17s, or M14s, as well as a bunch of drum mags.

Who I NEED Dead: SuicideWorm

Reason: I had 27 days, when I got off the game he put a land mine where I spawned and I died. Goodbye MK 48 with 17 mags.

Reward: 2nd IC in my clan, some of items from my inventory, and his inventory.

Set by: Rarakanisawesome11 User:TheEvaLover

Caution: Duplicates, usually carries M14s duping mags. Combat logs.

Name: Arceptor

Set by: Glannoth

Reward: M249 from my inventory, plus a spot in my clan and whatever Arceptor has.

Warning: Circles you, runs behind you. Has a bunch of MP5 mags as well as the said gun.

Reason: Constantly insulted me, spammed the chat, and was overall immature.

Target: asdfguy4689

Set by: Matthew27888 aka Maxonymous

Reward: his loot, last time i checked he had a MG, a SCAR, and Glock.

Warning: sometimes combat logs

Who I want dead TrollingGamer11

Sent by: Wildman123459

Why: It was getting dark in kid when I saw him I had decided to help him by sniping the zombies off the fire station that's when I made my mistake he asked if anyone wanted to join his group I said "ok why not also that was me helping you" So he invited me and came to my base I gave him a spare gun I keep if I ever ran out of ammo on my m141 it was a pp-19 w acog scope then he kicked me and killed me I was pissed off so I ran back to kin and almost killed him but he combat logged.

Strength: He is very fast and keeps blood bags and painkillers on him.

Weakness: he will take advantage of coming into a group

Danger:some of my other friends that teamed with him after I died said now he uses an mk 17

Reward: all his loot and a military backpack.

Who you want dead: juliobarrera12

set by asesino9

reward: his inventory

Who I want dead: amishturtles

Sent by: compkid10

Reason: Betrayed me in a state of where i was about to die

Strength: I don't know how, but he says he has a Patriot

Reward: His inventory and his Patriot

Who you want dead:ololauritz/lesekrok2

Sent by:Oloandreas2

Reason:copying me, fake storys, WORST TEAM MATE EVER, never helps me, AND MANY MORE!

Strength:he rarly plays AR

Weaknes:bad guns, rarly plays AR whit computer mous

Reward:kill me for free.


WHO I WANT DEAD: CrimsonMarine and InfernalKarma

Sent by: Darragh01

Reason: I killed them both after being attacked. Left their loot. They came back to get it. Went in to make amends. They popped me.

Strength: They roll in a group and stick close at all times.

Weaknesses: As of 1AM 01/01/2015 GMT they roll around in a GREEN VAN.

Reward: Their stockpile + 50 robux if you have BC

Other notes: They are armed with the following

PP19 Bizon - Plentiful amount of ammo

AK-74 - Plentiful amount of ammo

Scar L - Like 14 bullets in a drum mag

-----NOTE!!!!!!!!!!!!!---- Must say "Sent by Darragh01. Remember the friendly guy you popped after he wrecked both of you?" after it has been done.

You must also take a screenshot of their corpses, and PM me the imgur link. The link will be like "" but just send me the /example part.

Happy hunting


WHO I WANT DEAD: viperkid10 -

Sent by: askad101

Reason: He try harded to kill me, even tried to have me look in his ural as he left and ATTEMPTED to kill me, and he shot at me. Bastard needs to die before he fools anyone else.

Strength:Very manipulative, and tries to trick you into doing things

Weaknesses: He has no idea YOU will kill him, he will try to bait you.

Reward: His loot (his guns and stuff,) my kobra sight, and saving others who may be fooled into his crimes

Other notes: He is armed with the following

M14 - claims to have a lot of ammo.

TEC-9 - Also claims to have a lot of ammo.




Set by TaigaTheWikiaEditor

Target: AlphaSectionMact:

Reason: Killed my friend and I want revenge. Tried to kill him but died.

Tactic: Uses an trencher and gets a stone wall to protect him from bullets.

Weakness: He can have a blind spot when encountered by a squad. Can be flanked.

Armed with some sort of battle rifle and has a long range scope. ACOG or SUSAT I'm not sure.

Rewards: His things when he's dead, invitation to our squad with LolBunni.

Have A Good Hunt


Sent By: raddude114 - t-bird18bro

Target: Phil

Reason: hacking in almost every way (speed hacking, item hacking, damage hacking, (possibly) health hacking. The ultimate hacker.

Warning: He is most likely going to have an infinite mag with a scsilent any kind of gun.

He may not play anymore

Reward: May not be much but you will be introduced into the banditBroleage, and possibly a saber (if you don't want a saber don't take this bounty).

Sent By: TheGamingBean- Beanminer9

Target: ComradeREKTAngle

Warning: May have an FAL

Reason: Betrayed me.

Reward: Anything he has.

Also: Next time he spawns, it will be near Ref Camp facing Vernal behind a rock.

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